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Discussion in 'General TLE Discussion' started by Linus, Jun 27, 2021.

  1. Linus Member

    Is there any real raid activity for primetime Mountain/Pacific players (after 10 eastern)? I'm debating coming back since there's at least SOME chance of seeing stuff beyond Velious in active content, but if all the raiding is going to be too early for me, there wouldn't be much reason. I looked at the guild recruitment tool, but didn't really see anything when I did.

    Any info is appreciated.
  2. Naneeje Well-Known Member

    Guild halls have been added, and since you know that with guild halls, there is no social aspect to the game in any zones, it's all about the guilds. There are plenty of active guilds with people rolling around in PST. many guilds.
    The question is do you want to do DOV again? The answer should be yes, it's a great time in EQ2 and it carried over to Kaladim. We do have a lot of fun and PQ's are active and providing some social aspect.
    If not for anything... general chat :) that's always a blast.
  3. Linus Member

    While I really do appreciate the reply, in this case, it's not the information I asked for. I don't care one way or the other about guild halls, because I'm not a general population mingler, typically. I'm looking for a community that fits my playtimes and the only one that seems to be advertising the times I'd be available doesn't appear to meet my hopes.

    What I am hoping for is simply to figure out whether there is now, or is likely to be a stable raiding guild active starting after 7 PM West coast time. I've played the game alone or with pugs ever since original PoW released, with a small window on Fallen Gate with a guild. Hoping to see the raids beyond. If that's not going to happen, I don't want to waste my time. I can go see all the non-raid content on live.
  4. Arielle Nightshade Well-Known Member

    I think The Smoke Shop guild raids late - after 7 PST. You might talk to them - I think some of the members frequent the Discord channel. They seem fairly tight-knit, friendly and low key. Might be what you are looking for.
  5. Sixgauge Well-Known Member

    Smoke Shop, but I dunno if they doing any x4.
  6. Kotter Legendary Member

    i know for a fact that <Smoke Shop> takes nonsmokers too. :)