PoP Ethereal runes provide a choice for classes?

Discussion in 'Items and Equipment' started by Towkin, May 27, 2018.

  1. Towkin New Member

    I don't understand why I am giving up Juggernaut's Fury for Assassinate Mastery. The component that adds hate to all hate abilities , isn't that already happening via AA choices ?
    The fervor increase is neato , but the point of losing the 5 % Chance to recast any offensive combat art isn't so great. An I am to trade giving the entire group juggernaut vs giving myself 12 fervor on spells / ca's , is that class only , does that have any effect on Ascension abilities ?

    Why do I feel like I stand to lose more dps in an overall situation , cough*Without dragonfire*cough , than I stand to gain ?

    Planar mastery should work with the class rune, I highly doubt some of the more important class runes will get used , like shaman class rune, fury, etc...
    Is this as intended ? The flags are there for us to have to choose and at this point I'm not all that interested in this as an upgrade.. more of a transition in style of play. Less synergism and more self oriented.

    As one of the last few Elementalists due to bulwark in the previous expansion being necessity. It is kind of ridiculous that what I can get is an increase to a buff for another person. I'm not made of money to invest into this game. Is it possible to get an effect for elementalists that is more motivating than phoenix rising ?
    The effect triggers once ever 30 seconds, with currently at adapt 26.some numbers, for a 4 second opportunity to get one possible spell to double cast, maybe a grouping of them if you use instant cast nonsense.

    I understand that maybe I'm wrong here, I'm okay with that. My expectations were set with the previous ethereals being something you really wanted to have. These current ethereals are not really going to be worthwhile for all classes. I wonder how many other classes are going to not even bother with the new archetype runes.
  2. Mermut Well-Known Member

    From what I've seen, the new archtype adornments are there for the classes who have awful class specific adorns.
    My defiler, for instance, is unlikely to give up her class adorn, but my warden and my coercer will happily toss their nearly useless class specific adorns for the generic archtype adorns.
  3. Ellimist Active Member

    The selection is useful.
  4. Sentrasia Active Member

    I doubt I'll 'upgrade' any of my class runes to the archetype rune.
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  5. Dannni Active Member

    Pretty sure those runes are going to be upgrades for every single class in game mainly because of the fervor. Isnt it 18 fervor for healers, 22 for fighters and 25 for scouts/mages? Quite a big upgrade from 5 fervor.
  6. Mermut Well-Known Member

    Fervor only helps wards (on the healing side) since all other heals are already in excess of health pools.
    The defiler class adorn increases the size of Bane Warding and makes it work on the entire raid, not just the group. A bit of fervor isn't going to make up for that.
    The warden class adorn, however, is pretty much useless, so that choice is easy.
    The fury class adorn is pretty nice, but it's offensive and to just one art. I'm not sure how the split on that one will play out
  7. Dannni Active Member

    The 18 fervor for healers is enough on its own to make it a major upgrade and no not for heals for damage output. There is another effect that the healer rune has as well but cant remember exactly what it does.
  8. Mermut Well-Known Member

    It procs fervor on targets of heal spells.. provided the targets aren't priests.
    So priests get less base fervor from their rune then other archtypes.. AND they can't benefit from the proc on their rune. So group heals improve fervor for everybody in the group... except the priest.
    I appreciate that the priest rune has a buff component (especially since it has no component that helps healing), but I'm baffled as to why all priests are explicitly excluded from the buff.
  9. semisus Well-Known Member

    I hope they either change it around so it get a different tag than the current class runes so it can stack seeing that everyone now gets a free class rune or we get class effects on the new
  10. Kari Well-Known Member

    I am planning to pick up the new rune and testing it out, but most likely it will end up in my bank. I don't really see wearing it over my current defiler one.
  11. Tomshindo Member

    What I thought when I first saw those runes is, '' Oh it's a lazy work. ", I dare to say that though.
    The new dungeons of Shard of Hate are very impressive, good work desu.
    In the previous festivals, there are class runes in KA or 3 kinds of archetype runes in ToT.
    Compared to those runes, I reckon the new runes are obviously lazy works, because there are vertically only 3 runes, that's it.

    I think , as a fighter, the rune of fighter class is a good one to improve my character, but not an interesting one at least.I can put up with it. Yes, I've already given up.

    But for healers, this rune is awful. I believe that some good healers will make decision to use old runes. ( I know some healers even temporary use purple ethereal class runes of ToT ), since some of the old runes fortify the healers much more than the new runes such as Channelers, Defilers, Templars, and the list goes on. Just let you know this rune is such an item.

    As for mages/ scouts....speechless. I guess they made those changes to the runes so as not to break the 'class balance' , which had already been broken long before they tried to modify that problem.

    Back in ToV, there are some ethereal weapons and jewelries from the ethereal crates. Compared to this, the archtype runes aren't worse, are they?

    After all it's all about your decision... but let me say this to our developers. :
    Could you change the effect name? Why Assassinate Mastery? And why don't you fix it?

    ps : I love the Utter Contempt zones.
  12. Enigma Active Member

    I think its pretty dumb that they give everyone the "class cloak runes" and then add these planar mastery runes which won't stack because of the tagging.

    In my opinion they should have added the cloak effects into the character development tab under the focus effects section to allow us to keep those effects then the planar mastery runes will a nice bonus.
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  13. Hellfiren Active Member

    Some old KA Addorns for Example the one from the Warlock is totaly Trash most Looks only use because of the 5 Fervor nothing more because same useless spell as the one from ToT Relic / Raid Class Cloak was done coppy and paste.

    The Spell which is bosted thier is mostly out of the Rotation.
    And yes i wont get the fact into my head why the Addorns must have same Spelling as the Addorns we already use.
    Its no upgrade to be force us to lose one for addorn an other which in some cases worse stats than the old, well done guys.

    As for the Case of Healers indeed yes thier are many Purple addorns from ToV / AoM / ToT addon which do much more sence.
    For Example the Bolstered Attributs, which every one is useing on the Epic 2 Purple Slot if on the comfortable side, being able to have and use all Orange Addorns to finish a set.
    I have my personaly luxery problem to dice out, which Addorn i kick for addorn an other maybe more efficent one, and sometimes its not a easy thing because the Addorn Procs arent explain whats done Exectly if useing, for example the Addorns for Some ASC Spell Damage increse.
    The Addorn say inceases Damage but not how and how many same issuse on nearly all swarmpets.

    Text says summons a litte pet to Aid Caster, but not what the pet does or how many HPS / DPS or what ever.
    Best Example Acid Storm Warlock a powerfull Swarmpet but DPS output only detectable on ACT because only Swarmpet is written on the spell but not how many DPS its doing or how a higher PoT / Mod / CB / CC/ Fervor will incrase Damage of that spell.

    For Example Rift an other AE shows Stats wich getting higher if DPS Modifiers are increased for e.g. Potency.

  14. Tomshindo Member

    And plus I want to let you know that there are some people who wants interesting and intriguing items than mere items that bolster character's status. Class runes are just those items so I think people were fascinated and some others were disappointed.
  15. Mermut Well-Known Member

    The class specific abilties are extremely unbalanced. Some are 'must have' some are only worthwhile because of the 5 fervor on the rune. If they made them permanent, it would create an even bigger imbalance.
    While I would have prefered something more interesting then the archtype runes they're offering, this way, at least it lets classes with crazy good class adorns keep them and lets those woth nearly worthless adorns to get something moderately useful without putting them even further behind the classes with great adorns.

    I main toons on both ends of the spectrum: Defiler, with one of the best class runes out there and warden, with one of the worst. My defiler will be sticking with her old class adorn, my warden will be dropping hers in the nearest refuse pile in favor of the archtype adorn. It seems a reasonable compromise if making class adorns mostly balanced isn't on the table.
  16. Enigma Active Member

    The classes have already been balanced in mind with the cloak rune effects which is why we basically had these cloak effects since ToT and why they have been with us for awhile and given the fact they even provided everyone with these runes suggest they didn't have plans for these runes to disappear(they also buffed certain effects in mind with class balance during KA). There is no reason for the new Planar Mastery adorns to not stack with the class cloak runes we have right now..its just not a cool reward to look forward to when you know its hardly gonna make any difference for your toon. If they do not stack it will create even more class imbalance then what we have right now.

    Those focus effects you see in the character development window is exactly the reason why they even put those there to begin with because people felt like without them their classes felt different and or unsatisfying without those effects.
  17. Mermut Well-Known Member

    I don't think there is any player who honestly thinks the class cloak abilities are 'balanced'. Just because the devs haven't had the time or inclination to change them != balanced.
  18. semisus Well-Known Member

    would it hurt anyone it if it dont have the same tag? everyone gets free class rune now
    i like my conjuror one , its doesnt make my blazing avatar overpowered but it makes it good enugh to constantly keep having it up for my pet
    for some classes like wizards/illys/defilers loosing the class effect might not make up for the stats on the new
  19. Mermut Well-Known Member

    My defiler will be keeping her class rune.. my warden and my coercer will be ditching theirs.
    Having to make choices isn't always bad.
  20. Enigma Active Member

    It's not about having to make choices its about the reward and right now the ethereals do not feel like something people would want to go after..

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