Prestige window should be unlocked with AoD

Discussion in 'General TLE Discussion' started by Baltazarr, Jun 8, 2021.

  1. Baltazarr Member

    Prestige window first appeared in AoD (10 prestige AA) and was expanded with CoE to accomodate the 3 extra levels (25 prestige AA).
    Why doesn't Kaladim follow the same pattern? Since pretstige AA is level based we'll get the same exact number of prestige AAs as originally.

    On a side note please switch brawler left side prestige endline with shadow endline. It makes no sense for brawlers to have to wait until CoE to get their extra defense ability.
  2. Ixian Active Member

    Actually Prestige was introduced separately from AOD with the Skyshrine update when they bumped the level cap to 92.
  3. Baltazarr Member

    This is indeed correct my bad. However this does not change the fact that on Kaladim Prestige window shoud be unlocked with AoD since roadmap says that when AoD hits Kaladim the level cap will be raised to 92 and it will include Withered Lands, Skyshrine, and Plane of War