POP PQ, to few people doing it now

Discussion in 'Zones and Populations' started by Patrik D, Jun 19, 2018.

  1. Breta Well-Known Member

    You totally killed the new rewards by adding "rare" harvest. That's what I'm getting now all the time now.

    BTW yesterday i fell alseep while doing PQ, that's how boring it its.
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  2. Tajar Well-Known Member

    Yes, I was meaning they should add greater fragments as an incentive.
  3. Jaeded Well-Known Member

    Last 2 I participated in were a bust. Failed after about 40 mins or so due to lack of people. I still need the Quintessence so I'm happy to hear they will be looking into it as I don't plan to try anymore until some type of change is made.
  4. ConcealFate Well-Known Member

    LOL me too!
  5. Svenone Well-Known Member

    In the SolRo Tower PQ, people skip easy orbs that are 1 or 2 kills away from spawning, and pull mobs that do not consistently result in orbs, making the zone more difficult than is necessary. The "birds" (drakes and phoenix) are not necessary to get the 4 center orbs to spawn, and they are the most painful (deadly even) of all of the mobs there. Yes, the birds can cause an orb to spawn, but IMO they are not worth the small chance of an orb and I refuse to help killing them. And then there are the AFKers...

    In the Innovation PQ, people who have no idea what to do with them (or are griefers) loot empty batteries and destroy or sit on them instead of charging them and feeding the final named. Every time I am in that PQ I see WAY more than the 18 necessary batteries looted, but most are never charged up and used. And then there are the AFKers...

    In the Disease PQ, people kill the trash mobs without a wisp near by, making the kill a waste. The wisps are what is used to knock down the eyes and makes the bug mothers vulnerable. People also do not keep track of where Bert is and get killed by him. Hint: Don't get closer than 100 meters to Bert! And there are the AFKers...

    In the Hate PQ, people sit around letting a few people do all of the crafting that is necessary. I get that crafting is not something everybody enjoys, but it is a necessary part of this PQ. For the second part of this PQ, with the bone dragon Scornbone, the vast majority just want to kill the trash and then wonder why it takes so long for the imp repellants to be crafted. I admit that I tend to just harvest and feed the crates (and kill when it is time), and leave the crafting to others. And then there are the AFKers...

    That is my rant and opinion.
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  6. CoLD MeTaL Well-Known Member

    Have you tried putting that in chat, I don't think a lot of people have any idea what they are 'really' supposed to do in the HQ, except run around and 'Kill it in the face'.

    I say that, because when I asked people "What are we actually supposed to do in here?" the only answer I ever got was "Run around here and if you see something kill it in the face"

    There is no 'story' to PQs for people to pick up on what they are supposed to do, and people like me just don't look through 'combat logs', that's what min/maxers do.
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  7. Svenone Well-Known Member

    Long post, you are warned!

    All of the CoV PQs have a "kill it in the face" aspect.

    Innovation: Time limit: 1 hour
    Stage 1: Kill anything that moves, for 50 mobs.
    Stage 2: Beat down the pillars, that regenerate and can stun everybody. Best to focus on one pillar at a time. DPS check.
    Stage 3: Find Meldrath at one of four possible locations. Beat him until he becomes immune and then disappears.
    Stage 4: A single group needs to head back to the switch room and flip the switches. The order of the switches changes from instance to instance, but the machine can tell you the code, albiet in code. If charging station is not active, you will see a string of 9 0's and 1's, such as 100010001. If you seperate in to 3 sets of 3 it becomes 100, 010, and 001. These translate to 3, 2 and 1, respectively. The switches need to be flipped in that order. The switches will only stay flipped for a short time, so this will need to be repeated until the boss is active. Adds will periodically spawn to keep the group busy.
    The rest of the people in the zone have a different job: kill mechanical spiders. When the spiders die, an equisite chest will appear. The ONLY thing in these chests is a dead battery. The battery needs to be taken to the charging station, charged up (right click on the station, it is not the default action), and then take the charged battery to the disabled boss mob and use it while targeting the boss. It takes 18 charged batteries to "wake up" the boss. When the boss wakes, everybody in the zone should be teleported to be near it, but sometimes that fails. One person should then click on the charging station to drawn in anybody who got left behind.
    Now that the boss is awake, it is basically a tank-n-spank fight...except if anybody keeps aggro for very long they will be deathtouched, so it is a tank ping-pong game.

    Disease: Time limit: 1 hour
    There are two "mob mothers" that need to be killed. They are protected by 5 tentacles with eyes at the end. If they see you, they will grab you and send you flying, and landing tends to be deadly. The wisps are "blue" and "orange", and you can't do anything with them until they have been knocked down. To knock them down, a trash mob needs to be dragged to and killed while under (or very near) a wisp. When the wisp falls to the ground, one person can retrieve it. That person then goes to the bat mounts (not your personal mount) and fly up to the eyes, where you will automatically drop the wisp and knock one eye down. This process needs to be repeated 5 times before the bug mother can be attacked. Each bug mother has to have this done twice, so that is a total of 20 eyes that will need to be knocked down. Blue whisps can only knock down the blue eyes, orange whisps can only knock down orange eyes. When both bug mothers area dead, you win.
    While all of this is happening, the god Bertoxxilous (an undead ratonga) is wandering a path between the two groups of trash mobs. If you get closer to him that about 100 meters, he will root you (unresistable) and then deathtouch you (also unresistable). He moves very slowly, so you have plenty of time to get out of the way.

    Solusek Ro's Tower: Time limit: 1 hour
    This PQ is basically just a tank-n-spank, and collect the orbs.
    Step 1: To unlock the door, you kill a certain number of trash mobs (actual numbers are unknown). Kill enough trash and orbs can spawn. "Harvest" these orbs.
    Step 2: Once the door is open, there are more mobs to kill. Orbs can spawn on the top of the fire pots at the sides of the central room, as well as on the dias at the end of the three side rooms. I do not know the numbers needed to spawn orbs on the fire pots, but the side rooms have 4 giants to kill, and when those 4 giants are dead 2 elementals will spawn. When those two elementals are dead an orb will spawn. Because the center fire pot becomes active before the elementals are killed, most click on it and move on (leaving 3 easy orbs).
    Step 3: Clear your way to the phoenix room. Orbs can spawn here, too, but numbers necessary are unknown. In the two "phoenix" rooms the drakes/phoenix are NOT necessary to get the 4 main orbs to spawn. They can cause orbs to swawn, as well, but the numbers necessary are unknown and I hate them so will not help killing them. For the 4 orbs, there are generally 2-4 waves of horses, giants, efreeti and imps. Kill them and the 4 orbs will spawn. Click on the fire pot behind the door on the side to switch to the other side room and repeat until 50 total orbs have been harvested.
    Step 4: After you harvest 50 orbs, a 3rd option will appear to take you to the central room and the final fight. The boss starts in the center of the room, but after he is engaged he will start teleporting to one of the corners of the central platform. The grates around the room will randomally start spouting fire and if you are on one of these grates when this happens you will be shot up in the air. If you touch the big central "sun orb", you die. If you land in the lava, you die. If you touch one of the "lava falls" on the side, you die. While all of this is going on, orbs will be falling from the sun and when they land everybody near where it landed will go flying just as if you were on a fire spout, with the same deadly side effects. Kill the boss (preferablly without dying...) and you win.

    Hate: Time limit: 1 hour, 30 minutes
    Step 1: Harvest materials. Use them to build turrets, or feed the depots for those that are doing the crafting. The recipe and fuel for the crafters are available from a NPC merchant in the zone. There are 4 different types of turrents, I don't know the details of each because I tend to be one of the harvest-and-fill-the-depots people, except that one is armor piercing, one is slowing (freezing) and one is rapid-shot. Each turrent has a limited supply of ammo, after which they auto-self destroy. After a certain number of turrets are built, the waves of mobs start. They will be flagged as aggro, but will not attack (or be damageable by direct attacks by players) until they reach the area by the organ. The turrents are what does the killing in this stage, not the player attacks. There is an exception, however: the bulls! Once the bulls start to move they become vulnerable to player attacks. They need to be killed as quickly as possible because they are turrent destroyer, and you need the turrents to kill the rest of the trash. Once enough trash is dead (30+45+90? unsure of the actual numbers) the mini-boss skeleton king spawns. He starts out invulnerable, until his armor is damaged enough by armor-piercing turrents - turrents that he rapidly destroys! Once he is finally destroyed, we move to the next stage.
    Step 2: Harvest more (different types) of materials. These items are needed to craft imp repellants. As long as there are imps, the dragon Scornborn is invulerable. The imps can not be killed by player attacks. The imps need to be driven to the black holes (don't touch the black holes, you will die!). There are blue imps and purple imps, and there are 10 of each, and each kind takes a different kind of repellant. The crafters will need to be protected, too, because mobs wander near the crafting area. Once the imps are driven away the dragon is vulnerable. He is rooted in place, but that doesn't make him any less deadly. If you are in front of him OR behind him he can squash you like a bug. I think the tanks need to fight for aggro here, too, because keeping aggro too long is a fatal mistake. Once the dragon dies, we win.

    I am sure I have details wrong or forgotten parts, but I am also fairly certain others will correct anything I got wrong or missed.
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  8. semisus Well-Known Member

    Really rewards from the pqs needs to improve or something new to use the coins for
    Did the innovation pq , took like a hour and seemed like a complete waste of time
  9. Cragfire Well-Known Member

    5 PQs, and five times in a row... a rare harvest.. We can't give these things away.. a rare for the PQs.. a rare for each of the 3 daily harvest quests.. a rare almost every time I just harvest a node overland.. In the time it takes to complete a PQ, I can go out, overland, and harvest 20+ rares.. Resource rares do not belong in PQs rewards.. not unless that resources is needed to something, like, the mount.. something like that.

    The gear was okay when the expansion was new, but with the addition of Hate and Guk, it's no longer desirable in the least.
    • The Teachings are nice, if you get one.. but are currently very, very, rare...
    • Familiar crates are a good drop, a lot of people need to level a familiar and could use the crates.
    • Divine Vigor, Potency, and Crit Bonus, are nice..
    • Ascension level boosts are nice..
    In addition to the bulleted list.. There should be a small chance at a piece of T1 raid armor.. This is a raid after all, and introductory.. so T1 fits the theme. Even just master, current tier, spells.. would be super nice.

    Anyway, just by taking rare harvests and the legendary (maybe even fabled as well) gear out of the PQ rewards list, would help motivate at least some people back into participating.

    Getting a rare harvest is a kick to the junk.. specially how easy they are to come by outside of PQs...
  10. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    Thank you for taking the time to post this information. The one time I went into one of the PoP PQs, I asked what specifically we were doing, I was told to come to where the others were as they had already started. As soon as I got there, by following 1 person that came in at the same time I did, and being followed by 4 other people coming in, we were all invited into a raid and then all but 3 of the people that were already there left saying there wasn't enough time.
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  11. Cragfire Well-Known Member

    10 PQs later.... 9 of those PQs I got either a Rubicite Ore, Matron's Heart, or a Cnidcara Hide.. The 10th PQ I joined late but helped kill the final boss. Got nothing, not even a pop up reward window.

    I now have zero desire to set foot int the current PQs. Given each PQ is roughly an hour long, that's 9hrs and 20 minutes for 9 common-rares and some level 101~103 legendary junk armor. The raid tokens are nice, if someone has something they want to buy... if...

    Am I a bit salty? I am and I apologize for that. I feel it's justified though...

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