Producer's Letter: August 2015 Updates

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  1. Caela Well-Known Member

    Wow. That would be such a colossally bad idea that I might not even want to play after that. I can not log in whenever I want, especially during the daytime as I have a full time job. I'm sure I'm not in the minority on that.

    And I'll just leave the rest of my opinion to myself - I would like to see a dev say it in writing though.
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  2. Belenos Well-Known Member

    Absolutely not! If all live servers except AB are merged together, the population would probably be at the very least double what AB has now. If you are calling AB a "full population server" then a new server made from all the rest would be a "double-full server" and that population density would be annoying as hades.

    Remember folks, many people quit logging into live servers to play on the TLE server, but that will not last forever. Once the newness wears off, people will be logging into Live again, where they have houses, where they have guilds, where they have Live Events like Nights of the Dead and Frostfell (No Frostfell for you, you TLE traitors! ;)) so I believe Daybreak should look at the numbers pre-TLE when it comes to merges, as the chance that those numbers will be more accurate is a very good one.

    DBG has the actual numbers to work with, so I do hope they do not make any servers with a higher population than AB had pre-TLE, as I did make a character over there and spent a couple of weeks just checking it out. The population on AB is not so high as to be annoying, but seems to be about the maximum amount DBG wants to see on a server, as they were asking players if they would like free transfers off that server. This makes me hopeful that DBG will not turn our servers into a single large ant-hill, with people crawling all over each other, and all the frustration that brings. If I have to stand in line to get at quest mobs, or spend 75% of my harvesting time just running around hoping for a node that hasn't been sucked up yet, that would become irritating very quickly.
  3. Belenos Well-Known Member

    I chose to show names "stacked" instead of in one long line. The option is there to do that, and to me it is much better, especially since it makes the titles into a smaller font size when they are 'stacked.' So you have:

    Belenos Everwilde
    Lunatic of the Void

    Instead of:

    Primary Belenos Everwilde Lunatic of the Void
  4. Crychtonn Active Member

    If the new servers aren't up and running by the end of August and get put off until September or October there may be little to no one left to merge. There's fewer and fewer people every week on Guk since the TLE servers went live. I used to be on daily and now I have trouble wanting to log in even for raids because there's never people on to do anything now.
  5. Finora Well-Known Member

    Seriously? We need a red name chiming in on this. Colossally bad idea doesn't even cover it.

    That would be possibly the worst way to handle it that didn't involve forced re-rolls/re-starts of characters.
  6. Antisocial Member

    She mention if Nagafen will get merged to PVE or just left for dead? The 1/2 a dozen left of us on there are just PVEing anyway, don't see what it would hurt for us to join everyone else. EQ2 is a bad pvp game anyway (well, in some situations it can be OK).
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  7. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    about the name don't forget the guild name that's already staked
    I play on one of those new servers and it already has slowed down a lot
    at the beginning they had up to 6 channels for the same zone now we only get 2 sometimes
    So yea I think people will return to the regular servers I am I play both
    yes pvp can be fun when you got grand battles of 2 big groups where the weak can shine too

    right now we got this event going
    on Nagafen its fun now all those bafd guys and their baubles are mine :pmuahaha :D
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  8. Anunnaki Active Member

    But but but keeping my not-very-original name is SO much more important than actually playing with other people!
  9. Crychtonn Active Member

    I could care less about the names of my toons. I want to be on a server that has other people on it. One that you can play the game without having to go into Gumby mode not to lag out. Where you don't crash to desk talk every 4th time you zone somewhere. You know, a game you can actually play.
  10. IZELLIA Member

    Have we any news yet? I am on Butcherblock Server and have numerous dungeons that are used for storage for my decorating items. Will we need - and most importantly - will we be provided enough time - to move items from dungeons to a house prior to consolidation??? You can name me anything you want just please do not take all the decorating items I have accumulated through questing, faction and making that darn root beer! Please let us know as I haven't seen anything on the dungeons.
  11. IZELLIA Member

    Momma needs to know about her dungeons, please!
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  12. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    PLEASE !!!!!!! tell us which servers ( besides Nagafen are on the menu to get tossed into the new salad so I know if I got to empty my shared banks because I got characters on at least 2 servers that could get consolidated I don't think we can keep our shared bank if that happens.
    there are so many things that could go wrong that at this point my names are my second if not last concern even so that I would be sad to lose some of them
    In my case I like the game and name will not stop me from playing but losing things I worked on getting for years might do it .
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  13. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Key words are, I think, "since the TLE servers went live." I do think folks will get over the novelty of it before too long: new players are probably wondering what all the fuss is about; there's probably older players who miss the things that didn't come back (it reminds me of the Society for Creative Anachronism, actually; not the real Middle Ages/Renaissance, but a "better version"); folks like me, who might want to try a toon or two there (one Good, one Evil), but mostly just for house-hopping; and if nothing else, I can't imagine folks living there day in/day out, especially without guild halls and all the perks we've come to expect from the game currently. So the populations will come back, I'm thinking; we (and the Powers) just need to be patient and look at the real numbers involved.

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  14. Tabri Well-Known Member

    I know their devious plan they merge Freeport Naggy and Perma together then everyone will just pay to move to AB or other servers then they can make money off us then just shut that one server whatever it will short lived be down later.
  15. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    By "ALL your stuff!" (and yes, we do care about it all, and don't want it lost), does this include our "stuff" in the Depots (which haven't been specifically pointed out yet; I checked) in our houses, as well as the Moving Crates, House Vaults, etc.? If the Depots (which often bleat, "You have to empty this container before you remove it!" even when we're just opening it to get something out) are included, great! That saves a lot of room in the bags for when we'll have to clear the Shared Bank and Broker. :-/

    Speaking of room in the bags: camped to Uwk from another character, and was told "YOUR INVENTORY IS OVERFLOWING!!! AHHHHHHHHHH!" when Uwk's Inventory wasn't even remotely close to being full. This does not bode well. :-/

    who will be very upset if Depots don't get transferred properly; there's a lot of Holiday materials involved...and who will most likely keep logging in every day but not really playing, having to waddle about with full bags of everything until everything is settled ... when is this finalized, again? And why are we worrying about server numbers right after the release of a shiny new set of servers that are distracting people away from signing on to their regular servers? X-/
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  16. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Regarding name conflicts: long story, so bear with me. I originally made a male Iksar Bruiser named Dacci, way back when on Crushbone. When the Sarnak race became available, there wasn't any way to get more character slots (waahhh...) except to buy up to Station Access, so I had to delete someone to try it out, largely because it looked so darned cool. So, out poor Dacci went, after selling off what he could, etc., and "bidding farewell" to all, striking out on his own away from both Freeport and Qeynos, presumably never heard from again. For the longest time, my new male Sarnak Bruiser, also named Dacci, has been signing himself in in-game mail as "Dacci II" so as not to be confused with his friend/cousin. ;->

    Eventually, once I got Silver accounts, I remade Dacci the Iksar, on Oasis...little did I know those two servers were to be "consolidated" together (Crushbone had withstood so many merger threats, and now...sigh; yeah, I want that "Crushbone" designation for all 11 of my toons there). So, ironically, perhaps, my biggest name conflict right now (besides all the other Uwketes out there! ;->) is with myself? How will that work? :-/

    Granted, the new Iksar Dacci is very young, hasn't been played a lot (but is up to level 21 Bruiser/20 Tailor, if that's important), and is unpaying labor--er, on a Silver account, so he'll probably get an "X" or something, but I'd like to keep him and not have him nuked outright. :-/

    Will there be any elimination of toons altogether based on level, cash reserves, etc. like in the old days (and people wonder why I'm not terribly nostalgic...)? And if so, what are the criteria? Will we know beforehand, so we can work on our "babies" (I have one Silver that I care about [the others under any level 5-10 "threshold," I can remake] that's under 10th level on the affected servers; the rest are least for now; at least one is on Storms, Silver, and there's more on Splitpaw, Silver)?

  17. Griffon Lady Well-Known Member

    There's a file somewhere in the EQ2 folder when you save a layout. Before JesDyr became a saint/deity... er... I mean before he made life easier for us decorators, you used to have to drag that file to Notepad and edit things in a big wall of code. 0.0 Did I mention my deity is JesDyr? ( Well, 2 deities, including Domino. ^_~.. Kinda want to include everyone in Art and Animation. I <3 my duckmounts!)
    XD I understand perfectly if you blocked the pre-JesDyr memories out of your head. It was a traumatic time. 0.0
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  18. Griffon Lady Well-Known Member

    Sounds like the start of some kind of Troll based holiday. >.>
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  19. Strings Well-Known Member

    If you're getting that message, check on your character page, to the bottom left under the picture of you, to see if there is one or more item in your "overflow". If you have something there the game will scream at you until it's out, even if you empty your bags.
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  20. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    There wasn't any...I don't think I logged in on Uwk since Bristlebane's (though I thought I had for the new Tinkerfest recipes...), so it might've been a "joke" from that time, held over. That is one message I do NOT want to see as a joke again, especially not now. :-/