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Discussion in 'Quest Discussion' started by Kander, Oct 16, 2017.

  1. Kander Developer

  2. Kander Developer

    Are you impatient?

    I will look at the fact she doesn't have a book above her head.
  3. Beee Well-Known Member

    Quest Operation Crustacean Station Continuation
    Mobs: a lobster monster at coordinates: -1092, -10, 530

    The Mobs for the quest spawn at the seaground wap to the see surface and move slowly down
  4. Leed Active Member

    Quest: The Desired Golden Vessel
    The quest doesn't have the normal miniclicky icon for the 'Pakiat Divining Device' that normally quests do when they involve activatable items initially - after going into inventory and using it for a few steps it appears in the quest window.

    Same thing for quest 'The Vexing Golden Coin' - the item doesn't appear in quest window for 1st step, then after using in inventory it goes to 2nd step where the item is then in quest window.

    PS - I get the sense from the quest text - somebody's a fan of The Librarians, or Warehouse 13 maybe?
  5. Leed Active Member

    It does feel like you have to do repeatables more for Pakiat, maybe because they're bunched together more? When you reach the part where the repeatables start (after finishing The Mootuingo Objective) you are at 20,500. At 600 you have to do 17 repeatables to get to 30,600 where you can then do 6 quests for Khat-Ra Pakiat earning you 9,000 faction leaving you at 39,600 and another 13 repeatables to get you to 50,000. I remember doing probably around 13 to get that last 10k to get to 50k faction when I did Vahla, but I don't remember any pause in the middle of the Vahla series where I had to do a repeatable 17 times.

    Is it possible some Pakiat quests aren't showing up? Right now 33 unique quests have been found for Pakiat, and 33 have been found for Vahla. If there were somebody not showing up, some quest giver - somebody that was suppose to be giving out quests for Pakiat around the 20,500 faction mark maybe that is why the gap is there?
  6. Beee Well-Known Member

    Quest: From Mind to Matter
    If you fly after getting 2 plings to the 4th Location (skipping the 3rd) ( /way 62, 138, -80 ) you get the message "You feel its's a good spot to medidate" but nothing happens on medidating
  7. Beee Well-Known Member

    additional info to my post above: at the 4th Position was not optical notification, just the message text.
    I think the message text shoult not be shown until the step is correct, but this is a very low priority problem :)

    On other thing happened at the Quest "Crossing at the Crossing": after crafting the
    Pakiat Divining Device I portet to the guildhall and after zoning back the Pakiat Device was greyed out - but klickable at the correct position. Seems that a refresh for enabling the device after zoning is missing
  8. Elinea Well-Known Member

    Quest: The Punishment Due
    Quest Giver: Sultana
    Quest text: I need to defeat an earth destroyer elemental

    The 3rd elemental I went after was tracking near -137, -22, 1182, a small island east of the amphitheater. When I got there, I saw the elemental way, WAY far below. I saw someone near me trying to pet pull it, and sending their merc after it, so I decided to see if I could go down to where he was, tag it, and bring it up to land. I did agro it, but I died from pain and suffering, from being down too far (assumed the game read me as falling off the world?). I died at -155.80 -711.36 1104.94 225.70 0.00, 0.00 and the screenshot is taken from that location:


    Edit: Upon returning to the location he's supposed to be at, the elemental agro'd from below and warped up to the center of the floating island where I was able to kill him. The first time, he was doing that thing where sometimes a mob zips back and forth while agro, as if it were looking for it's correct path to get to me. He found it the second time lol.
  9. Leed Active Member

    Imagine if Grodney updated his text as quickly/slowly as the rate at which the text implies he's talking. (like one word per bubble)
  10. Leed Active Member

    Quest: The Starfire Collection

    It's random how many defenders spawn, and on one run in particular I had 8 spawn on me before getting the 8 collected. The green ones (level 105) don't seem that bad, but the blue ones (level 106) either seem to have a lot more mitigation or a lot more HP than any other mob in zone (most mobs die with 1 ascension hit, but the defenders survive a full onslaught of all ascension abilities I have). Also, on at least one occasion as I was fighting one somebody else came up, clicked the crystal, and their defender attacked me instead of going after them.

    Perhaps you could let us click the crystal after killing the mob that spawns, and still get an update on that crystal?
  11. Leed Active Member

    In Plane of Magic: The Meeting Place you can't have flying mounts - so if you jump off the platform to go exploring, how would you get back up there?
  12. Kander Developer

    You wont. You will be rooted as of next build.
  13. Kander Developer

    I will take a look at this today. Do you have a loc?
  14. Beee Well-Known Member

  15. Kander Developer

    This should be corrected now, you should only get the message when you are in the correct place in the correct order.

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