Planes of Prophecy Raid Beta Testing

Discussion in 'Raid Discussion' started by Gninja, Oct 11, 2017.

  1. Gninja Developer

    If you have a full raid force and would like to test a specific day let me know and I can check if schedule allows.
  2. endlesslove New Member

    I would love to thank you very much Gninja for taking a few of the guys and testing some heroic zones. They very much enjoyed it and had a blast. Maybe Mithril will get some more healers and try to raid in a couple of weeks. Happy hunting to you Gninja. and again thank you. would love to try again on 11/10 or 11/17. Thanks again for all that u do. Its amazing.
  3. Iscariat New Member

    In Beta I am in Mithril.

    When/if Mithril gets the opportunity I will be there.

    On another note; currently completing my degree in Software Development so any opportunity to provide Q/A would be mutually beneficial.
    Tons of experience which date back to eq1 beta days. As well as a host of other titles in every genre including productivity.

    I'm always either on or at PC working on SDLC and exploring VR/AR coding concepts. The board is on alert :)
  4. SteveB Active Member

    if there would be some raids were you can sign up solo it would be great, since sadly not to many guildies playing the beta yet and it is furthermore impossible to get a raidforce together. Could bring an inqui ;-)
  5. Gninja Developer

    I will see if I can setup a pick up raid toward end of beta but time is short.
  6. SteveB Active Member

    That would be really nice :)
  7. Ellimist Active Member

    Oh I would like in on the pickup raid as well if one gets going. Would be nice to see the raids.
  8. SteveB Active Member

    Do you have any time already in Mind since there is neither a possibility to really test a RAID since it is hard to get people for it if there is ntohing to gain nor there is any option to get the RAID reward by yourself?!
  9. Gninja Developer

    Honestly, when looking for testers I am looking for folks who want to help fix bugs not someone who just wants an achievement. Having said that once all the bosses get tested I will try to do a pickup style raid or two likely next weekend sometime and I will give out beta reward but that still does not mean everyone will get the opportunity to join. Time is limited unfortunately.
  10. Taiyla Active Member

    In Beta we had to get flagged in order to run the first raid zone. Will you need to be flagged by running heroic zones before you can access the raid zones?
  11. Gninja Developer

    You will need at least 75% of your raid force to have completed the signature line to open the first raid.
  12. Taiyla Active Member

    Thanks Gninja :) That's what I needed to know.
  13. Redlight Active Member

    This is an honest question but why with time being at a premium for testing was there a prerequisite to actually enter raid zones to help find bugs? I am not 100% sure that did Beta any favours.
  14. Gninja Developer

    It was set on there to test the 75% requirement as that is new code that did not exist before this expansion. It used to be either only 1 person had access to enter or all had access to enter. Those were our only two options.

    As far as testing goes, every single raid boss got testing (save for 2 which will be tested over the next few days) so, it didn't really need to be open at all.
  15. Redlight Active Member

    Thank you for your reply now it makes sense, anyway I have these ideas to help improve Swashbucklers.............;)

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