Please make raids challenging, or I’m out

Discussion in 'General TLE Discussion' started by TwoDeadly, Jul 27, 2019.

  1. TwoDeadly Member

    Oh, gonna need another trophy
  2. Tharrakor Well-Known Member

    This is quite odd reasoning. If he was in here complaining that raids are too difficult i could see ur reaction here make some sense but not as it stands.
    I also saw previously in this thread that he wasnt at cap yet and didnt raid so he had no rights to be concerned or voice his hopes and expectations, according to some.
    I seriously do not understand how some people reason? I mean u all here even want the same thing.
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  3. Venser Active Member

    Seeing how you have never played a Rogue, here is some blah blah for you. it's not about knowing more or the most, it's about facts of the game's mechanics.
    here's a typical parse in a raid with a scout group.
    29% Slash (auto attack)
    14%Anuk's Undying Wrath
    7%Daring Attack
    6%Primal Instincts
    4%Caustic Poison
    2%Crypt's Revenge
    2%Blade Chime
    2%Strike of Faith
    Totals to 69%
    Do you know how many of those are CA? 29% Auto attack. that's right where it should be.
    This is from July, at this point these stats would be even higher as far as auto damage if i had the same raid today with the gear i have now. It is clear what the winner stat here is and what is important to gear towards.
  4. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    I never said he did not have a right to be concerned or a right to hope. All I said was do not form an opinion or a judgment based on the opinions of others. Wait until you actually see it for yourself before you form your opinion or your judgment. I have also never said that the content should not be challenging or tuned properly, although that is attributed to me as well. I am all for a challenge as much as the next person and you will never find me whining that something is to hard or to difficult. If I cannot do it by myself, I will get friends to help, simple as that, if I cannot, I wont do it until I can. I don't ask that it be downgraded so I can do it, I don't ask that it be removed. I never ask for any class to be nerfed because they can do something I cannot, and I never ask for them to buff my class so I can do more than everybody else.

    My opinions are my own, if you don't like them so be it. I pay my sub and am entitled to my opinions and as long as I am respectful to others I can voice them, just as the rest of you can.
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  5. Tharrakor Well-Known Member

    I think you must have misunderstood me. I said you all want the same thing here, and what u said there is to me the foundation what a good MMO should be built upon. "If I cannot do it myself i will ask others for help". Thats the beauty of a MMO, interaction and teamwork.
    Basing an opinion on what others say is perfectly valid if what u learn from them is detailed enough for u to get a clear picture, unless they are lying. I for example always watch several reviews of games before i buy them. That way i can get and idea of what it is i am paying for and if i will be able to enjoy it.
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  6. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    something happened the raid zones seam to be quite a bitt harder we just ran return to poet and what used to be a cake walk is now harder for sure , the way it's supposed to be .

    We got our behinds handed to us even by some trash mobs , true father in but still , some of us even had to go repair.
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  7. Venser Active Member

    Even if they made it better it is very too late for many
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  8. Adoninilol Well-Known Member

    I find no point in playing regardless if it's more difficult.

    They've already damaged the raiding community to a point of no return until at least KoS launches.

    I also have no interest in playing through content where majority of the raid rewards are on par or worse than heroic drops.

    Caith; read.

    Your entire itemization at the moment has nearly no stat increase for raiders, from what seems to be from basically t5-EoF which you've already itemized. I already made a thread about this issue back on Fallen Gate when you itemized Sentinel's Fate. Now the issue is much worse than it was on that server, because no items really have unique procs, or adornment slots (red adorns) to guarantee some kind of upgrade from raiding. This is a problem. Major Problem. I'm honestly just going to clear KoS and quit raiding until EoF once again if the same issues persist.

    Claymore is also worse than prismatic 2 for everyone but tanks/healers. The penultimate weapon is worthless.

    EoF isn't as bad because of the left side set bonuses, and a few mayong pieces. Other than that, the point to raiding seems fairly questionable. It only takes 1 month to gear out 30 players in full left side gear in EoF with the pattern change as well. Mayong will also presumably be on a 18 hour respawn? Guess I can raid for 3-4 weeks before people either quit because emerald halls faceroll weekly or I can tell people i'll see them in RoK.
  9. Blaupunkt Active Member

    There are number of people in our guild who basically log in to raid now, I am one of them and I personally am only logging in to raid as i feel i dont want to let the guild/raid down or some of the people I have played TLE with since SH.

    Making DoF harder at this stage is a pointless, your only hurting the raiders who are struggling for whatever reason or have just started to raid on this server, if the loot was re adjusted then there might be a reason for the rest of us, 95% of loot is vender trash with the other 5% going to the odd ALT bid.
  10. Madigan New Member

    Umm, bye.
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  11. Somedude Active Member

    And those guilds there were logging in just to not let others down seem to be closing shop left and right.

    But there was substantial discussion before Kaladim launched that 4 months was way too long. And they ignored it and basically doubled down by making content ridiculously easy on top of the long expansions. It's a conscious recipe for server failure.

    15th anniversary of EQ2 coming in a few months, maybe we can get a better TLE then.
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  12. Blaupunkt Active Member

    I think most people agreed 4 months was to long, but still what can you do!, regarding turn outs and guilds stopping, at the moment we are doing OK with turn out still at least 20 people per raid still turning up, we are expecting it to drop off though, maybe in 7 days or so!

    I'm not sure about another TLE after this TBH, SH, FG, Kaladim, a bit of RTT I think i've had my fill, and how many chances do they need to try and get it right?
  13. Somedude Active Member

    If they started a new one in November and it launched at KoS. Providing raid encounter difficulty was tuned to FG or slightly higher, I and I know many others like me would be fully on board.

    And while 4 month expansions are not idea, if it started at launch - KoS and then 3-4 month unlocks after that would be palatable.

    I'd be fine if they took the itemization and tuning from FG sans the P2W potency buffs. That's probably the appropriate tuning needed, which means the work is mostly already done for KoS, EoF, and RoK. SF would need to be tuned down from FG, particularly the UD zone wasn't tuned right even with the potency buffs on FG, but tuned appropriately that is some of the best content this game ever offered.

    Some heal buffing would have to be included to compensate for the channeler class, which I would very much prefer not be in scope. Adding a 50% increase to all reactives, wards, and hots would probably do it. Maybe increase the STA buff on fighters as well.

    I'd be all in if that was the server launching this November for the 15th year celebration. I'd rally my friends, set up a guild, and have a blast.

    I know its probably too much to hope for, but its exactly what I'd like to re-play.
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  14. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    I think if they had run each expansion for 4 months on Fallen Gate it would have worked but here on Kaladim it's a different story . the loot we got from some of the raid zones is good level 60 . It's hard to find level 50 gear in regular SS or PoF .
    I instances and dungeons you can get level 50 gear at least .
    Just for fun and maybe for a good weapon I ran the public quest in Commonlands this is a level 20 quest and it can turn into a raid if enough people show up , but the gear is level 10 and my regular treasured level 10 gear is better .
    Throughout the progression of this server the gear you get was often below the level of the quest
    . even when it is something special like the public quest .
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  15. Kalika Well-Known Member

    The channeler case was really insane i had to log my level 80? so that we could kill stuff in Munzok material bastion, she had been mostly PLed by my crusader on auto follow and had almost no gear, and she still outparsed all the other healers and on top i was not really a well trained channeler (but i did some grouping and a few single group x2 and studied the mechanics a bit).

    For gear i wonder how you get to 50%, how much gives a monk ? my fury is at 28% but she restarted a week ago i gave up on amod and decided that i would go for casting speed.

    For sk/paladin i agree that sk temp are ton better and death march is awesome, and they nerfed the paladin group ward which was nice. It is a bit bad if only guards/zerk or monks are fine. Anyway given the difficulty almost anyone is probably able to tank.

    For dps i m happy with my fury and my conjurer they do well given their respective roles.

    I wonder what will happen if the put back some difficulty..
  16. Kalika Well-Known Member

    You made a really good point at trying to show that some scout are 1 button players ... Your parse is not really that usual, the prisma 2 proc a lot because it' s a large linked encounter, and for auto attack it' s probably inflated with rapidity +/or coercer dps mo + or tenacity.
  17. Venser Active Member

    That's probably because it's called a "raid". So, yes, it's a common looking parse as far as procs go. No one is one button btw.
  18. Tobias Fünke Member

    I play an assassin and I have to work pretty hard for my dps. AA is easily my biggest chunk and I have to be careful not to interrupt any swings. I can't beat a swash on linked encounters of 3+ regularly but it doesn't bother me because the game is 15 years old and I'm too old to give a ****. I might be annoyed if I was a warlock tho. Usually top zone-wide on Al-Afaz/Gates (gates is harder, I have to be smart with my 2 **** AOEs on the trash, lol), def not on PPR. The encounters are easy but I have fun trying to parse and I def have to use all my buttons. :)
  19. Adoninilol Well-Known Member

    Assassin's suck.

    They actually offer nothing to a raid, and rogues parse more. It's pretty sad to be quite honest.
  20. Kalika Well-Known Member

    I ran the court of Al-something raid with 10 others, i only asked one item a neck piece with both casting speed and ability mod. All the rest was total crap for a mage (cloth with dps mod or haste but no amod or casting speed).

    The prisma 2 is not a huge improvement over the prismatic one except for linked encounters (cause it is an encounter proc) the stats are marginally better and the regen mana is only 2 more and is likely to be marginal considering the impact of the Djinn boots or the lavastorm collection charm.

    From about 3 groups that we could gather (and so we could do the t5 content) we went down to 1.

    The incoming WoW classic server is likely to hurt even further the population.

    Outside raids there is ZERO group content since almost everything can be soloed or duoed.

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