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    Soon a year has passed since I realized that this problem wasn't being looked at, so I sent a bug report. Unfortunately nothing has happening to this black cloud to my gaming experience!

    In my heal spec I used for raids, I have choosen not to spend AA to get the melee versions of "Winds of Permafrost". Instead I use the spell version that I've picked Master II for, for the higher debuff. Despite that my spell debuff more than other wardens who spent AA to get the melee versions, they have no problem overwriting my spell with their combat art, and by doing so, I can't use my ability and the mob doesn't get as debuffed as it could have been.

    In this topic Whirl of Permafrost (CA) vs Winds of Permafrost (spell) - annoying >>
    the problem was discussed more than a year ago. A point is being made about the CA scaling with level and therefore is being counted as a higher level ability than the original spell version. While that sounds like a reasonable conclusion, it's not consistent with another warden ability that also can be converted to a CA, Frostbite -> Frostbite Slice. I have never experienced inability to cast the spell version even when the combat speced wardens pretend to be scouts by using the CA. If it is unreasonable that the mob get debuffed from both a spell and a melee version, the highest value should be used and the lower version should only add damage when casted on the same mob.
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    Using your own arguement, the other Wardens (more than one??) in the raid are using a combat art that will debuff more than your Grandmastered Winds even if it did overwrite - since theirs is a higher level.
    It's not broken. Your Grandmastered level 90 ability is level 90. Your CA version of it is level 92. This is why most Wardens spec melee. Although I completely 'get' wanting to be a nuking Warden. I can't agree this is a bug.
    If I'm incorrect cause I can't see the difference between the 2 debuff amounts when not in game, and the difference in the debuff from the Grandmastered Winds version is a make or break component of your raid (...really??), then I'd think your raid leader would instruct the other Wardens (more than one?? really?) to not use their Whirl so you could be the main cold debuffer.
    I can't imagine any raid scenario where this would be true...but everyone plays differently I suppose.
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    The heck with it. HTML> me
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    It is totally frustrateing not being able to atleast nuke. Especially because the CA doesnt share the same check. Although 1 is area of effect and the other is group.
    In my experience with it (awhile ago) When you do have multiple group targets , some might of resisted the debuff. So I could cycle the targets and get the group nuke off.
    I think it is an unintended glitch possibly. Because of the hierarchy the game runs checks with. And an Aoe will bypass it.
    Its possible wich ever debuff hits first is the one that sticks though (so an overwriting endless debuff cant occurr)
    Inwich case , just telling the other warden to let you debuff first , should be and easy work around.

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