Producer's Letter: AoD Expansion & Membership update!

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Windstalker, Sep 27, 2013.

  1. Halasson New Member

    i think fly will go up to at least 200%. the raptor has a fly of 200%
  2. Finora Well-Known Member

    So, silver & probably bronze players are getting messages when they log in that their unlockers have been removed. The message indicates they might have been replaced with something else...if applicable, whatever that is supposed to mean.

    Checking my own silver account, sure enough all of my gear unlockers are gone. I checked all my bags, bank slots & station cash balance and it doesn't seem we were given anything at all for them. Was this intended?

    It wasn't much from me, just a few SC but I know some people who had purchased considerably more of the unlockers back before they were removed from the marketplace the first time. Enough for the character they were playing as well as an alt or two.
  3. Deornwulf Active Member

    Unless an earlier poster was correct and SOE has no interest in having a Subscription base anymore, here are 10 simple perks that could be added to make being a gold subscriber worthwhile. These perks would not lessen the experience of the F2P players in any way.

    1. Allow Gold accounts to do daily quests twice per day.
    2. Allow Gold accounts to store additional mercenaries for later recall without having to rehire.
    3. Grant Gold accounts one free random LON loot card per month.
    4. Allow Gold accounts to designate a single house as rent-free.
    5. Increase the item limit of Gold account houses by 200 or more.
    6. Grant Gold accounts "X" free tokens per month that could be traded for any of the seasonal coinage used to purchase items from the seasonal vendors.
    7. Allow Gold accounts to upgrade a mercenary on a single character to henchman thus removing any cost for the merc.
    8. Add a bauble that could be claimed on "X" number of characters that would instantly reduce the reuse time of "X" abilities to "X" amount time or even zero.
    9. Increase the number of Goblin Tickets granted to Gold accounts by a factor of 5 or 10.
    10. Grant Gold accounts one free prestige house (selected from any of the existing prestige houses) that cannot be accessed if the player no longer subscribes.

    Personally, since I play multiple SOE games, I have no immediate plans to end my SOE All-Access subscription.
  4. Shazbot Active Member

    It seems as though Gold access time is being awarded in proportion to the number of unlockers removed. Not sure if that's the actual case but I'm Gold at the moment and I only noticed it when somebody else asked in chat what they had gotten for their unlockers and then realized they were Gold as well.
  5. Gudum Active Member

    I saw a message on my silver account about items being placed in my currency window, and it appears that I received Goblin Gold in exchange for the unlockers (I would guess about 4 goblin gold per unlocker, but not certain). My account is still showing as silver, so certainly didn't get any gold time out of it.
  6. Ratmaster2013 New Member

    Any chance those of us who bought chains of eternity can get our touch of the steward baubles level 10 useable like the new buyables, seems unfair to restrict those who already have them.
  7. Thand Well-Known Member

    Still only 150% on normal flying mount as a Gold So as usual the bonus only effects under 150% atleast at the moment
  8. Zorloccc New Member

    I disco one of the new Ethereal items today (Tear Sparkling Bracelet) it is the worst new item I have ever see in the game. the only stats on it is Crit Bonus, Potency and Ability reuse speed.. it is sad when PVP gear is better that the new Ethereal gear. I was so pumped that SOE added more Ethereal Gear till I seen it today with no stats on it.. make me want to stop playing EQ2 after running the zone for 5 hours straight to get junk I will not put on any toon I got. who ever is making the gear need a class on stats and need to look at PVP and other gear in the game.
  9. Kraeref Well-Known Member

    10% increase of speed is only for ground mounts, isn't is?
    So not much of incentives for golds. Sad.
  10. Marleigh New Member

    I was interested when I saw the various tweets and got the email about the removal of item restrictions as I have in the past tried to return as a f2p player but found this restriction just removed any hope of playing the game as my characters were naked. I play quite a few free to play games and if i enjoy them i will gladly drop some cash in the game store so I guess that this update is ideal for people like myself.

    Strangely when I logged in I noticed the aa slider was adjustable and i just checked my account and it shows its gold until 15/10 so it appears i've been given 2 weeks gold membership for free. Can't complain.

    My only worry now is which class to raise to 85 but that's a whole other issue :D

    Looking forward to getting a bit of time into eq2 again. Big thumbs up for this move from me.
  11. Patchkit Member

    I checked mine and im at 150 fly also ...... not any increase= -1 to the gold sub
  12. Lodrelhai Well-Known Member

    I had no unlockers on my extra 2 accts, and they're both currently gold, so the gold time is apparently part of the heroes' call rather than compensation for the unlockers. Unless you've got gold longer than just until the 15th?
  13. Thand Well-Known Member

    The mount speed bonus should apply to All modes of mount transportation even flying
  14. Shazbot Active Member

    It's possible that Gold status goes to all accounts that used to be Gold until 10/15/13. Both of my former Gold accounts are Gold until that date. The account that was never Gold remains Silver.
  15. Patchkit Member

    In all the info I can find on the new expansion, I cant find anything about a level cap increase. Is there going to be one ? I already pre ordered then heard that there's no increase. hope I was misinformed .
  16. Artemiz Active Member

    #2 on your list is on their list to be added soon anyway as you will be able to hire multiple mercs and suspend and recall them without having to rehire them.

    I dont see much value in #3,4,5,6,7,9,10 given the current state of the game and the ease and availability of those things. The value you would get does not justify the cost of the sub. For instance, you can buy a prestige house for less than a month sub. Rent for housing is so cheap anyway and plat so plentiful free rent no longer matters, and once again you are better off acquiring a prestige house. LON is...I hate LON, I despise it because they locked content of this game to another with no alternative path for acquiring those items within EQ2 itself. Giving free cards which cannot be traded is ********. If I actually get a loot card but dont want/need it for whatever reason I cant do anything with it and so it is worthless although removing the No-Trade from LoN would be a start on something useful though.
  17. Shazbot Active Member

    Level cap increase would further exacerbate the problem of having the customer base spread out over to wide a range of levels to effectively develop for. I'd be really surprised if we see another level cap increase in EQ2. More AA's is probably the direction they will go.
  18. rdjensen New Member

    Ok I don't know if this has been mentioned yet but why is the 280 aa point upgrade item that came with the Chains of Destiny or Eternity Preorder still level locked at 90th lvl when I can buy the 280 aa point potion and use it at 10th lvl?
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  19. Scalette Member

    Anyone know what the deadline to get Tears of Veeshan for $59.99 instead of $89.99 is? How long is that sale going to be going on for?
  20. Scalette Member

    Anyone know what the deadline is for the Tears of Veeshan Collection Expansion for $59.99 is? Before it goes to $89.99. Just asking. :)

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