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Discussion in 'Norrathian Homeshow' started by Plavem, Mar 5, 2013.

  1. Plavem Active Member

    I don't know how other players feel about this, but this is my opinion. The reason for this post if due to the other post about player made prestige housing.

    I think it is far over due to give player housing the amenities that guild halls give. There may be some complaints about this etc. But at this point in the history of EQ2 I don't feel any of those arguments would be completely valid. Think about it.

    How many of us are hardcore raiders who join a guild but leave our alts out of the guild so we can create a guild of our own? How many of us refuse to join a guild but in the end have to, just for the Amenities it offers. Then how many of us simply don't join a guild and play solo but get no benefits for doing so.

    I love decorating. At first I think housing was done 100% right, but in this day and age with everything being easy access ( guild hall doors, portals to other homes, owning multiple homes, etc ) Amenities should be the first thing people who own a house should be able to purchase for their house. You could even sell the Amenities for SC, or a large sum of plat ( depending of course on which ones we take ).

    The primary ones I would like to see are as follows:
    Druid Ring
    Wizard Spires
    Fuel Merchant
    Crafting Stations
    Writ Givers

    The reason I chose these is simple. It is easy enough to go to these merchants in your guild hall or halls and use them. But after spending months decorating your house it sort of stinks it offers you no reward for doing stuff. A guildie of mine came and took at my house and I looked at his. His he just placed stuff where ever he wanted, vs mine being well decorate. Obviously he spends no time in his house while I spend a lot of time in mine.Therefore I do feel there should be a reason for me to hang out in my house. Without having to run all over the place.

    Not to mention if you are a guildless crafter and you craft in open cities, lets just say people can be down right rude most the time. How many times have any of us been crafting, or experimenting just to have a player come along and throw snowballs at you. You can't move if you do you wasted everything. You can't type because you might miss a complication. So you have to sit there and hope they run out of snowballs. But, they don't and they cause you to fail. So now you have a couple of choices, join a guild or convince someone to allow you to use their guild, or buy your own guild hall, the end result having access to a guild hall which is a bad system.

    Lastly how many people have invested time into a guild hall, be it status, decorating, or crafting only to have that guild remove you, or take away your rights?

    The only other thing I would like to see is harvest-able gardens ( as I wrote in another thread ), fish ponds, etc. This may be hard to implement but I would love to see it. Along with wardrobe cabinets being able to hold wardrobes of appearance gear. Currently I have about 200 appearance items. They take up a ton of bag/bank space, and honestly I refuse to buy more due to lack of space. If you had a wardrobe that could have saved sets of gear in them I would happily spend more money on appearance items.
  2. Gazrath Member

    Hey Plavem,

    Just wanted some clarification... the "Banner" on your list? What amenity is that?

    Also, crafting stations are already available for your home. These are the same crafting stations that guilds put in their halls.

    And between the harvesting goblin and the pack pony, you already have access to two harvesters.

    Like you, I spend a lot of time in my houses, including the crafting hall I built in my Lavastorm winter retreat. The only thing that's missing is a fuel merchant and a rush order vendor, and my crafters would never leave!! LOL

  3. Deveryn Well-Known Member

    Writ Givers are also available. Sages craft the summoning scrolls for regular and rush orders. 1 mantrap root gives you 10 Thirty minute summons.

    As for the rest, I don't see them ever adding those things to housing. We may get a fuel depot. There are plenty of travel items you can get from the game or in the store. banker and broker are generally not far from your house.
  4. Rainmare Well-Known Member

    yeah I think out of that entire list, I'd only opt for the fuel vendor and the rush orders. the goblin and packpony can keep you well stocked on raws between them, with a chance at some rares. and there are plenty of ports around that you don't need an amenity. wormhole generators come to mind. that go pretty much anywhere there's a wizard for those places with only druid rings, 1 port to EL spire and your literally like 30 seconds from a druid ring.
  5. Taysa Well-Known Member

    Amenities are meant to be an incentive to get a guild to come together and level it up, as a sense of community. If they were just given away freely, it would totally kill one of the incentives of being in a guild.

    No thanks to amenities. I love decorating as much as the next person, but there's a limit on how far it should go.
  6. Kamoj Well-Known Member

    I don't think we need amenities (except a fuel depot), however I would love if we could have guards, servants, etc...
  7. pumancat Active Member

    Since COE, I have been constantly crashing when trying to load into the GH. So I have set up a crafting room in my home with the tinkered mats box, apprentices, and filled 2, 40 slot boxes of fuels. All for my 4 crafters. It would be nice to be able to do rush orders and such in my home since I can't get into my GH. My biggest gripe is that the Tinkered Materials Container only holds 100 items and are Lore. Please take the Lore off of this item, so that I can have all the materials for all tiers in one place. Not all my crafters are 92+.

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