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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Roxxlyy, Oct 10, 2017.

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  1. Zenji Well-Known Member

    Only if it was just 10% XP, I wouldn't have complained at all.


    and when you also have to consider the Ethereal Familiar, and Fabled Mount from the $140 edition, not to mention the only way to GM all your spells within the 3 month window of each expansion is to spend $$ to upgrade them. Don't forget about the only way to get weapon delay changes is through buying them on the Marketplace. Repair kits? Marketplace only. Shall I go on?

    When the only way to get things that buff your COMBAT stats is through real money, it is Pay 2 Win.
  2. Zenji Well-Known Member

    I don't need to modify anything. If you actually read a few comments before you can clearly see I was talking about how this stuff is impacting the TLE server, not Ascension leveling.
  3. Snikkety Well-Known Member

    The main issue is familiars and stat mounts being on TLE in the first place... I guess we can agree to disagree that 2 potency, 20 ability mod and some base stats are pay to win. What about the artifacts. You know, the single item that you only had a chance at getting if you bought more xp potions than everybody else? But wait, the item isn't gamebreaking. It doesn't matter. Those stats are insignificant and will continue to be as you level. My character at level 30 gets more stats than the illusion gives from 1 item. So what you have to pay for it? Without paying a sub, I can't play on FG. Does that make subscriptions pay to win. Without buying the xpac, I can't play the new content. Is the xpac pay to win? How about a mount that is marketplace exclusive and is inferior to all mounts in the game. Is that pay to win? I'm not disagreeing that it shouldn't be on TLE. I'm just saying that your definition of pay to win is seriously flawed.
    And he wasn't talking to you specifically, he was applying your definition of pay to win to live servers. And it doesn't hold there either.
  4. Snikkety Well-Known Member

    Doing 13 more dps than the guy next to you isn't winning. Being the first to do something in literally any scenario that isn't a race isn't winning. Football is pay to win because you have to buy gear for it. Irrelevant examples.
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  5. Zenji Well-Known Member

    You really just showed how big of a moron you really are. Those stats are far from insignificant, most pieces of level 60 raid gear have less than 1% potency on them.. The 23.5 main stat, depending on where you are above 1200 can be up to a 2% damage increase. The Ability mod is about half of what a level 60 item has.
  6. Uxtalzon Active Member

    I like watching car commercials because they're perfect examples of what not to do and convinces me to never buy them. A car speeding and changing lanes down a completely empty city street while pedestrians stop to look in awe as it passes, then does donuts in a dried lake bed kicking up dust while they spout features like a backup camera and touchscreen display.

    Hate to say it, but thanks for the livestream. I liked it, because it completely made my mind up finally.

    Better luck next expansion.
  7. Conifur Well-Known Member

    What? How is buying football gear = play to win?That's like saying working is P2W because you have to buy clothes - well for most jobs. Buy a nice suit, move right up to CEO.
  8. Ndiar Member

    Football and any sport is P2W. He who has the most money gets to buy the best players, best coaches, best trainers etc. Best players/coaches/trainers = better winning %.
  9. Snikkety Well-Known Member

    Because you can't obtain football through the course of a football game. Draknox was saying anything that you cant get by playing the game is pay to win. Therefore, buying football gear is pay to win.
  10. Kol Eshi New Member

    Sincerest condolences for the horror of what follows and deepest apologies be made first; yet someone must provide the grist for the ilk that survive on such fodder - and my long gone (8 years) but newb return query is just such provision :)
    The rides, baubles and gadgets in the collector addition of the expansion indicate via the ( * ) that much of the..."fun/good/blah &oh-well items are Time lock server usable ... does this mean that if one is to fully get everything for the $139 as listed they must do so on a time locked server or pay the full price and get much less or partial returns because they are on another non Time Locked Server .
  11. Bekkr Active Member

    Sorry but you lost me about halfway through that word salad. Care to simplify your question a bit?
  12. Sucha Active Member

    The * means that the items are able to be claimed on the TLE servers not that they can ONLY be claimed on those servers. Not all items can be claimed on TLE servers thus they used the * to let people know what ones are able to be claimed there. Hope that answers your question.
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