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Discussion in 'Tradeskill Discussion' started by ARCHIVED-Properman, Nov 5, 2012.

  1. ARCHIVED-Properman Guest

    Hi all, I cant believe this. I just started playing again after a year or so off and when I tried crafting again it was so easy. The way it used to be it wasnt that hard but at least we had something to work towards (a good combine). Now even if you dont do anything you get a success, as long as you keep pushing the 3 progress buttons your chance of durability dropping is minimal. I find it actually boring now, SOE if your going to go this way why not just make it like wow. hit a button and get your item.
    Please bring back the challange and make crafting a mini game again. It was so much fun before.
  2. ARCHIVED-Zergosch Guest

    swg was some sort of fun, as crafter. on the very begin of eq2, crafting was due to the submaterials some sort of (sm)fun.
    depends on reciep, the mini game can be harsh even these days ^^
    i bet, crafting will never be more challenging... ever again....
  3. ARCHIVED-CoLD MeTaL Guest

    Properman wrote:
    The challenge now is to get the "rares" that drop from monsters for the 'researched recipes'.
  4. ARCHIVED-Meirril Guest

    Properman wrote:
    Nothing significant has changed in the last 2 years for crafting. The mini-game is the same as it has been for years. Your talking about changes made around the time Kunark launched, and in my opinion very good changes. Eliminating the lesser products was a good call because it eliminated a lot of unused items from the database to extend the longivity of the game.
  5. ARCHIVED-Finora Guest

    Properman wrote:
    If you were playing a year ago, crafting is exactly the same difficulty as it was then. To be quite honest, the actual difficulties of the combines hasn't changed much at all in the past 8 years. The consequences of failure have been greatly reduced, but the actual button clicking has not really changed a huge amount (yes lower levels got a little easier though they weren't hard to begin with & abilities were changed) since the game was released. Contrary to the belief of some around, the crafting itself was not actually hard back in the "good ole days".
    Differences these days are all about modifiers we didn't have back in the day. Today any crafter that half tries can get access to a variety of items/abilities that increases their success chance, progress, crit successes, durability gain etc.
    The higher your crafting level is & the more of those modifiers you have, the easier you are going to find your combines to be.
  6. ARCHIVED-General_Info Guest

    finora is spot on crafting isn't typically hard the old 'die at the station' is -almost- completely gone i know of one exeception (quest:what dreams may come when crafting the summoning crystals) there may be more but i havent encountered any others that you can die from crafting.

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