Producer's Letter: Spring 2021 Edition

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  1. Zartil Member

    Just a few things here. PVP servers have been done and have never sustained enough interest to make a go. Why do they think this will be different? The expansions have gotten smaller and smaller with reused art work. Back several years ago we got several different appearances on gear both crafted and dropped. Cloth for instance had 4 or 5 different appearances, same with the other types of armor. Now we get 1 for each type.The Panda stuff was simply last years graphics with new stats. MOST of the lockbox gear was as well. The boost tokens always came with a bundle of gear. The appearance of said gear was unique, until this year. They simply used old stuff and reset the stats. Totally disappointed.

    They have gutted trade skills completely, The Master crafted gear was always the best gear you could get for a tier except for raid gear. Now it is a joke. They corrected some of it with the new expac but LOCKED it down requiring a pattern. I can understand a pattern for a signature line or epic item, we have had those for years. But to make it so crafters have to get lucky enough or pay the outrageous prices for the patterns is wrong.The real reason was because you did not make theis a new tier for harvesting you came up with the patterns as a way to slow down the crafting of the new gear. You already have the recipes LOCKED behind completing TS SIG timeline. So why were the patterns needed? Time was a crafter could make money selling what they make. Except for a few things forget doing that. When crafting handcrafted items, you always could sell the items to a vendor for the cost of the fuel. Now said items are No Value? Really it takes the fuel cost, cost of materials (time to gather them etc.) and time to make the items. And suddenly they slap a no value tag on them? Does Darkpaw hate crafters so much they are trying to get rid of us? I know some developers have said they wish crafting did not exist. Newsflash there are A LOT of crafters in the game. Play my way? REALLY.

    They launched a new race. It has always been so a low level character can do quest to find out lore. BUT the quest for the lore on the Var Shir is locked behind a level 120 gate. REALLY we get the race but unless we are 120 we cannot get to their village and get any lore? I started a Var Shir on both my accounts, was disappointing that there was no new starting area and a village to base out of, then found out that to get the lore and to the village I needed to be 120. I ENJOY the journey and was looking forward to it. But now I do not play either toons. Play my way? REALLY.

    You launched the Daiku Corral content. But unless my toon has completed the adventure Sig time line it is locked to me. Play my way? REALLY

    We crafters SHOULD be able to get into ANY content that a like level adventurer can PERIOD. I should not have to unlock it through the adventure SIG line. And before you say it is that way because a low level adventurer would get killed etc. The toons I am talking about are all level 120 adventures I have not completed the sig line adventures because I have a hard time doing the zones solo. I hasve completed the TS SIG time line of the toons so can fly but when me and a couple guildies wanted to go in to Daiku Corral I do not have the option. Play my way? REALLY.

    You are really big on PLAY YOUR WAY. But the reality is you force us to PLAY the way you want us too. When the moon 1st came out we could not fly. Reason was given our mounts were not used to the gravity. FYI lower gravity would make it EASIER to fly, HARDER to control. You had a great opportunity to make a FUN interaction, NOPE cannot fly. SO we get our mounts unlocked to fly which was really to help hide the lack of content for that expansion. Then the new one comes out. We cannot fly again. Really SAME moon, same gravity what changed? What about a Vah Shir who has lived it whole life on the moon? They cannot fly? The real reason was to FORCE us to go through the signature lines to unlock it again. This was ANOTHER gate that was used to help us not realize that we got sold a VERY small expansion with almost ALL of the assets repurposed from earlier content. If you do not raid 50 to 75% of the last several expansions are not usable. The gutting of the trade skill stuff on top of that means maybe 15 to 25% is of use to many of us none raiders.

    I do not know who is making these decision. BUT a word of advice YOU are KILLING this game.
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  2. AOE1 Well-Known Member

    BRAVO!!! You nailed it.
  3. Benito Ancient EQ2 Player: Lavastorm Server 2004.

    BoL sig line is not that hard. I heard everything from "it only took me 12 hours and we need more content" to this....

    Edit: I am a casual player but it only took me a week to finish BoL sig line (slow playing). I'm sure you can absolutely knock it out much more easily in RoS gear.
  4. Yvette New Member

    I'm a casual player and love crafting and decorating. would love to see more houses available to buy. New furniture recipes! This is what keeps me playing this game....decorating. I love making cool outfits for the different toons also. Some of the old houses aren't available to us newer players....they're really cool. Any chance they would ever be available again?
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  5. Venser Active Member

    I was prepared to read what you wrote, but this being the first thing you said is highly inaccurate in the sense of TLE PVP. I played on SH, not Deathtoll. Lack of interest is not the reason DT had to merge with SH. Who knows what else you said is far fetched considering this statement.
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  6. Hellfiren Active Member

    When we finaly get a proper Class Balance, Warlock is still behind all´, because of the last changes did since CD Expa mentiont in other posts already.
    When finaly these things get patched right and Warlocks Base DPS will be increased, Rifts Double Impact is set on again, Cataclysems effective Range need to bee set back on 10 Meters instat of 7,5m which is quiet S""""T.

    When Netherlord Swarmpet in actual tier gets back its Damage Component and last but not least Deccimation gets back its instand cast Abillity with 180 Stacks reached as Apocalypse which is the origin Version of Deccimation which was its updated and replacement from So Ro GU in BoL.

    Find a solution that every DD class with nearly equal Stats is pos to do close damage and not 1 class 150% next 140% than 130% and 110% all should be 100 in Base more than 100 should only be pos with better Spell Quality GM>Ancient+ , sillks on player who comand it.

    Thier is no reason why some DDs are op and some are left behind in the dirt.
    BTW Increase BL back in usefull Level the last nerf you made BL class useless only usefull in Powerfeed atm.
    Nerf Rangers Sol Ro spell this cloesed AE makes Ranger a one Button wonder.
    And please please STOP making Adds and Trash in raid AE Immun or much more less Damage taking than the Bosses,you kill all fun and DPS pos from AE Classes like Crusaders // Zerk // Bruiser // Warlock // Wizzy // Swash for example.

    And thier is a realy felt issuse in Raid Bosses on some damage reductions on ASC Classes Thauma seems to be nearly useless while Etherlord and Elementalist are much more powerfull and GEO i cant tell atm.
    Thie is no reason why a boss should take lesser damage from a special source of DPS , only if its a special part of the Script which is implemented and shown in a Buff it has like the Cold Hand in Fabled SOH GU form PoP Expansion.
    You were able to figure out and a buff tells you why this damage Reduction apears, but anything hidden and not script part DPS reduction is unwanted.

  7. Zelless New Member

    Nothing about tradeskills? I'll keep hoping tradeskills are given the due they deserve. I will not subscribe again until they are.
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  8. Nallia New Member

    On Kaladim, we’re about to reach Destiny of Velious for the first time ever on a TLE server and we’re planning a beta to go along with it. We’ll have more info as we get closer but hold a spot in May for that.

    Mmmm We did in fact reach DOV on the last sever, however you guys brought our our current TLE Two weeks or so BEFORE it launched. It did launch, and was open for about 6-8 weeks before it died and then was closed it. Many players jumped ship early for Kaladim because we were told it was to be the collection sever, with special rewards along the way but somewhere along the way that ball got drop. Here is to hoping.
  9. Mithriel New Member

    Why can't you add master spells to the overseers questline? It's hard to upgrade if you don't have the master to get to the next step. And why should I need to spend $25 and up to increase one level on a spell? I know you want to make money, but it seems that we spend so much money for everything else to be relevant in this game that we get little back in return. I think most of us are getting tired of groveling for so little. It doesn't cost you a thing to give us a little more perks, but it costs us a lot. The old BoL gear drops from the Overseers quests are also getting old.
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  10. Juraiya Well-Known Member

    This! 100%

    Please stop ignoring/dissing on crafters. We're more prevalent than I think you (Darkpaw) believe.
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  11. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    It appears that some people in high places in at Dark Paw only see what they want to see Juraiya , it also feels like we are being mocked .
    First they had the epic weapons quest 2 where everybody HAD to be a level 100 crafter like it or not ,than they required us to go through dungeons to get to the materials needed and recipes to make them so this time the crafters where forced to adventure .
    What ever happened to the idea of everybody can have fun their way ?
    Why do you force people to do things they don't enjoy ?
    I seam to remember we were told that master crafted would now be about even with legendary and fabled master crafted would be close to fabled .
    somebody in the developers group does not like to craft or do quests and so on .
    This game was always special because there were so many different things to do , you can not sustain it with raiding alone .
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  12. Gillymann Abusive Relationships Aren't Healthy. J S.

    Greetings Jchan!

    Because I'm a lover of Norrath, I still check-in to see how things are going, despite the fact that I stopped playing during KA.

    I appreciate your taking on the challenge of keeping Norrath alive, however I continue to see nothing that would bring me back.

    The PvP server might, BUT, last time around, Kander and Caith opened a feedback thread where piles of really good ideas were offered by the players to make the server fun. They ignored all of it and made it a p2w race for character power. Predictibly, the server was dead within 30-45 days.

    Given the absence of content, interesting features, or fun things to do, the pvp server is about the only reason I'd consider returning. I hope this time around, you guys will listen to your customers.

    Thanks for hanging in there, I'm still hopeful things can be turned around. I'll continue to keep tabs :)
  13. Gillymann Abusive Relationships Aren't Healthy. J S.

    P.S. To The Post Above:

    Of course, if the reported lag, server crashes, client crashes, and log-in issues continue to be an issue, that'll be a deal breaker for PvP, even if the server rule set is good.

    Hope you folks can get it under control.
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  14. Mizgamer62 Feldon Fan Club Member

    It would be nice to think that they will read all of the feedback here and give it thoughtful consideration, but I am not hopeful that will happen. Shame really. I miss what a great game this used to be. In my opinion in its prime no other game could compare. I miss those days.
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  15. For The Server!!!! New Member

    Will the pvp beta be open to all on the 6th? Also will our characters be saved or wiped when beta is over?
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  16. Cassta Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure what servers you are playing on, but Skyfire has activity 24/7. Sometimes it is so busy you can't keep up with gen chat. Even in the late night/early morning hours we have many players, especially from the Land Down Under and from across the pond. :D Very often gen chat is silent. If you do a who all check you will find lots of players, we are sometimes quiet because we are focused on what we are doing and not paying attention to gen chat. As a member of the Skyfire family I can tell you we have the BEST guides in the game and most players are VERY helpful in answering questions and assisting others in actual game play. I am not trying to challenge your opinion, I am inviting you and anyone else reading this to come to Skyfire and see for yourself. :)
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  17. Cassta Well-Known Member

    I am in total agreement!
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  18. Cassta Well-Known Member

    Increased TS content would be greatly appreciated!
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  19. Cassta Well-Known Member

    I understand how you feel Mizgamer62. :( I also miss the game as it was and yes, there was NO other game which could compare. Although decorating is my love, I have always enjoyed solo/molo play. I always buy the expansions (primarily for the pre-order perks and recipes) including the latest one, even though I do not play the current content. Sadly I had to use a bauble to get to 120 just so I could go get the mercs I PAID for. It also makes me sad I HAVE to complete sig lines, dungeons, etc. just to get new recipes or gain access to an area I purchased. Forced play is not fun! Please DBG, let ME decide how and where I play. I began finding the game less desirable when the accession stuff started. I choose not to do all the extra work. I say work because for me it is. It is no longer "play" but "work" when I HAVE to spend time, often hours jumping through hoops. I miss the days of straight forward quests which gained favor with different factions. I have no desire to reach end game. I don't play Quest No More, I play EverQuest! :eek: There are MANY of us who have posted feedback and voiced our desire to get a little love to the TS and let us be useful crafters again. I'm writing this because I want it to be out there in print one more time. My hope is, as you stated, "thoughtful consideration" will be given to the feedback actual players who love and support the game are giving. The player feedback given is done out of love of the game.

    Thank you for your post. It really touched my heart when you mentioned the game in its prime. I know my reply went off topic and I blame you because your post got me going. :p:D
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  20. Cassta Well-Known Member

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