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Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Ghamli, Nov 20, 2012.

  1. Ghamli New Member

    Any progression guilds around? Don't care what server just hoping they're running some of the original or earlier expansion content. Let me know. Thanks.
  2. Humakt Member

  3. Ghamli New Member

    I don't see the Splitpaw server available to me. Is it a European server and not available to the USA?
  4. Salavar Active Member

    I have friends on AB that run The Dominion, they are currently in ROK/TSO (locked at 80) content but every Friday night they run retro raids, going back even further in content / expansions.

    They are a great people
  5. Salavar Active Member

    If you look in the top left hand corner of the launcher you will see VERSION (location/language) select that, Splitpaw is EU English, it will download some content and you can log on to that server.
  6. Coffeeblack New Member

    Seeing a progression guild like this makes me consider coming back.

    If only there was one on every server and wasn't too deep into progression already.
  7. UrmineOfMistmoore New Member

    Then I have to ask, what kind of interest would there be in starting a new progression based guild, raiding 8 Central with required level locking? I just came back to the game myself and might be interested in making something like this.
  8. Roosk New Member

    I would be interested in a progression guild.
  9. Tommara Active Member

    I may be interested too, depending upon the details. I generally play between 6 pm-12 am EST (starting at 8 central would usually result in getting to bed after midnight EST, which would not work for me.)
  10. Terein Active Member

    Shattered Memories just formed on Freeport, going to be hitting the Shattered Lands soon if any of you are still looking for a guild. :)

    Send a tell to Vayken or Loreaux in game or pm me.