Priority of Social Media over official forums

Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Avirodar, Jul 17, 2014.

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  1. Dulcenia Well-Known Member

    So everyone must now be rewarded with a pre-tinkerfest plushie courtesy of DG's brain fart? He got hopes up and then disappointed.
  2. Tallithia New Member

    Thank you for giving definitive sources here.

    I do use FB. But with social media I have learned not to trust it. Twitter...I just don't understand how we are not seeing heads exploding after being on that for 5 minutes much less as part of a job requirement. How do people keep their sanity reading every thought that comes out of so many at one time?

    I use to hit the forums daily. But since the forums changed, not so much anymore. But recently starting to come back sporadically.

    I too had heard of the tweet about tinkfest starting early. I did some googling over 2 days, didn't see anything about it and assumed it was just rumor or miscommunication. No biggie.

    I think all this has become a perfect example of an over-reaction to social media finger diarrhea (or hack). Maybe SOE needs to take it's people off twitter. lol

    On another note....I recently saw Sony division donate 10K to a young ladies college fund on Queen Latifah. Way to go Sony!! I would have been double excited to see SOE getting out there promoting EQ2 and doing charity stuff like this. :)
  3. Luperza Community Manager

    You can trust our official social media networks. Developers and their personal pages may not always be accurate, so don't trust everything you read on the internet. :)

    We do and continue to do charity work often.

    Little confused by where you started and ended in this post.

    All your official information is posted on our OFFICIAL social networks. Things stated on Developer's personal Twitter accounts and other social media outlets are not official posts. Anything that is pertinent information is posted to our site and our official networks.

    As far as Tinkerfest, it is on our in-game calendar, has been stated in our official Producer's Letter and so on and so forth. We'll have more details when it has been released as well...All this information will be available to you on our official website, forums and social networks.

    We had a patch on Tuesday, he knew it was coming out soon. It was an easy mistake for Dave G to make and he has noted his mistake publicly.
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  4. Rhyashaa Member

    I saw that but didn't want to derail the thread. I figured with all the "down time" he could be on Twitter 24/7 LOL.
  5. CoLD MeTaL Well-Known Member

    This is just more proof to me that they don't listen to these forums, but instead their own little camp of people with particular play styles.
  6. Feldon Well-Known Member

    Do you still believe that all the heroic content in this game requires raid gear and playing 40 hours a week to succeed?
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  7. Deveryn Well-Known Member

    It sounds like more of the same hearsay and no actual experience. It matters what you think, but only when you've actually gone through all the motions. Starting your argument with a declaration of not having been somewhere is a great way to get people to move on to the next post.
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  8. Feldon Well-Known Member

    So this may be totally unfair, but I was curious... how much are people connecting with EQ2 in social media? I looked at the @everquestii account on Twitter.

    If I look over the last month at all tweets by @everquestii, plus articles they've retweeted from other sources like Zam, EQ2Wire, etc., I see a median number of retweets of about 3-5. Sometimes as high as 12. Sometimes just 1. The "favorites" numbers are a tad higher, with an average of maybe 4-6 but with the same highs and lows. This is out of 16,500 followers.

    So my questions:
    • Did all those people follow @everquestii on Twitter just to get the ConnectDING in-game rewards?
    • Do all these people silently follow EQ2 and keep up with news this way, but just don't favorite or retweet anything?
    • Is the theory that "Anyone who wants to follow EQ2 is already following @everquestii so retweets and favorites would be redundant?"
    • Is everyone on Facebook instead?
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  9. Spindle Well-Known Member

    Feldon As an over 50 person who plays full access and ftp accounts and also uses social media I'll give you my, um, not so humble, info )

    I follow EQ2 and a number of other companies on Twitter. I very seldom re-tweet. Just a personal choice.
    I follow EQ2 on Facebook as well as a number of companies, friends, groups, etc. I share on FB depending on mood.
    The forums provide hours of entertainment. They also provide a wealth of info and an incredible wealth of total Bat Poop. I truly miss the poster who used to mention getting popcorn for the multi dramas. His or her comments were often priceless.

    My general path of info re EQ2 is EQ2Wire, Forums, Zam, Traders, Twitter, Facebook in that order. I check the sidebar often when in Forums to see if any new info is about to be posted. The other player in the household has a different path for information which, at times, leads to lively discussion )

    Rumors, lies, truths, fantasy appear in all forms of communication. After a while one gets used to styles of writing and can generally tell who plays the game, who doesn't, who trolls, who posts under multiple accounts, etc.

    Overall EQ2 has a great community.
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  10. Deveryn Well-Known Member

    I follow the same general path for info. I love the forum's sidebar. It saves me a few clicks, as I follow a few too many people on Twitter and have a good number of facebook friends and likes.
  11. Wirewhisker Well-Known Member

    Yes. ;)
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  12. RadarX Community Manager

    Folks this thread has been re-railed. Please keep discussion on the topic of Social Media, Forums, or other forums of communication utilized by both you and us for the purpose of EverQuest 2.
  13. Acidon New Member

    Just over a year ago I was right there with you. I refused to allow myself to get sucked into, what I feel, is a step backward in humanity.

    That said, I joined Facebook. Why? As my kids are getting older, Facebook is a great way for me to keep up with what they are up to, what they are currently into, what is exciting at the moment, etc. It also seems to be the best way for me to stay in contact with them now.

    Aaaand all that said. I absolutely agree that the Official Forums should receive any and all news *first*, and then spread it around social media. To be honest this seems like an obvious thing. I don't see the logic in treating the official forums as a last resort, or not at all.

    I understand wanting to spread the word to a very large audience, but they can still do that and stay true to the Official Forums. More people refuse to use social media than many would think.

    My 2cp
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  14. Toran Member

    Actually I have no clue why these people that officially post things don't have a dispatcher program. You write a post/blog, what ever and it dispatches it to what ever media you want, reformatted for that media. To not put out the same info on all media outlets at the same time is a disservice to their customer base trying to force them to one type is even a greater disservice.

    No one media service is better then the other, you just have people that use one or the other or all. There is no right nor wrong, its just personal preference.
  15. Malvin Member

    Last I checked this was a free to play game right?
  16. Torvaldr Well-Known Member

    I would rather get updates to social media first. I would like it if they sync'd twitter and facebook because doing both is brain overload to me, but I check social media now much more often than I check forums.

    The problem with forums is that they seem like a place primarily to argue without a productive outcome. Filtering through a bunch of opinionated rhetoric to find actual news worth tidbits can be a chore.

    I used have a "forums first" mentality about 10 years ago, but now that isn't the case. While I do like to see official news announcements make their way to the forums eventually I don't see forums as a great place for news. I am always connected to social media (specifically facebook). I can get updates on EQ2, Landmark, EQN, and my other games there along with gaming and tech news. If I want to have a further discussion past giving feedback in the comment section then I'll come to the forums. Even then it would be quite a task to visit the forums of every game I play or have an interest in just to keep up on news and info. Facebook and Twitter seem like a much better place to aggregate that.
  17. Milliebii Well-Known Member

    You never buy anything from SOE? Not an Xpac, some station cash, maybe a krono?
  18. Torvaldr Well-Known Member

    I'll go out on a limb here and guess that more people refuse to join or peruse official forums than social media. It would be interesting to see what percentage. The EQ2 Facebook page has 81,300 likes. That is over eighty thousand people who could get their EQ2 news just by checking FB on their phone or browser everyday. I wonder how many unique daily logins occur here. It would be interesting to see a chart of the data.
  19. Malleria Well-Known Member

    You realize SOE has in the past offered in-game rewards simply for liking their facebook page, right? The number of likes on the page is in no way indicative of how many people actively receive news from it.
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  20. ShaggyBodom Well-Known Member

    I "Like" the EverQuest 2 facebook page, but I turned it off from appearing in my feed. So yea, just because people like it don't mean they get stuff from it.

    I am pretty neutral on this whole topic. I check a lot of social places so I get the news fine. So for me I see no issue as long as I get the news some way. But yes, I can also see why posting it on the official forums would be best first, but its also their official facebook and official twitter and official reddit, and so on :p People like throwing around the word "Official" without realized that the social networks are also their official pages.

    Anyway, thats all I will say on that front.
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