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    I love pvp. I love the competition. I love the danger. The sense of accomplishment. The team development and building trust in others. I love the smack talk, all the “no matter what happens, I am taking THAT guy down with me” moments. As a server, Nagafen players need to be mindfully of how we sound and how we look to others if we are to grow our population. To us it is self evident that pvp eq2 is vastly more fun and rewarding than pve. But honestly, if you read this forum as a new player or a pve player on the fence about joining, what would you do? I am 40 years old. I have played pvp back when enchanters disguised themselves as boxes in east qeynos. I have played because once you get a true taste of pvp and share the experience with good friends, nothing else will do. I came back to pvp on naggy with a smile on my face. Don’t trash the server because you are not happy. Don’t dog daybreak because they want to make a buck. Play the damn game and enjoy it. Hype it up. Make it fun, or it will be gone again.
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    I was just talking with my guild about this. The drama on the server is seriously entertaining. Emotions run high after some of these battles and it makes for some really funny moments.

    I'm with you, for it's faults it's just about more fun than anything else out there.
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    Yes, I am in Bad Habits as well. Great example of group players running through open world pvp. I would encourage new players, especially pve folks wanting a new experience with an old game, to consider joining up with them. They rungroups daily and stick together. Exactly what every growing boy and girl needs.
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