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  1. Dexella Content & Social Media Manager

    If you’re on the Antonia Bayle server, you may have heard of the guild “Homes and Tomes.” You may have even participated in their Creative Minds Decorating Contest:





    Or swung by and showed appreciation to the guides at their Guide Appreciation Day party:



    Right now, they’re running two additional contents!

    The Norrathian Super Hero Dungeon Decorating Contest is already in process. The dungeons competing in the competition will be published on January 25, and Homes and Tomes will begin judging the next day. To hear about the rules and the prizes, visit this post.

    The Habitat For Norrathians contest is open now for players on Antonia Bayle! Kitzy explains:

    Life in Norrath is filled with adventure and prosperity. Unfortunately, not all Norrathians have a decent place to call home. In an effort to support the Antonia Bayle Community, Kitzy Cogknocker, Keeper of the Platinum Sprocket has petitioned the Citizenship Ambassadors of each major city to allow the members of Homes and Tomes to construct a home for one lucky family. In order to complete the mounds of paperwork, the Ambassadors are demanding a family must be chosen. If you have experienced hard times in your adventures, and find yourself at a loss for a place to call home, now’s your chance to tell your story. Who knows, your luck could change for the better!”

    Visit this post on the forums for the official rules and judging details. The Grand Prize is a fully decorated four-bedroom home in one (1) of the entrant’s faction cities, one (1) commemorative player-written book with a copy of the entrant’s submission, and twelve (12) weeks of rent paid for and decorated and designed by members of Homes and Tomes.

    Planning a player event? Want to get the word out? You can post the information in the Guide and Player Events section of the forums, or send a message to Community Manager Dexella.
  2. Dexella Content & Social Media Manager

    Important Update: There have been some modifications made to the Habitat for Norrathians challenge. Please read the updated rules here.

    Please ensure that if you have already submitted your story, you private message the entry to Jazabelle or you will not be counted as entering the contest.
  3. Gigv Member

    Hello All
    I am interested in entering this contest but I am unclear on what type of write up to do. Can some one please explain this further? Thanks!
  4. Jazabelle Well-Known Member


    We're looking for a story about some current misfortune that has befallen your character. Think of it as sending in the best "sob story" ;)

    It should be 500 words or less, including the title, and it should be private messaged to me on these forums. Please be sure to read all of the official rules here. The section that explains the entry is Section 2, Entry Details.

    Good luck!
  5. Gigv Member

    Jazabelle you should have my entry, if not please let me know.

  6. Jazabelle Well-Known Member


    I did receive your submission. My apologies, as I have spent the last few days overcoming a rather nasty cold, and haven't had the energy to log in to game, much less the forums. You should have a confirmation message in your inbox.

    Best of luck,

    Jazabelle Wra'Eth
    Homes and Tomes
  7. Dexella Content & Social Media Manager

    Update - The contest is complete, and the winners have been chosen! Jazabelle posted the following in this thread:

    For every miracle upon Norrath, there are numerous instances of untold devastation. Moments when lives take a dramatic turn for the worst are often unheard, drowned out by the jubilation of those experiencing joy.

    No longer!

    <Homes and Tomes> Construction and Interior Design has worked with the City of Neriak to grant a home to a single individual. Additionally, <Homes and Tomes> Construction and Interior Design is providing furnishings to four more. We are happy to turn your moment of sorrow into a moment of joy.

    Congratulations to Elizara K'Vekn on your new home in Neriak. Construction will commence immediately.

    Additional congratulations to Kallima, Kamdora Shadowshifter, Misstiny Wolfspirit, and Elestryal! Your furniture and commemorative books will be delivered by the Norrathian Post this afternoon.

    All copies of the stories are filed in the Norrathian Research Library in the center pillar on the second floor, located in Library's Vale of Halfpint Delight in Freeport.

    Jazabelle Wra'Eth
    <Homes and Tomes> Construction and Interior Design

    ((Apologies for the belated posting! Jazabelle was struck down by The Sick the past few weeks, and has only recently marshaled her brain back into gear. Congratulations to all!))

    Congratulations to all the winners! ~Dexella
  8. Gigv Member

    Congrats Elizara K'Vekn !!!!!

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