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  1. echoing Member

    i dont even think it is so much there is not any good wikis or anything, yes EQ1 has always been devs priority and anyone who says otherwise is just lying to themselves. and i would say most eq2 players probably have always excepted that. i think just the lack of information is the problem, eq2 players are in the dark about where their game is heading, what do we have to look forward too, what in the xpac is worth buying (not the fluff stuff, the actual content). almost all xpacs where nov launchs, this is a dec launch, so with the extra month i would hope maybe a bit more than we normally get, more polished, but we know nothing and that is the problem
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  2. Ceyarrecks Wunnfirr Well-Known Member

    per A-typical Corporate mentality viewed, since there is *NO* information to:
    whet appetites,
    start conversations,
    inspire expectations,

    then it seems to me that there is an expectancy of Impulse Purchasing,
    hoping that the masses will be distracted by the "ooo! pwetty colors!"

    What was that phrase again?
    oh yeah,... Caveat Emptor,...
    the principle that the buyer alone is responsible for checking the quality and
    suitability of goods before a purchase is made.
    kinda hard to test quality when one is FORCED to give $$ for the mystery Loot Box.
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  3. Benito Active Member

    The EQ2 expansion goodies will show on the pre-order page when it goes live and an official thread will outline the expansion basics (number of zones, etc). However, I do think that there is a very real lack of information about EQ2 expansion's scope of content in the secondary resource realm. EQ1 got the same "silent treatment" as EQ2 this year. However, my argument is that EQ1 players were able to venture before release to for all of their questions and concerns (complete quest explanations, itemization). Forgive me if I am wrong but I don't see the kind of insider synergy (insert counter-arguments of favoritism) here.I know Discord is a source of information and hardworking folks on EQ2 Wiki/Fandom work hard to update.

    Edit: I do think the EQ2 websites will catch up when Beta is live. Maybe in the future, select EQ2 resources (i.e. Sigrdrifa) can have early access to the new content....
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  4. Pixistik Well-Known Member

    Why wont it let me purchase Premium edition?
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  5. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    To expand on this:

    (1) Start from

    (2) Click the Premium Edition "Buy Now" button (link

    (3) At the top of the page is a red box with text "You are not eligible to purchase this product. Please check available products below". Blood of Luclin Premium Edition Preorder shows up greyed out under the title "Previously Purchased Content"

    (4) Same results in Firefox and MSIE
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  6. Pixistik Well-Known Member

    I gots mine :)
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  7. KingDragon Member

    I'm not seeing what comes with the pre-order. Is it JUST beta access now? I swear I read in a thread somewhere there was going to be a familiar? I'm worried about clicky illusions. I started using another account mid CD and that accounts toons don't get the Jann illusion making them a pain to run in wind PQ and other zones.

    None-preorder note: Family & Friends $249.99, gets a second celestial spell upgrade out the gate per account. Not sure $110 is worth that, as I have no clue what the economy will price the trade-able expansion or the other trade-able collector edition items.
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  8. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    Go to

    Just under the row of green BUY NOW boxes is a link, "See what's included and delivered at launch". Click it.
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  9. Spectre Member

    Well.. I took the plunge and bought the Premium =P
    Usually you get extras for pre-ordering (illusion etc..). I didn't see anything extra. Am I missing something?
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  10. KingDragon Member

    I think you misunderstood my question. I'll re-phrase it. What do we get for Pre-ordering, vs, buying the day of launch.

    We got Jann Illusion with CD. We got Tinker illusion for PoP.
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  11. Benito Active Member

    This expansion's pre-order is supposed to be a summonable Zelniak pet that provides your typical pre-order buff (Jann Magi). It won't conflict with your familiar. It is odd that they did not include it in the expansion page, however. The Zelniak pet is mentioned in the Producer's Letter but perhaps Dreamweaver can confirm (and provide stats). :)
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  12. echoing Member

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  13. Kilar Active Member

    Same for me. I went to buy Premium and it's greyed out under previously purchased section. Does that mean I get it free? :)
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  14. KingDragon Member

    Thanks to Benito pointing out it was the producer's letter thread, I found on page 6, a post by Dreamweaver stating it is a pet (not a familiar) and that it will provide buffs like the jann/tinker previously. Further down Dreamweaver responded to another inquiry of being able to hide the pet (saying the option would be added).

    I also saw that Dreamweaver mentioned an attempt would be made to add the item preview to the pre-order page, if a spot could be found. This seems to have been missed or no spot was found as the pet isn't on there at all. There's just he standard 2 familiars, 2 mounts and Merc (2 this time).

    Guess we also won't know if the "Pet" is rewarded now after a successful pre-order or not until servers come back up and pre-ordered people let us know they can claim it - with the stats since DB seems to not want to share this.
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  15. Breta Well-Known Member

    Ehm, you can find the stats here.
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  16. Spectre Member

    Thanks everyone.

    I kind of preferred the illusion, If I was a summoner I would have an entire zoo traveling with me (Pet, Familiar, Merc, fluff pet and now the Zelniak) lol.
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  17. Kilar Active Member

    Looks like they have sorted this out now. It now shows that I am able to purchase PE if I want. Shame, a freebie after all the money I have paid for EQ2 in the past 15 years would have been a Grand gesture on Daybreaks part ;)
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  18. Leed Active Member

    If you do the friends and family are the tradeable items given to you now, or not until after release date (December 20th)?
  19. dreamweaver Community Relations

    At/After the release date. But I can't confirm the date.
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  20. Zartayn New Member

    The Pre-order bonus is a Zelniak pet indeed... total copy of the Jann Magi illusion, even including copy of the flavor text.
    Does not stack, as they are mutually exclusive atm... which at least makes it totally unnecessary to pre-order expansions for more accts for now.

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