Planes of Prophecy Expansion Stream - Tues, Oct 17 at 10AM PT

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Roxxlyy, Oct 10, 2017.

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  1. dirgenoobforreal Well-Known Member

    You want to sell a product, but not tell the customers what the product is... What kinda buisness school did the folks over at DBG attend? You can't find out what content is in the expansion without buying it first.

    Have anyone over at DBG seen an MMO expansion reveal the last 10 years? You did everything wrong in your latest stream. Spending 99% of the time talking about extra items you get for preordering an unknown product is not how you get hype going.

    Its pretty amazing marketing and I will applaud if you its a success. I will look forward to getting an infraction for this post too.
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  2. Im_Just_A_Lowly_Alt Active Member

    Exactly! I could have saved myself 45 minutes and just clicked on the website to see what was included with the various editions.
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  3. Raff Well-Known Member

    I notice that them that can't pay seem to gripe the most. As if it is somehow "bad" to be successful enough in life & work to afford a few extras in a video game. I'd venture that a goodly part of this games longtime regulars are working and or retired folks well heeled enough to pay for minor indulgences in the form of game play boosts. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this.

    I'm not apologizing for my pay to win purchases. And if I out parse you cause I have far more spare cash than actual game time? Well, that is just too bad. Actually, I don't spend real money on ascension leveling, because its not really necessary for grouping. But I do buy kronos, mounts, fluff stuff and leveling boosts on regular basis. I don't feel like I'm being milked by anyone since the decision to buy anything is on me only.
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  4. Arclite Active Member

    I thought KA live stream was laughable but PoP took it to a new level (Ascended?! lol).

    The lead designer's dark specs kinda summed up the level of respect they have towards their remaining customers.

    The shameless parade of the extras in CE of the expansion - A lecture room case study example on "How not to launch a product.....ever!".

    Wafer thin Q&A, considering the "9 pages of questions" was even made a mention of. The questions that were selected......

    To be frank, DBG could have saved time and money by just launching that trailer on facebook. Pretty much sums up the entire stream and the expansion really.

    Lastly, just after pre-orders went up, the dev's statement on forums of :

    "Everything is subject to change" was just brilliant.
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  5. Freeheroic! Member

    Oh cool, please provide the numbers you're basing this on. What's the net worth of the average antiP2W person? How about the net worth of the average proP2W person?

    If you spent $100 on in-game items, literally the only thing I know about your finances is that you have $100 less than if you hadn't spent it. If you didn't spend any money on in-game items, literally the only thing I know about your finances is that you have $100 more than if you had bought those items.
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  6. Imilla Member

    If you play a video game you can buy a fancy computer.

    If you are playing chess you can buy yourself a fancy chess set that those poor guys can't afford. But should you be able to buy in-game abilities, like upgrade your pawns to move 2 squares at a time, or jump over your own pieces, or a time reduction so your clock ticks slower than your opponents clock?
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  7. terri New Member

    It has been 3 days and I still have not gotten my toon copied to beta. When will they be copied.
  8. Zenji Well-Known Member

    No one is asking you to apologize for spending money on a game you enjoy. I can and do pay for the "advantages" given to me though the Market place, however I do not agree with the fact that several ways of bettering your character's combat stats are only available by spending $.

    For example, speeding up spell research is fine, IF you can also get the same quality spells to drop in game. This is not the case on the TLE server. The Clockwork Illusion, those stats are only available through purchase, so anyone wanting to perform at their maximum capacity on Fallen Gate, must spend at least $35 on an expansion they may never play.

    If the Familiar and the Mount from the $140 edition turns out to be BiS, you are now saying to maximize performance on a SUB only server, I must spend $140 on an expansion I will never play.

    Not to mention I am already spending more money on GM spells, because those don't drop and are not craftable on Fallen Gate.

    Weapon Delay, has to be purchased on Fallen Gate, but is a free service in game on Live Servers.

    I am ok with spending money for XP pots to speed up leveling, I get that not everyone has as much free time. But being required to spend hundreds of dollars to maximize a character, when we are already paying a monthly sub fee is absurd.

    This game was not pay 2 win for nearly a decade. So the drastic shift over the last few years is hard to stomach. For those who LIKE spending an ever increasing amount of money, fine let DBG do that to your live servers. But leave this pay to win crap off of the TLE servers.
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  9. dirgenoobforreal Well-Known Member

    Reminds me of this comic from 2005.

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  10. Finora Well-Known Member

    I hardly play on the TLE server so I don't know how badly it's affecting things there, but I've said from they started dropping they shouldn't even have familiars on TLE. The illusion shouldn't be giving stats on TLE either until you guys are up in expansions quite a bit more than you are currently (imo). It's ridiculous.

    Of course I'm against the P2W on regular servers as well. An awful lot of us also pay subs there and I do resent being made to feel like I ought to be paying more for game play advantages.
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  11. Raenius Well-Known Member

    I have no idea what makes them think that a 40 minute stream explaining the stuff you get for standard/collectors/premium edition in detail, will provide any satisfaction / hype towards PoP expansion.

    All those questions that have been asked in that other thread haven`t been addressed, not remotely.
    So why ask for questions in the first place, when all what you are planning to do is a long commercial for a price-staged product?

    In summarition: there will be more grindage, more PGs, more pay-2-win in terms of RNG-familiars and ascension-spells.
    Maybe even another TLE-server with an unique ruleset in order to split up this small community even further.

    All this made Kunark Ascending a gold plated turd, shinie at the very first glance but you soon realised what you got as soon as you dug deeper / kept on going.

    KA`s livestream was around 80% as abyssmal as this one - so I really don`t want to experience what you try to shove upon us this time.

    All I can say is: keep your crap.
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  12. Ingerimm Active Member

    Stay calm and relax.

    The DEV team has been doing a good job for many years. Surely there are things that can be criticized and should be.

    It is a small team which does a good job for us in most cases. Of course, quite a lot of errors happen, but after a runtime of 13 years or more, with the whole adjustments of the database, the game engine and the running patforms and operating systems, this is also a little understandable.

    This is a company that has to make money opportunities to maximize their profit should also be clear, none of you would be able to offer without paying such a project or do so.

    Just because alternative possibilities are offered to buy some things for DBC or to upgrade, it does not mean that anyone has to do this to successfully play the game. This is not a P2W but an alternative offer and a support for the additional financing of the company and for us the game itself.

    If people feel compelled to take advantage of this offer just because they can not do anything with it as the first to achieve it, this is the problem of the people who want it and not the problem of the developer. If you do not want to use it does not use it and can still achieve everything, many a bit later than others. Who cares ...

    For years, progression lists have been most only a measure of boastfulness and not a measure of real achievements.

    Often a measure of who is the best to use gaps, see effects such as "Rising Tide" in combination with item change before the fight starts etc. which has never been thought of as it is used by many, but everyone can count with a little mind on 5 fingers.

    The purpose of such a game is to have fun and to play the game really and not to be the first who has achieved everything at all costs.

    Being the first can also be fun, but really real fun, only when you have reached it on fair and honest way, without taking advantage of game gaps such as to script overburn tactics.
    This is a problem only created by the players themselves.Just like the problem of platinum inflation, which has only arisen through the greed of the players and the exploitation of game gaps.

    We just have a little confidence that our DEV team, as always, will find a way to please us with fun, challenging and new content.

    Whoever thinks this game is no longer appropriate to his interests and opinions, should instead mutter and moan, draw his conclusions from it and look for another game with which he is happier because it gives him more fun and joy.

    Dear DEV team, do not let yourselves be disturbed in your work, do your thing as you have always done. Not everyone here has lost confidence in you and your work, and not everyone complains and complains, even if there are always many disagreeable voices, who mutually stimulate their goals with a certain pressure on you.

    There will always be people who have a different opinion on the topics.

    All that matters is what the developers claim, it should never be so that the players have a massive influence on how everything is designed, because in many cases this is exactly what destroys the fun and challenge of a game.

    Players do not look at things as neutral as ever, always from their point of view, so that they personally benefit from it and if possible, deprive others of their own in order to stand by the end better than others.

    Things that you can really criticize are such as, server stability => for example, lastly problems with the loginserver or the problems with the stability of the game client.These are neutral problems that affect all players and which can seriously interfere with the gameplay.

    In this sense,
    best regards
  13. Zenji Well-Known Member

    An alternative offer? I guess you think that "alternative facts" are a real thing too.

    Pay to win is when a game company sells stuff that gives an in game advantage, and cannot be obtained through only playing the game.
  14. Ursa Minor Well-Known Member

    If that's the definition, why is everyone tagging the ascension spell upgrades as pay to win? Everyone can research them, just takes time. Might also get lucky on drops.

    I think you need to modify your P2W definition, and state that what you want can be obtained in game, but no fast enough to suit you.
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  15. Earar Well-Known Member

    because who really got 10 pages of spells in master ? who managed to find adept receipes quite easilly ?

    research is the only real way to up those ascensions. unless u have time to spend or money.

    journeymen and experts don't drop much either

    we can play with words and say technically u can get those stuff without paying ... but if we're honest ... not possible in a year time. especially when those pages only appeared in expert and expert raid (so no chance at all to get adept and master pages before the experts came out --> not at the begining of xpac)
  16. Vanyel Member

    I do/did. I had about 30 stacks of 10 illegible scrolls. I did have to research some, and I did pay once to boost a asc spell 1 level

    .. and if the game was NOT paw to win, we probably wouldn't have a game at all. Their staff, budget, etc is way to tight to give it up.
  17. Earar Well-Known Member

    masters ? 30 stacks of 10 master pages ?

    I need to see a screenshot .. sorry just hard to believe :)
  18. Snikkety Well-Known Member

    The $35 I spent on the xpac outweighs the $100+ you've probably spent on potions? 10% xp is not pay to win, you just have a skewed definition of pay to win. Pay to get easier, pay to do things faster. Pay to win? No.
  19. Imilla Member

    I think there we have the definition of skewed.

    Games have rules. If you pay to have the rules modified for you so the game becomes easier or faster, you win. Why else would you pay than to make it easier or faster?
    For some reason this has become acceptable in video games. Nobody would play with you if you did that in football or chess or tennis.
  20. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    But there is no win in MMORPG's.

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