Producer's Letter: Happy Holidays and more!

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  1. Windstalker Developer

    Happy holidays and merry Frostfell, Norrathians!

    It's been an incredible year thanks to all of you! We're grateful for every player who enjoys this game that is a passion and labor of love for all of us.

    As part of our daily lives here we are constantly evaluating what we offer you -- our faithful roleplayers -- and are always striving to improve. Recently we added the Ethereal jewelry drops for the Tears of Veeshan expansion zones, we doubled the alternate currencies that Gold members earn, and made 10% mount speed, and 15% extra coin bonuses a part of Gold membership.

    And there’s more fun to come!

    Starting now -- Dec. 20th at 12pm PST -- to Sunday, Dec. 22nd 11:59pm PST, we’ve got a Double XP weekend planned which includes Adventure, Tradeskill, AA, and Guild XP!

    To ring in the new year, we also have a 50% rebate sale on a lot of our items starting Tuesday, Dec. 31st at 12am PT to Wednesday, Jan. 1st, 11:59pm PT (two days!).

    We also have some other changes and additions coming for January. For Gold members, we are adding past expansion items for Loyalty tokens on the Loyalty merchants in Freeport & Qeynos. You’ll be able to get items like paintings, pets, and other unique items. We’ll add other items as time goes on too.

    Also, the Goblin Games are going underground. As of Dec. 31, 2013, no further Goblin Games tickets will be granted or sold. The games will still be available to play and the rewards are still there to purchase for the time-being if you have Goblin Gold, but no further tickets will be available.

    Then, on January 23, we will be releasing our next set of Fabled Dungeons, this time from the Kingdom of Sky expansion! We will get you the details on those early in the new year. We are also working on a few improvements to the Mercenary UI based on player feedback that will come out in January.

    There are several other announcements coming for you for 2014, so stay tuned…

    Have a warm, wonderful holiday everyone!


    Holly Longdale
    Senior Producer
    EverQuest II
  2. Mae- Well-Known Member

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  3. Gnaff Active Member !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have not gotten my Pridewing yet !
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  4. Dainar New Member

    Is it too wishful to hope that every single instance and raid zone from KoS will be redone with a fabled version? Along with SoS & PoA? KoS was my favorite expansion. Would love to be able to go back to these zones and have them be relevant.....c'mon Christmas miracle.....
  5. Dawnya@AB Member

    This is the worst news! I love goblin games and look forward to them!
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  6. Mystfit Well-Known Member

    Will the pridewing perhaps show up on the loyalty vender. Otherwise Gnaff is gonna be sooooo sadddddd.....
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  7. Morg Well-Known Member

    Awww man, I love the goblin games :(

    Nice , very nice on everything else though!!
  8. Absyntheea Well-Known Member

    What? Why take away the goblin games? That was something I look forward to every month as part of my gold sub. :-(
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  9. Kirana New Member goblin gold will be pointless because I've not saved up enough yet to buy the very thing I've been desperately saving up for months for! Not to mention, now where will I get my potions of time reduction?
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  10. Vexrm Member

    I'm going to echo the sadness about the goblin games.
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  11. Foretold Well-Known Member

    I, too, looked forward to my monthly tickets :S
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  12. Lodrelhai Well-Known Member

    My guess is the goblin games were underutilized. I know I've used exactly one of my free tickets. Frankly, it's unlikely I'll use the rest of them even now, unless they give me some way to move the heirloom prizes between all my characters. Unattuner's almost useless for my exile since he can't pass on heirloom gear, but I'd love to get him that pridewing. (Hint: shared bank access would fix this issue. Oh, and the bank bag toggle hotkey is broken for exiles. Again. And yes, I've filed bug reports.)

    I'm also guessing that the prize-only items, like the pridewing and unattuner, will show up either on the marketplace (likely) or loyalty merchant (hopefully) by themselves.

    Really glad to hear past xpac items are getting added to the loyalty merchant! Probably those from xpacs that are now considered free content? Maybe only the really old ones, at least at first. Hopefully CE stuff will be there too? I want to complete my baby dragon collection - the newer ones with the horns just don't look as nice to me. (And yes, I'm asking as someone who buys the collector's eds, please add collector's ed stuff from older xpacs to the loyalty merchant?)

    Thanks for the update, Holly!
  13. Steelak Member

    I wanted a pridewing too! Happy holidays but we are taking goblin tickets away. Booooo. The pridewing better show up on loyalty merchant then.
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  14. Anghammarad Well-Known Member

    nooooo not the goblin tickets... =(

    bad start into the new year =(
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  15. Rainmare Well-Known Member

    yeah I used my tickets every time they came in trying for that pridewing, and any gold I got I spent on more tickets to try for the pridewing.
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  16. Solaria Member

    Thanks for the info!! Some really good updates, and I look forward to seeing more of what you have in store for us!! Happy Holidays to you, your family and friends and to everyone at SoE!!
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  17. Tarnorili Member

    This is brilliant!
  18. fiyy Member

    I'm sad about the goblin games as well =(

    On another note, if they do the fabled dungeons I'd love to see another contested dungeon to play in with current loot ... maybe new tradeskill research and items? maybe maybe? idk just seems like we don't have a dungeon to crawl in for fun ~
  19. Ruckus Well-Known Member

    Echoing the same comments about the super rare Majestic Pridewing mount. At least let us be able to buy it with our stash of Goblin Gold before it all ends.
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  20. Finora Well-Known Member

    Aw, my family will all miss the goblin games =(.
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