Producer's Letter -- February Update Coming!

Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Windstalker, Feb 5, 2013.

  1. Alenna Well-Known Member

    everyday when I run group zones with my guilds on our non raid days we are casual 2 time a week raid and have lots of fun together maybe you should find an active guild like mine. Yours is not the only playstyle around deal with it we need more group and raid content this expansion was solo content heavy deal with them finally balancing the different playstyles. and stop acting like your playstyle is the only one that matters it isn't all playstyle pay the bills.
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  2. Regolas Well-Known Member

    I have great grouping experiences all the time. Just now I had 40 minutes of grouping in contested ST for the first time and it was fun!

    I generally play off peak too and sometimes (like yesterday) I couldn't even form a group (no one responding to my calls for forming one). When that's the case, I go do the solo instances for a chance of fabled or mute materials, or I go farm obols at the docks (stock up cus they're going to add a vendor to convert obols to spirits soon!), or I play an alt who has solo quests or solo leveling to complete.

    This game is what you make of it. If you can't be bothered or don't want to look for something to do that you enjoy, by all means quit. But don't come on this thread and rant about it. If you must rant, make your own thread about it.
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  3. Ixian Active Member

    This is no longer true in WoW; if you want raid gear you must now do Looking for Raid mode at least (their Dungeon Finder equivalent for raids). Even when you could get raid gear using currency obtained from dungeons, there were still pieces of tier set armor that you had to raid to get.
  4. Salavar Active Member

    I found one of these for the first time in years, it's great, I get a few pug's here and there as well, for the most part they are fun. If I am on at off peak times and the guild is quiet and there are no PUG's going I just log off, I hate soloing.
  5. Arielle Nightshade Well-Known Member

    I thoroughly agree with this post, especially this part. "Wait and see...." and " We have all this cool nebulous stuff (that we haven't thought of yet and are sure hoping we get some good ideas soon)", are just really cheesy, bad marketing lines, IMO.

    Thank you for the x2 raids...if they work. That does sound interesting, but...we will see.
  6. Arielle Nightshade Well-Known Member

    It'll be like..what's that mob called in the Loping Plains raidzone..the single dragon with the red/blue pools...I've blocked it out, clearly. One mob in the zone.
  7. Guiscard Active Member

    I don't see anyhthing to cheer about - more stuff for raiders is all I see. Nothing for solo players. If thiss keeps up after 10 years I will be leaving the game. Way to Go SOE.
  8. Regolas Well-Known Member

    Solo players got 7 instances and a lot of overland quests from the start of the xpac. Raiders got 3 zones. It's their turn.
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  9. Estred Well-Known Member

    Solo players already got their full almost bug-free zones this expansion. I keep getting irritated every time someone complains about a "lack of solo content" do you want to know what Solo Content was pre-CoE and Skyshrine? It was overland zones... Great Divide, Eastern Wastes, Stonebrunt Highlands and Sundered Frontier. Very, very few zones were Solo back then they were just more Overland Quests.

    Yet in CoE we got from launch;
    Unbalanced Gear Tables (Solo VS Raid and the fact that Heroic < Solo)
    No Quests outside of the Signature (5-10 total)
    At least 3 Buggy Raid Bosses one of which is STILL being fixed and I swear a few Heroic's don't follow their scripts.
    A Ramped difficulty curve in Contested that almost requires a Chanter.
    1 Raid Quest that originally gave a piss-poor reward nobody used.

    Oh and save for maybe HM-Mreglt being farm-able... 100% working Solo Zones. Seems to me CoE-Launch was the Solo Content and it is about time they fixed up some missing aspects of the other playstyles. I would also like to see more Quests in Edilon/Obol that are not related to the Signature line.
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  10. Geothe Active Member

    CoE actually has the most Solo content than any expansion in the game thus far.
    Cant believe you are actually crying for more.
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  11. Salty21db Active Member mean gamers, who are primarily anti-social anyway, continually whine about wanting more and more solo content in a MULTIPLAYER game? No way.

    You mean if they're given a decision to either log in and have a small chance at raid gear while soloing or log in and have to find a grp etc and get a chance at raid gear or a little better with the same droprate and they choose to solo? No way.

    Bit of sarcasm. Face it, developers have dumbed down gaming so far it's at the point I think my 7 year old son could grasp it better than most. Not to mention the lost word of "multiplayer" does not mean "being able to chat."
  12. Lempo Well-Known Member

    You must not be familiar with his uhhh 'work'
  13. Guiscard Active Member

    It must be me, but I have fun with the overland quests - and I loved Kunark. What I don't like about COE is the mandatory signature quests. All the quests are tied into the Signature quests which I think is a bad idea. You have to do the signature to get to do quest and some of the istances suck to be frank. --I expect my SK will have an easier time of the signature quest than I am having with my coercer. I think the quests that constitute part of the signature quest - you know the one where you play with the portals etc. - should be available if yu want to skip instances. I think you should be able to skip the instances and still do the quests. If now there are really no quests in the game.
  14. Terein Active Member

    Oh it was absolutely a bad idea and very poorly thought out. Just because something isn't done well or done in a way you like does not mean that it doesn't exist. Solo players have more content in this expansion than ever before.
  15. Guiscard Active Member

    Yes in total terms of actual numbers there is more solo content - but they block part of it due to design flaws rendering a large chunk of it inaccessible. I really think they need to redo the design so that you can access all the overland solo quests whether you do the instances or not.
  16. Kalderon Well-Known Member

    Hum... if it´s part of the quest, it might have a logic it have to be done, mybe it is way to early to think clear and coffee didn´t work right now ^
  17. Kraeref Well-Known Member

    What? You all were saying that solo sig quest can be done in 6 hours and this you call desent solo? Guys, make up you mind. And again few whined about solo being better than heroic. It's fixed now! Can you stop bringing this old crap? I am not naming names here. You all know your own posts. If by solo you mean to run the same boring instances over and over then yes we have so much solo this expansion, NOT! In kunark it took me days and weeks to do all overland quests and still i haven't finished them yet! How many normally raid zones come with expansion? 33? No. So open your eyes and stop harassing people for their opinion. It looks like eq2 community a bunch of hyenas who attacks weak or dare say something different.

    Jeez! Someone even was so colorful talking about doors hiting on a way out! Why? If a person (Blissa) expresses concern it means he/she cares about the state of a game, they love it and want it stay more years active. Otherwise they wouldn't say anything, knowing that raiders will leash at them.

    I said all. Now start bashing...
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  18. Kalderon Well-Known Member

    You´re true about that, but what you are saying about solo instances can be said about all instances, doesn´t matter solo heroic or raid. The overland quests are missing (well there a few beside of the signature).
    But the base of the game is called multiplayer. Last night, i step from one grp to another, so much to do.... well i didn´t went for loot, more like enjoyment with other players, who play the game.
    Solo and heroic instances are equal (almost sure about that).
    It´s not like that the grp/raid players bashing on solo players, but the focus should be on group or and raidgaming as this game was invented to serve multiplayer desires first (not only).
    That thing with overland quests, i´m all with you on this point or quests in generall.
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  19. Kraeref Well-Known Member

    I agree, Kalderon
    I agree in general with what you saying. Grouping is important. But look at it this way. When SS came live it had a nice heroic quest line. Nobody much cared about WL sometimes skiping right to SS. Now with coe expac they came with solo quest line. So it could be just switching b/w two depends on expac and story line. Raid zones were always a separate adventure line never really interfering with two others. Sig quest in solo could be done in heroic zones too to get updates. Nobody just thought about it but rather rushed to go through it solo. Anyway, it's always either glass half empty or half full depens on perspective.

    Now to think of it.. may be devs should've done just that. To get update only in heroic instances 6started people together. Thus sig line woul be partially solo partially grouped. But it probably would've brought different whinage completely. Like it was.with SS when everybody and his brother whined about forced grouping...
  20. Estred Well-Known Member

    Well I can speak for myeslf; I was listing a comparison of launch CoE not what has been changed. We are all intelligent (I hope) and know that Solo vs Heroic vs Raid is not really an arguable point now, they fixed it.

    Correct this is not RoK. Kunark had
    - Kylong Plains with roughly 70 Quests in it
    - Fens of Nathsar with roughly 50 Quests in it
    - Kunzar Jungle with roughly 30-50 Quests in it
    - Jarsath Wastes with roughly 30-60 Quests in it
    *Or a total of over 200 Quests to do.
    Chains of Eternity has.
    - Signature Quest 40-50 Quests
    - Edilon/Obol Quests numbering about 5-10 I think
    *Or a total of well under 80 Quests.

    I hate to point this out but... CoE is a skeleton compared to RoK which ALSO had full Raid Progression where you could not jump to Veeshan's Peak until you killed in this order.
    - Pawbuster
    - Widowmistress Tizirna
    - Venril Sathir/Overking Selarach
    - Leviathan

    Then only then was there the option to hit up Veeshan's Peak, which also had a raid quest "Taking on Trakanon". Of course there was also Shard of Hate and Protector's Realm, Veksar as an X2 zone. Of course there also was a number of contested Raid Bosses.
    - The Dominus
    - The Atrebite Children
    - Tangrin

    So Rise of Kunark gave us not only Sarnak as a playable race, Gorowyn and Timmorous Deep. It also gave us four overland zones chock full of quests. A slew of Heroic Zones and Contested Dungeons (Sebliss and Karnor's Castle). It also gave us a new Epic Timeline and a number of Timeline Quests for completing each Overland Zone. It also had a full Raid-Progression Quest "The Fate of Norrath" where we first learned of the Age's End Prophecy and were required to clear the content step by step.Raid Content there was around 24-30 Raid Bosses to fight and kill. Comparing Chains of Eternity to an Expansion as well laid out as Kunark is unfair as Kunark was back when EQ2 was in it's prime and there was more Dev-Power being put into it.

    I post because I care about the state of the game, I bring up problems I see multiple players expressing in-game and on-forums. I offer comparisons to show that things have changed, the Dev's do listen sometimes. Just because it is suggested does not mean it will be. Look at Plane of War rings; Kander has said they will not be getting Green Slots because the idea is to get Chains of Eternity HM-Rings if you want upgrades. Also I am not trying to bash you, just clarify where I come from.

    I couldn't agree more with that, previous Signature Lines have been part Solo, part Heroic and some are part Raid.
    Thing is you got a decent reward when you completed each phase. Solo's got a good solo item, then groups got theirs and finally Raiders got their item. The Prismatic timeline comes to mind for giving many levels of rewards ending with what used to be a very good weapon.
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