Problems and Solutions of the Necromancer class.

Discussion in 'Necromancer' started by ARCHIVED-Nikelo, Nov 11, 2010.

  1. ARCHIVED-Nikelo Guest

    Awakened Grave, Undead Horde and Blighted Horde should be affected by Bloodpact making them very viable DPS options.
    Bloodpact should have either the recurring HP cost removed or the recurring power cost removed or Accelerated Decay should have its recurring HP removed. Both is too much. Bloodpact, Accelerated Decay and Lich already have recurring HP costs which is almost overwhelming especially in a solo PvP setting.
    Ooze Crawler AA line should get made into a legitimate AA spec. Enhancement of the tank and mage pet are as they should be currently and shortening of the reuse of Blighted Horde and Awakened Grave are acceptable as well. Enhancment of Undead Horde should remove the requirement of having corpses nearby and always summon maximum dumbfires. Ooze Crawler AA should be a dumbfire as well that greatly debuffs the mobs defensive capabilities as well as doing minimal damage on a short casting timer long duration and short reuse.
    Enhancement of the scout pet needs to be drastically changed as it is useless in its current form. My only suggestion is not to have it try to compete in DPS with the mage pet, but allow it to be permanently summoned along side the mage pet or tank pet. As it has mediocre DPS output in its current form I do not see how that would sway the balance of DPS too far into the favor of the Necro class.
    I think these proposed ideas would solve many problems with the necro class in all aspects of the game. Allowing the scout pet to be summoned alongside the mage pet or the tank pet would make current itemization effect the necro simlar to the way it greatly enhances a conjuror through pet abilities like destructive forces, power flux and empowered minion et cetera. It would allow the Necromancer to be a viable pvp class again ascerting all of its capabilities in the pvp setting rather than being penalized by nearly impossible ability upkeep (Accelerated Decay, Lich, Bloodpact). Finally these upgrades would give the Necro places to put their final 20-30 AA points rather than allocating them into the "best of the worst" leftovers.
  2. ARCHIVED-Rhadamanthys Guest

    Assuming they don't die, vampirism and undead horde are the only dumbfires worth casting with high-end gear. But they should just be converted to dots, taking advantage of AD and splurt. Then necros would have 4 more useful damage spells. And since they are all long-duration dots with long recasts, they should presumably do quite a bit of damage, especially if allowed to tick out.
    Bloodpact is fine imo. Lifetaps and Lich procs are enough to keep you at full heath even with all life-siphoning effects active. Furthermore, it is very useful for keeping your pet alive, since it is a pain to have to re-summon a pet in the middle of a battle.
    Ooze crawler should be converted into a debuff, which could also help necros in the utility department.
    The scout pet just needs some more potency to its abilities to make it the best at single target damage. As of now it is worse than the mage pet on single targets.
  3. ARCHIVED-Ragnaphore Guest

    Dumbfire pets : Probably a lost cause... I just wish devs make up their mind and they become either "DoTs with a cool FX" (dispelable but not killable by AoE, use our crit/potency etc for dmg) or "real temporary pets" (affected by pet gears/buffs, GW buffs and undispelable but still killable by DD - or AoE if they don't have an AoE immunity buff on)
    Bloodpact is fine imo (hint : you don't need to have it up all the time if the power/health costs are a problem for you)
    Ooze Crawler : Should be either a 2nd pet or a pet buff imo.
    Scout pet : Needs an upgrade for sure, at the very least it should be better than mage pet when you're in a "melee based group" (right now, even with dirge/coercer in your group, mage pet is still better than scout) just unnerfing it to its DoF/early KoS power might be enough. Heck, make Ooze Crawler a scout pet only buff and I might use both once in a while... :)

    I will add :
    DoT tick cap : AD alone caps our best single and encounter DoT, going from +50%#tick to +100%#tick max would be the best way imo.
    Tank pet : it needs more agro. Either reduce the AA taunt reuse by at least 50% or give him a position agro gain spell. It's sad that mage pet is better than tank pet for most solo/duo situation :(
  4. ARCHIVED-Nikelo Guest

    The reason I want AoE immunity for dumbfires is for hate management during soloing, you can cast your dumbfires, let them hit the mob once or twice and bewilderment and drop your hate to nearly 0. We are a pet class, I for one enjoy seeing hordes of my pets attacking things. I think its pretty cool =D lol.
    The tank pet needs a hate transfer AA, maybe change implode to a take pet buff that transfers 30% of your hate to it.
    Bloodpact and Accelerated Decay HP upkeep is mainly a problem only in PvP unless your rolling w/ a healer. 10% HP per tick + Lich HP upkeep is in fact too much to try to keep up w/ in PvP
  5. ARCHIVED-Rhadamanthys Guest

    For the dumbfires, they could just keep the animation, but make them dots.
  6. ARCHIVED-Nikelo Guest

    But then they wouldn't work as a hate dump in soloing =[
  7. ARCHIVED-Rhadamanthys Guest

    But then they would actually do damage :).

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