Pride Pakiat Quest Feedback & Bugs

Discussion in 'Quest Discussion' started by Kander, Oct 16, 2017.

  1. Andric Member

    operation crustacean Station Operation
    Izny Rut
    People will rounds up all the monsters and ae the, leaving none not individually kill 6. increase sapwns please and preferably move close to the other quest 'green fruit for rut part deux'
    unlike the other repeatables fr other factions only 600xp, other are 850.
  2. Andric Member

    green fruit for rut part deux
    Izny Rut
    could use more fruits
    only 600xp compared to other factions repeatables of 850xp.
  3. knine Well-Known Member

    funny I was just getting ready to ask same question. why the other 2 faction repeatables are 850 and pakiat is only 600.
  4. Kander Developer

    Because there are more quests in the Pakiat line. It works out to same amount of faction.
  5. Kander Developer

    More monsters were added yesterday, near the green fruit area.
  6. Toxlas Member

    The name "lobster monster" seems wrong to me. That the pygmy calls them that is fine but not to actually have that as the name. Maybe something that makes sense of the "mother hen" named, like "brooding crustacean".
  7. Andric Member

    Thank you for extra spawns
    Southern monster area gives text message about being the NW area. 2 Mother hens spawn now in both NW &SE (only seems to be if you kill 6+ in a ae?)
  8. Kander Developer

    Dont do that.

    What? What message?
  9. Andric Member

    when you enter the area where the lobsters are you get a couple of messages saying that this looks like the area to the northwest described by... etc - both areas have the same so obviously its wrong for the SE area, I didn't check the text from the quest giver to see if it matches before I finished the repeatables
  10. Toxlas Member

    Confirmed the screen message says north west of the ocean. Thanks for adding these south eastern ones, much better for the quest. The first bunch of fruit you come to after doing the lobsters (loc -838, 22, 652) show as harvestable, you get the "pick the fruit" bar and the white hand cursor but they don't update the quest. Iguess I always came from the north and never got this far south to spot it before.
  11. Toxlas Member

    All buffs drop and need recasting when you enter the Starfire Realm.
  12. Kander Developer

    Oh I see. I got it. Widget fixed. Text fixed.
  13. Kander Developer

    That... shouldn't be happening. I will look into it.
  14. Niami DenMother Well-Known Member

    Quest: The Bloody Brutal Truth
    NPC: Ta-sche-ra-he
    Bug: Minor typo?

    Near the end of the dialog when accepting the quest, Ta-sche-ra-he says "...but be wary, the beast that creature it is still out there..." Somehow, that just isn't scanning well. Perhaps replace "creature" with "killed"? :D
  15. Niami DenMother Well-Known Member

    Consciousness with Objections:

    When I arrive at both the first spot and the second spot for the glasses, and need to click on the 4 visions, the update text that flashed across my screen said something about " should take in the sites". It should be " should take in the sights", though. :)

    Second location text issues:

    Feel: "...from the shear height you are at...." ... it should be a "sheer height"
    Hear: "...You can dust beneath your feet and you move around." Um? :D
  16. Chillispike Active Member

    Quest:Consoling the Souls
    Questgiver: Khat-Ra Pakiat

    The first step requires to get some water from the river.
    I click the water to update the quest but the message:
    You already have \aITEM -1957335210 1257650225:Filled Ampoule of Absolution\/a and cannot have another.
    comes as well.
  17. Chillispike Active Member

    Quest: The Starfire Collection
    Questgiver: Ta-hetu

    The "a starfire defender" are no arrow up and solo mobs and Celetial "something" buff (double cast avoidance and so on).
    Even the quest is close the faction it requires quite some running around and the quite regular pop of them (33% i think) makes the repeatable somewhat annoying.
    Getting them pop rugular is fine for me, just the "high" avoidance makes this repeatable one to one of the longest actually.
  18. Niami DenMother Well-Known Member

    "Consoling the Souls" does not delete the "Filled Ampoule of Absolution" on completion, nor does "Consoling the Souls: A Contemplation".

    When you obtain the repeatable "Consoling the Souls: A Contemplation", you are given an "Unfilled Ampoule of Absolution", which you then need to fill, leading to the error message about already having one in inventory..
  19. Toxlas Member

    Quest: Reflection of Recollection
    Quest giver: Sultana Khat-Ra
    Quest journal says"I need to speak to the Allyrian known as Kalisonu"
    You actually need to talk to Badalsonu next to her. No red book update over her head though.
    Quite long delays in updating quest text. Do they need thinking time?
  20. Toxlas Member

    I didn't get a title award like I did for House Vahla, was I supposed to?

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