PoP signature line quest gave no experience

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by dorotea, Mar 25, 2020.

  1. dorotea Well-Known Member

    Just did it for the 4th time this week. Yes that's nuts but I'm using double xp to get alts to 120. This one was Paks on Maj;Dul.

    All was fine as I did the two plane of innovation dungeons. When I went to cash it in I expected 6 levels based on past experience - this is a very high reward quest even apart from server bonuses. Instead I got nothing.

    The character got quest credit and can now do plane of disease. She got cash - one platinum. She got status. No experience whatever. The AA slider was on 0 - she had been getting normal experience all along other than this quest cash-in. I checked of course and it was set to convert 0 xp to AA. The quest just gave no xp at all I checked chat to see what it said I got. No xp was listed.

    My other 3 times were before the last patch and all were normal. The patch may have broken something.
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  2. Viledusk New Member

    Yes, same happen to me. Last week got exp just fine, did it yesterday and same as you no exp. I sent a bug report hope that will help get it resolve.
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  3. Jaeded Well-Known Member

    Patch might have something to do with it but this has been a random bug in the past also. Back when I ran PoP on my alts (was current xpac at the time) I had 2 that didn't get exp when running the Innovation part of quest line, at different times, weeks maybe months apart. It can be quite disheartening.
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