Planes of Prophecy Ascension Abilities: Etherealist

Discussion in 'Class Discussion' started by Caith, Oct 17, 2017.

  1. Uncle Active Member

    Etherealist 14: focused blast

    The damage from adept to expert scaling seems a tad on the high side.
    adept 5528660 compared to the expert 70616202

    this may be on par but after looking at the level 11 feedback loop the curve seemed a lil out of whack.

    Etheralist 13: recapture

    still applying to pets
  2. Darchon6 Member

    Recapture should be changed to be usable on the caster (remember how overjoyed dirges were to be allowed to cast battle cry on themselves? The underlying reason to change it is no different. I went through the process of upgrading the spell, so I should be able to cast it on myself.). If it's made to be usable on the caster, there's no reason to cast it on the pet - problem solved.
  3. Wreakinn Member

    It's bad enough that one spell messes up your fervor, but at least I can see the obvious utility there.

    Recapture not applying to you or your pet is foolish. 5 new spells, 2 of which are only useful in group settings? Why? Hey, less money for DB, I guess. I'm not spending a dime to upgrade a group spell when I solo 90% of the time.
  4. Earar Well-Known Member

    the only etherealist who would decrease their fervor would be priests.

    tanks and supports need their fervor too. Don't say priests don't need .. but since they already overheal by large amount, and DPS isn't their main goal ... they could
  5. Sentrasia Active Member

    Recapture does not appear to be triggering correctly. Tested with two people over a ~6min time period. One with ancient recapture (10% proc rate, 10 second cool down) and the other with apprentice version.

    Over 500 abilities (not including procs/auto atks/multiple hits from one ability/etc) each and not a single trigger for either. This was tested with both CA's and Spells. Tried ascensions as well, but had already assumed this would not reset them.
  6. Xellium Active Member

    Feedback Loop

    Played around with this today and all I can say is its waaaay underpowered.
    On short fights it is barely 1% on the parse.
    On long fights it doesn't even register.

    When its up it adds about as much damage as Arcane Tyrant, which is a passive wizard proc.

    It's certainly not worth 2 seconds of cast time
  7. Snikkety Well-Known Member

    Now grandmaster it and say the same thing
  8. Xellium Active Member

    Is it a lot better?
    Even if it gets 3 times better its still not going to be worth the long cast time.
    What's it look like at GM? I doubt ill have time to test before beta ends.
  9. Xellium Active Member

    The GM is 50% more damage than the journeyman I have scribed.
    Frigid Gift will do more damage than the GM version of this spell, with a 0.25 second cast time.
    Unless the damage ramps up HUGE with mama spent, which it does not at journeyman at all, this spell is very underpowered.
  10. Vogie Active Member

    Feedback loop is usually in the top5 (ish) on my parse, mine is GM.

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