Pride Pakiat Quest Feedback & Bugs

Discussion in 'Quest Discussion' started by Kander, Oct 16, 2017.

  1. Kander Developer

    This should be fixed tomorrow.
  2. Kander Developer

    Fixed for tomorrow.
  3. Kander Developer

    This should be fixed today.
  4. Kander Developer

    Afraid not.
  5. Kander Developer

    This should be corrected now.
  6. Bardonio Member

    My original post was intended to be an omg moment for me cause I realized it was a spell in my book. Sorry about that.
  7. olleran Active Member

    Quest : Joy in Knowledge
    Quest giver :Ta-hetu
    Quest Text : Speak to Badalsonu to recieve a Allyrian flask

    Overhead quest book shows update in the Atherscar not by the beacon
  8. BuddyT New Member

    Quest: Music From the Elder
    Questgiver: Ta-sche-ra-he

    Some of the dialogue from Elder Zet could stand to see an editor.

    Sentences like "Things that beyond even the sphinxes power to understand" and " where the lay lines converge, shooting out through all know, to coalesce here and concentrate".
  9. olleran Active Member

    Quest : The Desired Golden Vessel
    Quest giver : Ta-sche-ra-he
    Quest text : I shold find a place that seems appropriate to use the divining device.

    I had an unenchanted divining device , when i talked to the quest giver on the previous step the unenchanted divining device was removed but i did not get an enchanted one to replace it
  10. Keelinn Member

    Quest : The River Job (repeatable)
    Quest giver : Izle Tot
    Quest text : I should hunt fishing stonestalkers

    Not all of the fishing stonestalkers update the quest.

  11. Chillispike Active Member

    As far as i remember .. i did the following:
    1. got near the book and used the rod => the quest updated and the book turned from "ghost book" to flying book
    2. i read the book and quest updates
    3. I flyed away before i used the rod near the book .. flyed back to the book
    4. used the rod near the book no update .. the quest wants me to use the rod again to find the next one
    5. readed the book again, while the quest meaned i still only have to use the rod
    6. used the rod again and quest updated
  12. Crilly New Member

    Thanks sir, Can't wait to finish this quest. *cheers*
  13. Marranda Member

    The Golden Vessel. ( Still broken)
    Ta-sche-ra-he (Quest giver)
    So this was fixed to give us the Pakiat Divining Device and that part worked but once u get to the water and the golden cup,
    Poof its not in bags and cant click anything so again stops faction quest.. since u have to complete this quest to get the next.
  14. Chillispike Active Member

    Quest: Crossing At The Crossing
    Quest giver: Ta-sche-ra-he

    The Recipe "Starfire Aggregate" should be level 9 or so but level 100 for a "non epic" adventure quest sounds quite high, or make it least so it can be commisson crafted.
    ok you need it only if you wanna reach 50k faction but that requirement is really "to" high for a adventure quest.
  15. Musy New Member

    Quest Giver: Ta-Sche-ra-he
    Quest: The Desired Golden Vessel

    After filling and sealing the flask you go back and charge it, then speak to Ta-sche-ra-he and he never gives you the divining device. The flask is taken and you received the unenchanted divining device but then when you speak to him again to have it enchanted it disappears from your bag and I have checked and searched for it. I and at least 5 others have tried several times and I have deleted the quest and redid it 10+ times so far. IS this due to be fixed soon as its been bugged for at least 2 days now that i am aware of. I do have a screenshot of the entire thing if needed.

    Muza of Maj Dul
  16. Chillispike Active Member

    Quest: Consoling the Souls: A Contemplation

    On the first run all worked. when i repeat the quest i was able to get the water, but no ghost is up :(
    I only checked the first 2 locations -39, 13, 1013 and 791, 63, 977
  17. Chillispike Active Member

    Update : spirits where up again after 30min to 1 hour i think
  18. Crilly New Member

    Kander mentioned this would be fixed today but still looks like it is happens still today. tired delting the quest and doing it again but still no device to click the cups in the water.
  19. Shmogre Well-Known Member

    It's still bugged, but a dev has been showing up to manually grant the divining device. Not sure when they'll do it again, but keep an eye out for a server broadcast when they do.

    (If you haven't already done them, you can continue on to do Izny Rut's quests while you are waiting.)
  20. Crilly New Member

    yea, someone in the guild told me. Since working nights decided to take a nap so must have missed when he was on about an hour ago. hopefully they will be around Saturday and i can catch up with them to get it.

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