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Discussion in 'Quest Discussion' started by Kander, Oct 16, 2017.

  1. Pidz Member

    Quest The River Job
    Given by Izle Tot

    Stones and hearts are collected during the quest but "Store the Starfire Dust" appears on the casting bar while putting the stuff in the barrel and when the barrel is selected with the right mouse button at the end of the quest.
  2. Pidz Member

    Quest Reflection of Recollection
    Given by Khat-Ra Pakiat

    The "ra" of "Khat-Ra" is not written with an uppercase "R" in the objective "l need to speak to Khat-ra" and in the description of the quest.

    "Sultana Khat-ra Pakiat has asked me to seek out Kalisonu and offer a meeting to her so that the Sultana may discuss the events in person. She feel she owes her an apology and an explanation in person. Whether or not she will come is another story all together."

    "ra" is also not written with an uppercase letter while Kalisonu says something to Khat-Ra during the meeting.

    "Sultana" is misspelled in the objective "I should speak to the Sultna about the meeting." after the meeting.
  3. Pidz Member

    Quest Reflection of Recollection
    Given by Khat-Ra Pakiat

    The quest has no usable reward for monks and bruisers.
  4. Grumpy_Warrior Active Member

    Quest The Starfire Collection (Repeatable)
    Given by Ta-hetu

    While trying to collect 8 raw starfire crystals on the bluffs I was instead attacked at 13 crystal locations. I realize being attacked or getting a crystal is random. But this seems like a high percentage of getting attacked, especially for a quest that is intended to be done over and over for a small amount of faction. Would it be possible to get a crystal update at every location, and then get attacked randomly afterward? This would give you a maximum of 8 attacks per quest.
  5. Kander Developer

    The bug is actually Khat-ra , ra is not capitalized. Its been changed on the NPCs.

    Other typos fixed. Thanks!
  6. Kander Developer

    We'll look into this.
  7. BuddyT New Member

    Quest: Consciousness with Objectification
    Quest-giver: Khat-ra Pakiat

    In the dialogue for receiving the quest both you and the quest-giver refer to a "gapping" abyss. Gapping is a word, but it does not mean the same thing as "gaping" which is what I suspect you meant.
  8. BuddyT New Member

    Quest: The Crucible of Purpose
    Quest-giver: Khat-ra Pakiat

    A number of things in the quest-giving dialogue. Khat-ra says "...I find purpose in bringing light to another beings darkness." The possessive form of "being's" requires an apostrophe.

    Later he/she says "Go, bring some light in her darkness."
    I would think "into" would be more appropriate.

    From the same block of dialogue I have quibbles with "Upon this time, the Crucible will glow" but I could see them being shot down for legitimate flavor reasons.

    Then in the window where you accept the quest, at the very least you don't need the comma here but it still might deserve a quick once over for grammar: "The Sultana claims that bringing light to the darkness for others, should give us the element that we need."
  9. Stormbourne New Member

    Quest: The Bloody Brutal Truth
    Quest Giver: Ta-sche-ra-he

    In the introductory text, Ta-sche-ra-he says, "...I believe, there were some aluxob, that in their lack of wisdom and in the throw of feeling betrayed, they tried to kill a stelecat and failed." The correct word here would be throe, or a sharp attack of emotion (unless they dress themselves in blankets before hunting :)) . The sentence can further be adjusted to read, "...I believe there were some aluxob that, in their lack of wisdom and in the throes of feeling betrayed, tried to kill a stelecat and failed."

    Later, Ta-sche-ra-he says, "The wisp itself is harmless, but be wary, the beast the creature is still out there." The text should choose either "the beast" or "the creature." Also, the comma after "but be wary" should likely be a colon :)).
  10. Kander Developer

    Good catch. Thanks
  11. Kander Developer

    All good feedback! Thanks!
  12. Stormbourne New Member

    Quest: Music From the Elder
    Quest Giver: Elder Zet

    In the introductory text, Elder Zet says, "The Pakiat Pride values nothing above knowledge, discovery, understand, passion and perseverance."
    Correction: "The Pakiat Pride values nothing above knowledge, discovery, understanding, passion, and perseverance."

    The response also reads, "I am starting to believe that. but I must ask, Elder Zet, what does all of these trinkets, artifacts and possessions have to do with that?"
    Correction: "I am starting to believe that. But I must ask, Elder Zet, what do all of these trinkets, artifacts, and possessions have to do with that?" since the player is talking about multiple articles.

    Later, Zet says, "These are the ones that are the most dangerous, though they may contain great wisdom, these too are to be possessed with great care."
    Correction: "These are the one that are the most dangerous, though they may contain great wisdom. These, too, are to be possessed with great care."

    Later still, Zet says, "There are some things, that even I, cannot quite explain, <character name>."
    Correction: No commas are necessary, save for the one before the character's name.
  13. BuddyT New Member

    Quest: Reflection of Recollection
    Quest-giver: Khat-ra Pakiat

    In the journal text for the quest right after it is received there is a sentence "Whether or not she will come is another story all together".

    Altogether is one word in this instance.
  14. Niami DenMother Well-Known Member

    Quest: The Supreme Art of Teaching
    Quest-giver: Ta-hetu

    Ta-hetu tells you that the grinder is on the northeast part of the bluffs. Your journal says it is to the east of Pakiat Bluffs.

    I'd call the location northWEST, though ... and is pretty much simply behind Ta-hetu, with no need for all that NSEW stuffs. :D
  15. Loce New Member

    Completed the 50k faction with Pakiat on Getafixy but did not get the achievement for completion. Then I went onto Yzru and got the achievement after I completed the 50k there. I also noted that I did not get the achievement for completing the 50k faction with the Vahla and I did that one before I did Pakiat. Now I am redoing the faction for Pakiat but now I can only get the repeatable quests at 800 per quest instead of the 5k; 3k and 1.5k quests I got the first time so it will take a significant amount of time to get faction back up to 50k (4th faction grind as I am repeating Pakiat and then I will have to redo Vahla). Doing the faction grind again will cost me significant time that I could use for evaluating other workings within the beta like tradeskill and group encounters. If I really must redo my faction; is there any way to reset completion of the quests so that I could repeat the quests that give better faction.
  16. Shmogre Well-Known Member

    Hi Loce...I answered in the other thread about the Vahla line, same questions here: Did you do the final quest for Khat-Ra ("Reflection of Recollection") and open the chest behind her when she asks you to? The achievements are for finishing the quest lines, not just hitting 50k; you should get the achievement after finishing that final quest for the head of each faction.
  17. Elowith Active Member

    Green fruit for Rut (repeatable version) way too few fruits.

    And, more annoyingly, the paired repeatables to get to 30k faction (Green Fruit for Rut and Operation Crustacean) are very very far apart geographically - going to and from them makes this pair of repeatables beyond painful and horrible and any other tortuous word I can think of.
  18. Andric Member

    Just doing this part as well, far apart and only 600xp each - equivalent stop-gap faction grinds give 850xp per mind-numbing quest.. This is the third faction I've done and this is by far the worst faction grind. Over all so far there is far less direction and a lot of full zone searches in this quest line - very hard going compared to the others. Quests are ok but a bit few more hints on where next or where to start are needed - or an open wiki browser. The story is ok though,
  19. Elowith Active Member

    The Mootiningo Job (repeatable at the end) there are essentially no lobster monsters ever up. Need LOTS more.
  20. Kander Developer

    This is fixed

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