Please bring back the ability to buy xpacks with SC

Discussion in 'Expansions and Adventure Packs' started by ARCHIVED-Viago, Sep 20, 2012.

  1. ARCHIVED-Viago Guest

    This would make a lot of people's lives a lot easier. Bringing back the SC option would allow people to make ther purchase of xpacks without a credit card. Please think about it.

  2. ARCHIVED-Ulrichvon Guest

    Doubt its coming back. Granted I'm not happy about it, as its the only reason I bought SC, and my accounts all have a pile of SC on them just for that purpose.
  3. ARCHIVED-Abrez Guest

    Ya how funny we were told the reson why they discontinued this practice was so they could run special SC bonuses. Yet we have seen non beyond what they were already doing before. Making their statement full of bull. They did this as a money grab plain and simple. Then lied about the reasons why. Either way they were getting paid.
    I myself would like to see it come back since they changed nothing. I would have belived the statement if they were running tripple or quadrouple SC bonuses. But double was always the norm. Tripple was well Ethereal level and quadrouple has never happened yet making it mythical...
    Anyways /rant off
  4. ARCHIVED-LordPazuzu Guest

    Abrez wrote:
    People would stock up during bonus weekends to buy xpacs and year subs at a fraction of the cost. SOE was losing profits on the deal so it was discontinued. Of course we haven't seen any more bonus specials than we saw before. The termination of SC subs and expacs wasn't to allow for MORE specials, it was to allow for any specials PERIOD. Their statement wasn't bull, you're expectations were simply not realistic.
  5. ARCHIVED-V1per Guest

    Viago wrote:
    How many more of these posts are we going to have to see. If you can't afford to go out and get a pre-paid credit card you can load up with cash and use that or use the existing payment options maybe you shouldn't be online.
    Keep it as it is free to play to 90 and you get to see alot of content. If you want the expansion, pay for it using available options, stop asking SOE to put themselves back in a position to offer content for sale at a loss which is what they were doing with the whole SC option for expansions in the first place.
  6. ARCHIVED-Senvilan Guest

    V1per wrote:
    You don't want to see posts like this, yet you necroed one from close to 3 weeks ago. Yeah, that makes sense.
  7. ARCHIVED-HotRod Guest

    Viago wrote:
    This was why I bought SC, specifically to pay subs and paks. Now SOE says I have to buy different virtual money (Krono) it is a cash grab and a scam. SC is supposed to be CASH, STATION CASH making it useless for anything but appearance items and market crap ought to entitle me to a refund of what I paid for my SC.

  8. ARCHIVED-Tyrus Dracofire Guest

    i think you could buy old outdated expansions with SC if SOE allow it.
    that is my opinion.
  9. ARCHIVED-Zergosch Guest

    The day, where you cant buy xpacs (im recuring gold, so playtime didnt bother, even they was that cheap), was the day i stop buying sc ;-)
    Well my wife still spending some sc, for the fluff stuff ^^
  10. ARCHIVED-Gravy Guest

    Because of Station Cash promotions the value of SC is so low and inconsistent that it makes buying a expac impossible.
    Let's say that a expac costs $40.00. Normally that would be 4000 SC right?
    But if you bought your SC during a 3x promotion then you can get 4000 SC for $13.34.
    So instead of getting $40 for the expac, SoE onlly gets $13.34.
    And that is why buying expansions and memberships with SC was removed.
    I personally bought over a year's worth of membership for less than $3 per month before it was removed. I used Walmart's 1500+5 cards and redeemed them during a 3x promotion then bought the yearly sub on the Marketplace.
    Its not difficult to go to Walmart and get a prepaid credit card and load it with just enough to get the expansion.
  11. ARCHIVED-General_Info Guest

    Gravy wrote:
    This anyone that complains about security should already be aware that they can take some extra effort and get a pre-paid CC on one hand for them it's fine for SOE to take the effort on our behalf for security but it's another 'epic' effort for someone to drive down to a retailer and spend a whole five mins to get a prepaid CC card.
    Personally i dont see why some people keep a grudge over it they fixed an exploit of the system that let people get unintended minor to large discounts on expansions and subs.

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