PoP: 3 Faction Quest/Achievement- FYI

Discussion in 'Quests and Seasonal Events' started by Poetic_Justice, Jan 5, 2018.

  1. Poetic_Justice Member

    Note: I know this is on me but I worked hard for five days straight, off and on, to grind out these stupid faction quests and I'm just very disheartened.

    Please everyone- When you are completing the Magic Quester Achievement, make sure you do the last quest. I grinded to 50k on all three, not paying attention the last quest ( like I said, my fault) on all three factions and now I need to go back it seems to grind out AGAIN the first faction I begun with to get that achievement completed.

    requires 50,000 House Vahla (Faction)- Dedication Rewarded
    requires 50,000 House of Pride Pakiat (Faction)- Reflection of Recollection
    requires 50,000 House Yrzu (Faction)- The Majestrix's Trust
  2. Poetic_Justice Member

    So silly of me that all I had to do was talk to the main quest giver and click her chest. Lol

    Just found out: The reason why I wanted to grind this out because we all need the adornments right? So, I didn't realize that you need to "unlock" the adornments from the status merchant by "looting" the adornment from a heroic drop in a group which, in the end, is nearly impossible when its a pugg group. Smh...

    Not sure if they will change this or not.

    Also, being a Swashy and having DS nerfed and paying the $140 for this expac and $15 on top of that monthly for all this aggravation when I just want to enjoy this game..Smh
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  3. Soara2 Active Member

    Glad you posted this for others. Very sorry that happened
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  4. Zeddicious Well-Known Member

    You're not the only one this has happened to, I can attest to that. Although on my "main" - I remembered to talk to the head lady after hitting 50k faction.... but on my 3rd alt? Hah. I ran Yrzu up to 40k, then completed the sigline - then went back and started grinding out Pakiat faction ! Forgot I didn't finish Yrzu... smh.

    ONE of the really sad sad parts is - the very first couple of faction quests (in each) grant around 5k + faction as well as -5k for the others..... it really doesn't take long to dig a huge hole to climb back out of at 850 faction a crack (with the faction you ruined accidentally)

    I'll pay attention this next time around, and really look at the events surrounding completing 50k faction. I know the feather lights up over the main matrons' head - but what quest dialog is there to remind you to "hey, go talk to her now".. Because from what I recall - there's really only half a story line while gaining faction... towards the end, you're doing the 850 repeatables to finish off that last 15-20k...

    Maybe using the audible "dinnnnng" at 50k with the "House Whatver" pop-up with a message that reminds you to talk to the head cheese again...
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  5. Poetic_Justice Member

    Yeah me too but I noticed too, that it happened to other players as well so I hope people read this and catch it before it happens to them. EEk!
  6. Kateanator New Member

    My last faction was Yrzu but I completed all 3 and I'm missing 2. I can't figure out what I missed and I swear that I finished Vahla and opened the chest. Vahla and Pakiat went down to 20k faction afterwards. Now I don't know if was supposed to do that. It annoys me that now I have to do Vahla again. YAY FACTION!
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