- Playback - New Low LvL Progression Raiding Guild on Maj'dul

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  1. joinPlayback New Member

    Playback the nostalgia, playback the memories, playback the experiences.

    New content is always welcome; however, it mitigates the older stuff. Sure you could mentor your high level and destroy any of the old end game bosses in one hit, but why not experience that content in the way it was designed to be experienced?

    Playback the content of yesteryear and relive the glory of watching the biggest baddest beasts of the EQ2's past fall before your blade, spell or staff with renewed sense of victory and achievement over their bloody burnt remains.

    Playback is offering experiences to enjoy this experience in a casual manner, with rules around making the content a challenge or hardcore rules designed to simulate and relive the actual difficulty (or as close an approximation as could be reasonably achieved)

    Find out more information and chat with members in our public channel or request to join on our discord server https://discord.gg/EHWu8xg or pop into Maj'Dul and chat with guild members (/who all playback).
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  2. joinPlayback New Member

  3. joinPlayback New Member

    LF healers/non-chanter mage dps
  4. Blacknblu New Member

    when are your normal play times? And lvl cap
  5. joinPlayback New Member

    Finished Spirits of the Lost & Prismatic Timeline (About 50% of the way through)

    Current Level Cap is still 50, upcoming Shattered Lands Achievement Raids, Splitpaw Saga, Bloodline Chronicles

    All classes are welcome;

    Specifically have a need for Druids, Shamans, All scouts, Coercer

    Raids are on Saturday 8pm EST with possibility of expanding to other days should attendance be able to support.
  6. Grabandrun New Member

  7. joinPlayback New Member

    Level 50 Playback complete;

    Currently recruiting for level 60 raid content.

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