Planes of Prophecy Profession Abilities: Fighter

Discussion in 'Class Discussion' started by Caith, Oct 16, 2017.

  1. Earar Well-Known Member

    now who tried and FeedBack ?

    I hope also for all procs, AAs threat and desaggros will work with that
  2. Ingerimm Active Member

    The paladin prestige ability "Holy Knights Conviction" will not be spelled out on the single target profession divine damage spell "Divine Vengeance", this is a bug and should be corrected.
  3. XustinuS New Member

    I didn't had time to parse and post here but my taunts seems to scaled nicely with potency. Kudos for that :)
  4. Ogdinmar Active Member

    I agree the scale is very nice with the new pot effects. However, IMO, I am feeling that tanks are still having to rely heavily on dps to maintain agro even with the rise in taunt numbers. This is just how I felt during some heroic runs ive been doing pre and post change. If there is no hate management class in the group its still super rough on some classes. I am by no means saying it should be easy but when your using your tank tools (max hate mod, 1.2+ mil ability mod, threat xfers and group/single target hate reductions) you should be able to do your job, obviously still doing damage, but tanks shouldn't have to do 1 bill+ dps to do their jobs. Its nice to be able to do so but it shouldn't be required and there are a lot of casual tanks who cant do that. Heck there are a lot of non casual tanks who cant. <Just my Observation so far> Granted this is still beta and we are using a mesh of gear atm.

    I think that how hate is registered needs to be looked at. taunts should be more than a 1:1 ratio (1 point of taunt is = 1 point of threat). iirc damage is 1:0.5 ratio (1 point of damage is = 0.5 point of threat). Which was great when they did the threat adjustment back in ToV but when it can be dolled out in the billions that beats the hundreds of millions taunts are being dolled out in. Even with the changes im not seeing billions of points of taunt landing in one blow. Which is where having to do 1bill+ dps is required unless you are a paladin. Just a thought, assuming I remember correctly on the ratios of how threat is dealt. maybe taunts should be considered 1:1.5 or 1:2 or what ever the magic ratio would be.
  5. Ingerimm Active Member

    The paladin epic 1.0 buff "Marrs Favor" includes a damage proc component "Marrs Fury" this damage proc component is bugged, it hits only none critical and only with the base values. Insteed on my char stats to hit with 635655 to 776912 multiplied with 45,xx for my crit bonus value, it hits only for 1847 to 4753 damage points.
  6. Ingerimm Active Member

    The Paladin:
    • focus effect "Divine Favor" should great increasing the healing of "Divine Favor", it does nothing
    • focus effect "Prayer of Healing" should increasing the base heal value of "Prayer of Healing" by 10%, it does nothing
    • AA enhancement "Enhance: Faith Strike" should increase the base healing amount for "Faith Strike" by 25%, it does nothing
    • AA enhancement "Devout Faith" should increase the ward amount for "Demonstration of Faith" by 20%, it does nothing
    • AA enhancement "Devout Prayers" should increase the base healing for "Holy Aid" by 10%, it does nothing
    • AA enhancement "Holy Prayers" should increase the base heal amount for "Lay on Hands" by 9,25%, it does nothing
    • AA enhancement "Allied Prayers" should increase the base heal amount for "Prayer of Healing" by 10%, it does nothing
    AA enhancement values on max AA point in the enhancement selection.
  7. Bigstomp New Member

    To follow up on Ingerimms message, this has been an issue since they "fixed" fighter heal %s back in (may?). Every time I pushed for it I was told, it would be remedied with the class rebalances in the coming x-pack OR that it was intentional since tank heals were never meant to heal for such a large percentage of health (Despite literally being percentage based).

    I think tank heals (Since they were % based) were one of the few things that scaled well, it seems like this was just an oversight when the levels and tiers (Adept/Expert/Master), were adjusted to prevent people from using low-level versions at max level.

    Me personally, I just want to feel like when i`m building an AA tree for a tank that "invokes protective and healing magic", that there's actually something I can spend my AA points to bolster the healing part. TBH, the only reason paladins have amends to my understanding is because they were designed to do LESS damage in favor of heals. Amends was just a tool to help them keep up.

    Just my Two cents. :) I see no reason to play a Paladin over a Zerker, if it cant heal, I am simply class changing if it is not remedied by next x-pack.
  8. Ingerimm Active Member

    The crusader AA Ability "Aura of Leadership" is a small regenerative ward for the group.

    Unfortunately, this only works correctly in some overland zones, because only in some overland zones does the regeneration critically trigger, so that you even get a meaningful ward worth.

    Not critical, in all instances, we talk about a ward which has a size of about 500,000 wardpoints and needs about 30 seconds to reach its maximum value or to regenerate it, in smal 6 second ticks.

    Nowadays, as well as every hit by the mob spends several tens of millions to about 4,000,000,000 damage points, this value seems utterly ridiculous.

    The same applies to the regenerative component of "Blessing of the Paladin," which has a legendary, absolutely ridiculous value in the noncritical range of 535 ward points.


    As mentioned by Bigstomp, one does not want the tank heals to reach great values.

    But then you have to give the crusaders a proper compensation, if you take away the strength of the heals, which are part of the defensive tools of the paladin and the shadowknight.

    As it is at the moment, it is comparable to halving the number of stone skins of the guardians and berserkers or the immunities of the brawlers.

    Another view would be to limit the absorption of stone skins to a loss amount of xxx millions of taken damage levels instead of leaving them at an unlimited amount of damage for absorption.

    Cap the heals from the crusaders without any compensation, just is not fair compared to the other classes of tank, which ones do not need their heal as part of their devensive, since they can absorb or avert all harm.

    Most crusaders defensive tools are based on damage reduction and the subsequent healing of taken damage.
  9. Earar Well-Known Member

    I agree, the focus on heals was stated to be broken and should have been corrected in class balance/new xpac

    and still isn't.

    but for paladins, with all the priests' overheal, does the paladin self heals still mean anything ? prayer of healing (12% max health heal .. is useless) ... maybe should get an effect that in combat only, overheals with paladin heals create a small ward
  10. Ingerimm Active Member

    When I put my single ward on live server to beta with nearly the same stats it was downgraded further.

    On the live, my single ward (Demonstration of Faith VIII) has been normal critically in the moment a value of about 161.000.000 ward points.

    The same was on same gear, on same quality of spell, same spell level, has in the beta only still a ward value of about 131,000,000 ward points.

    So this is another renewal weakening of 19% of the strength of this ward. And thus a renewed weakening of the defensive of the paladins.
  11. Earar Well-Known Member

    if u want to know about a crappy ward, try the bruiser one added to their mitigation temp. rock skin. With 48k pot and 4k3 CB, it wards for 7 million.
    and the new version of rockskin lvl 108 wards for 7,6 million. it has become meaningless.
  12. Earar Well-Known Member

    and the ward is also lower than in live. it's 7million900 in live and I have less good stats
  13. Ingerimm Active Member

    Bruisers can make their character immune to any effects almost around the clock, which is the major difference to the crusaders.

    Take the paladin for damage blocks and reductions:

    must be skilled:
    • 4 seconds reflected = 4 seconds damage immune (1x every 75 seconds)
    • 4.4 seconds all Damage block = 4.4 seconds or 15 hits long damage immune for 50% of max mana as cost, less than 50% mana not applicable. (Once every 90 seconds)
    • 8 seconds physical damage block with 4 seconds additional skillable (once every 45 seconds)
    • 20 seconds 40% damage reduction on magic damage (1x every 120 seconds)
    • 11 seconds 34.5% damage reduction on magic damage (1x every 90 seconds)
    • 13.2 seconds 40.25% damage reduction against all damage (1x every 45 seconds)
    • 1 stone skin, for damage greater than 15% of Max HP (1x every 150 seconds)
    • 25.6 seconds 1 outgoing damage heal 10% outgoing group damage is converted to incomming heal (once every 60 seconds) => if the mob damage is immune or the group is stunned, there is no heal
    • 17 seconds damage immune for damage less than 50% of Max HP, hardly relevant on raid since most damage is higher than 50% of Crusader Max HP (1x every 150 seconds)
    does not have to be skilled:
    • permanently by the epic 1.0 11.5% physical damage reduction
    • permanently 10% backheal incomming damage through the epic 1.0
    Defensive class basic skills:
    • Defensive paladin character basic skills => 4 Heals + 1 Ward, nothing else
    In sum, do that, ...

    without damage limit:
    • 8.4 seconds + 1 Stonehide all damage immune => unless there is negative damage reduction by the encounter then it is only 4.4 seconds + 1 stone Skin
    • 12 seconds physical damage immune
    with damage limit limited by the HP:
    • 17 seconds all damage immune for damage less than 50% max HP
    • 31 seconds 34.5% to 40% damage reduction against magic damage
    • 13.2 seconds 40.25% damage reduction dealt all damage
    • permanent 11.5% physical damage reduction
    to refresh the HP:
    • permanently 10% backheal incomming damage
    • 25.6 seconds Heal due to outgoing damage to the Group
    • + 4 direct heals +1 ward
    Crusaders can only be immune to damage for a very short time and therefore need much more healing. And they are also very vulnerable to damage exceeding their max HP.

    Guardians / berserks with their stone skins are not interested in the incomming damage amount and usually the type of damage.

    Bruisers / monks must pay attention to the type of damage, but due to the immnunities, the incomming amount of damage is usually not of interest here either.
  14. Ingerimm Active Member

    This 2 points are back in funktion now, since a few mins.

  15. Earar Well-Known Member

    oh ? what do they do (still doing same thing ?) ??? need to check bruiser one then
  16. Ingerimm Active Member

    At least as similar as before.

    Prayer of Healing has its 10% base heal improvement back from classes focus effect.

    The improvement of Divine Favor has been toned down a lot. In the past, the deathprevent healed to 105% max HP, so it worked also well if you had healing reduction effects on you. Now, the revised focus effect brings an improvement from 46,8-57,2% to 58.5-71.5%. But this is much more better than nothing :)
  17. Bigstomp New Member

    That has me pretty Excited Ingerimm, I am going to have to keep an Eye on it, I would very much like to stick to my Pally, if those heals are fixed up.
  18. Ingerimm Active Member

    The enumerated AA improvements that did not work anymore are now back in function,

    but most changed in function.

    Enhance: Faith Strike => increasee base heal amount from faith strike by 25%
    Devout Faith => increases the ward amount from demonstration of faith by 20%
    Devout Prayers => degreases the base reuse time from holy aid by 5 seconds
    Holy Prayers => degreases the base reuse time from lay on hands by 25 seconds
    Allied Prayers => Adds a secondary effect to prayer of healing that wards group members (AE) for 5% of max health

    In my eyes an acceptable repair.

    DEV Team
  19. Ingerimm Active Member

    With the base reuse changes, of course, at 100% normal reuse speed, unfortunately only 50% of the improvement left.

    At 100% reuse speed:
    So, holy aid reuses 27.5 seconds instead of 30 seconds (5 AA points for 2,5 sec)
    and lay on hand reuses 137.5 seconds instead of 150 seconds. (5 AA points for 12,5 sec)

    Could so be twice as likely to be noticeable.
    Perhaps this was overlooked in the change in the base reuse improvement.
  20. Earar Well-Known Member

    what are you talking about ?

    on live and last time I check on beta, if you are maxed in reuse speed, then the AAs that reduce reuse by % or flat amount do nothing. Did they change something ?

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