Please Stop With All the Infusers

Discussion in 'Items and Equipment' started by Almee, Oct 24, 2020.

  1. Almee Well-Known Member

    My bank vaults are filled with overseer rewards that may well be useful some day but not in the near future for most of my characters. These items require a lot of bank vault space and take up a lot of time shifting to the characters that might find the items useful in the future.

    DP would do its player base a huge favor by putting most of the gear, recipe books, infusers, etc., on vendors and giving coins as rewards, instead of the gear, and letting players chose for themselves what items they need for each character.

    The number of coins given as a reward, could still be RNG, and I have no problem with anything that can be traded, as it can go in depots, the guild bank, or the broker, but the heirloom stuff should go on vendors. That would still give a variety of immediate rewards (i.e., agents, new quests, harvestables, and consumables) which would still be time consuming, but not to the point of being tedious.

    I realize it would be prohibitive to try and change the current overseer rewards but perhaps you could change the rewards' system on future content?
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  2. Cusashorn Well-Known Member

    They've already begun phasing out the infusion mechanic. The sheer discrepancy of power between someone starting out with Luclin gear at 70K potency and the players who have 180K+ potency is astronomical just because each expansion kept raising the potency more and more and more and there's just no balance anymore.

    They addition of the new heroic and raid zones for Solusek's Eye and the 2020 Panda quests have included gear that cannot be infused, but have stats that are generally better than what you could obtain through infusion anyway.

    Infusers will likely be removed from overseer rewards sometime soon with the next expansion.
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  3. Beee Well-Known Member

    Just use them. It seems they will be useless soon ;)
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  4. Bentenn Active Member

    use them on gear you have or just delete them.. doubt they are that useful for next expac.. never understood saving... use or destroy.. easy day
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  5. Tanto Done, finished, gone.

    It might be worth a few bank slots to hang on to them and see if the current system of infusion only for celestial/best-in-slot continues.Particularly any Celestial infusers you're lucky enough to get.
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  6. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    for those recipes , could we get a vendor that exchanges them for a different tradeskill one of the dame level range
    Or like what I have seen through the expansions even a vendor who exchanges gear for another class .
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  7. Kentros New Member

    Why did they include Reign of Shadows Infusers for the collector's edition claim rewards when it's nearly impossible to actually use them?! Yes, definitely please STOP with the Infusers on the loot tables and Overseer quest rewards and claim items if you're actually phasing it out. This also means the Salvage ability is also useless going forward? Please change that to something useful or give an option to trade-in the garbage infusers/fragments. Or put the INFUSABLE tag on more things for now -- this phase where we get useless junk rewards is a real bummer.
  8. Adept Active Member

    The PQ celestial gear can be infused, and it makes a huge difference.

    As to the constant need to break down crap loot, which is all soloers get, through transmutation/salvage please yes.
    Remove the almighty tedium of salvaging and transmuting, instead of double loot days could you please do half loot days because its all just bag filling junk anyway. Not to mention rsi from click, click, clicking hundreds of infusors which only had a 20% chance of doing anything.
  9. Bludd Well-Known Member

    double loot = double chance at red adorn/good recipe book/etc
  10. Mowse Active Member

    This game has gotten so convoluted. So infusers basically are not useful at 120 ROS. You can't infuse anything unless it is celestial from PQ. You can't get a drop for Void Etch patterns unless you are in a raid. Solo play is difficult.. even in the solo heroic zones. Past expansions I could get past solo heroic zones after a period of time and improving my gear.. No more. My main is a warden and always has been doable. I am going all over the place in this post.. but so be it. The graphics in this expansion have been the worst for me. I can't see the beams going to the orbs on Vincenz Kovari and Vencine Kovari. even though my game is set at best and highest settings. Having a bear of a time killing Killmaster Kayzen because I cannot see or find the shadweaver that has been set loose. I see the first two and beyond that I am dead meat.
    I think I am getting too old. Which is a shame cause I love this game. I do horrible with guilds and groups, for a number of reasons that are personal to me... Will continue to try to improve and this post is helpful. Thanks for allowing to rant
  11. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    ANY Celestial items can be imbued, actually, whether you get them from a PQ, a T7 crate, in raids, heroics, etc.

    I keep all the infusers and have them sorted from least amount of infusion to most on my raid toon. If one of my alts somehow gets a Celestial, I just pass them infusers through the shared bank.

    For most people, you can probably stack them in your bank until needed.
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  12. Torri Active Member

    The whole disconnect between patterns and recipes is the worst thing for me since returning to the game last November. I always took pride in crafting things I and others could use, but I have been a level 120 crafter for 6 weeks now and my actual tailoring skill is 501 because I have not made a thing, just done whatever generic crafting was needed for questlines while leveling

    I am only just starting out with the RoS adventure timeline and reading everything here I was worried especially being able to simply overpower most of it my first time around. Just did the first Quarry instance this morning and was dreading the horror stories I had heard about Chief Boglyn. It took several minutes rather than seconds, but by switching to adds I was never in any danger of dying. My eyes aren't what they once were so hopefully graphics don't trip me up like it sounds like happened to you.

    For Killmaster, the first two shadeweavers come from up the path from his spawn point. The next one comes from up the ramp going the same direction that you pass on the way to make it easier on yourself, after the first two have been released and killed, pull the named down the hill to where the next ramp is, giving you more time to get behind. Then the last shadeweaver is back in the main path toward the named again to the left as you come down the hill

    Hope that helps and things get better for you
  13. Mowse Active Member

    thank you. i will return to them and see what you have suggested. eyes and brain. i love this game and have always felt it helps keep my brain sharp... the thinking and the abstract etc.
    whats odd.. is i completed the signature line.. would think it was the same instances.. maybe it was and i was a few weeks younger at the time!
  14. Orionza Active Member

    I just put the infusers on my current equipment. There are too many to continue to carry. I figured we'll get a ton more for future equips. I just use them now.

    We installed a Potion depot in our guild house because the potions were doing the same. One stop drop and they're all in.
  15. Almee Well-Known Member

    I filled up the guild potion depot long ago. Same with personal depot. Now working on a second personal depot. It's nuts.