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Discussion in 'Signatures' started by ARCHIVED-Kitira-AB, Apr 28, 2011.

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    So after days of searching online, I am at a loss. I have found a lot of videos and write ups for Poser, 3D Studio Max, etc., but to be completely honest, it's all greek to me. I've tried some things, and nothing looks right, and I honestly have no idea what to do. So I have to ask, for those of you who do 3D renders, how did you start? and better yet, how did you learn the in's and out's of rendering and then taking that image and putting it in Photoshop and eventually turning a portrait into a signature?
    I really would love to make portraits for my friends, guild mates, heck even myself, in my free time (which I have way too much of lately), but it seems like I just can't get a firm grasp on how to get started the right way. If anyone could offer hints, tips, links, that helped them, I would be indebted forever. I'm basically to the point of forking over some RL cash for someone to help me learn. I am honestly not one to normally ask for help. I'm stubborn and I'll bend over backwards to help others, but have a hard time accepting it myself.
    If anyone would be so kind to throw this art newbie a bone, hand, leg :p (anything at this point), I'd greatly appreciate it.
    Thanks in advance

    Edit: Did some more digging and found some really nice tuts that seem pretty nib friendly and easy to follow. Is there anyone else out there interested in 3D Art? Wouldn't mind learning with someone else and helping another while learning stuff myself.
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    For a beginner you can't go wrong with Daz 3D as your choice for models, they make use of Poser content, but they offer their software for free. You can pay for models and scenes that you like as they have a store of stock items.
    For environments I'd reccommend VUE 3D Pioneer which is totally free, they also have content that you can pay for and they have some fab packs that you can buy and be ready to go. Shoot me a message if you have questions on either and I'll be happy to help!

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