Please sell me some new dungeons

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  1. ARCHIVED-Tollymore Guest

    I'm a silver player, and I like this game, and want to see it prosper.

    Im not an altaholic, and I dont like appearance fluff, and I dont like buying XP pots and similar, so there isnt a lot to spend money on in the cash shop.

    Therefore, please give me some dungeons to buy - SOE did Adventure packs, back in the day, and it's exactly what I'd like.

    Yeah, it'll require rolling over on your old "all players have access to all content" pledge - but you already make people pay for Velious, so just release some new content, and sell it to me.

    As a start, can I suggest making 90-92 versions of all your great old 50 raid content ? Have three modes - normal, which is the 50 version included in the game, Hard which is tuned for 90 with about 250 AA and Withered Lands quested gear, and Elite, which is tuned for 320 AA and Skyshrine gear.

    Now, before the whining from your player base hits eleven, I'd like to emphasise you should make these dungeons available to subscribers as part of their subscription.

    You're re-using all the old art, so it should be a pretty quick job.

    Oh, while Im on things I'd pay for ... let me turn my Guild Hall into a dungeon maker dungeon.
  2. ARCHIVED-ratbast Guest

    adv pacs or modules need to be player created. game updates/world updates/major revamps dev created. devs could cherry pick the best from communities. lore, roleplay, decorating (even art) and then cannonize what fits for them. eq2 reduced their staff. ok. but they cant do the same function at the same quality and quantity. having devs tweak and finalize content is something (i would assume) they are head and shoulders above playerbase at. soe shouldnt waste devs time with creative functions that playerbase can provide. if they cant effectively tap free labor, staff reductions will produce what you would expect. tolly, your request for gh dm is spot on. dm needs more freedom and tools, and an official path to cannonization. a single shard of hate? i think not. when something breaks, it makes shards, plural. multiplicity of content in the outer reaches of the planes of influence just makes sense. shards are derivatives of planes. i want more ministories, even if told from 'questionable' narration (to protect or cya lore). thats where dm comes in. soe, open toolkit and start cannonizing whats good. we know you arent gonna produce adv pacs, but maybe you could "copyright" and sell modules you clean up from players own DM? more content = customers in better mood, even if they created it but its your IP.
  3. ARCHIVED-ProteinPlus3 Guest

    ratbast wrote:
    I suggested a solution to this problem in my EQ3 thread:
    1) "Cartographers" create dungeons
    2) "Cartographers" place an "entry-point" somewhere within the zones which contain the majority of art/assets used by the "Cartographer" to make the dungeon
    3) A "map" is placed in all map-vendors around the game-world: players may purchase and "use" the map to enable the "entry-point"
    This is a useful method with or without a player-accessible toolkit.
    I'd like to see large, open, player-created instances with editable terrain elements for this, too.

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