Cannot Reproduce Predator AA - Toxic Expertise

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by Tegan, Mar 19, 2021.

  1. Tegan Active Member

    This AA does not provide ANY benefit. It does not provide anything beneficial and is totally waisted AA points.

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  2. Tegan Active Member

    This does not appear to be fixed as of the 4/27/21 update.

    I am comparing before/after damage numbers (naked and no other AAs) with and without any points in this AA.
  3. Ratalthor Developer

    How are you testing the before/after damage numbers? Have you tried checking the damage a mob takes from your abilities?
  4. Tegan Active Member

    Testing performed today and this AA is now showing a partial increase. I show an increase of 3.4% with 10 points in this AA, but AA indicates a 6% increase. Testing was done with combat mastery buff from a monk with no other AAs. All armor, buffs removed while testing. I tested multiple times to ensure the combat mastery buff returned the exact same values.


    This AA is still broken.
  5. Tegan Active Member

    There appears to be a significant drop off in the benefit of this AA as I put my gear back on. With about 100k potency (just armor on) the increase with 10 pts in this AA went down to 1.95%. With about 340k potency with all gear, mount, familiar, merc the increase with 10 pts in this AA went down to below 1%.
  6. Ratalthor Developer

    I posted this in the weapon expertise thread as well: Can you private message me your character name and what server you play on please?
  7. Ratalthor Developer

    We've confirmed that the AA is increasing damage as intended and is not a bug.