Please Add LVL 65 Possess Essence Spell to the Celestial Coercer Scroll Crate

Discussion in 'Mages' started by Gregore, Dec 7, 2018.

  1. Gregore Active Member

    I'm assuming the other pet classes have the option to upgrade their pet spells to celestial level via their Celestial class Scroll Crate they can earn by completing all the weeklies. Currently, the Coercer class can't upgrade our pets to celestial level, which puts us at a huge disadvantage compared to the other pet classes. This spell caps out at level 65, and isn't currently in the crate. Please add this to our class crate to allow us to fully upgrade our pets.
    It would also be nice to see our hate transfer, Mindbend, and our two mezz's get put into our class crate. Thanks for the love we have gotten so far this XPAC, but there's always room for improvement!
  2. semisus Well-Known Member

    Well seeing as other pet classes like necros and conjurors are using EPIC pets from 2.0 quest which we cant upgrade i dont think so
    It would be super though if 2.0 spells where a choice of the ones we could get celestial then i would agree
  3. lumi New Member

    lol thanks for the love we have gotten this expac ?????, you and me must be living in differant universes , please elaborate and tell us what was good that we was given this expac , chanters are a joke.

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