Possible to copy books into log files or such?

Discussion in 'History and Lore' started by ARCHIVED-Darn, Aug 26, 2012.

  1. ARCHIVED-Darn Guest

    Since I'm working on some German timeline rewrite for eq2wiki.net and there is no real "library" in the German speaking community at Valor I would love to be able to copy ingame book text with some kind of tool so I can then sort and rewrite it.
    The english speaking pages are great but having to re-translate it all when it sits ingame on Valor is very painful and unfortunately often I need the precise translation for a faction name or such and can't just make it up. So any kind of idea that does not just mean me screenshot-retyping would be great. ;)
  2. ARCHIVED-Resstful Guest

    When I remember to turn my log file on....I have forgotten and, well, been pretty angry at myself ))
    I open the book and read it page by page and those pages go into the log file. I'm assuming that the same would be true in German or French.
    If I'm wrong my humble apologies in advance.
  3. ARCHIVED-Darn Guest

    Hey Resstful, thanks for the reply. We had a debate about this yesterday night at Valor. People said this is only possible when you have a quest or such with the book running? Otherwise no book text would show up in the chat window and thus the logfile?
    If that would be wrong I'd be very happy. But I haven't found any way under chat options in chat window or options (EQ2) button how to switch something like this on. I have a log file build now from what I see ingame though. But no book texts?
  4. ARCHIVED-Orpheus666 Guest

    Books that are placed usually use the "page buttons" and won't post in your logs, but the books that pop up a text window like when you examine a lore and legend piece and have "links" to other pages will show up in the logs. Very few books use this method outside of quests as you pointed out.

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