Plane of Magic is painful experience

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  1. Nerkoon Member

    I am returning player. Back when I last played it was somewhere in Loping Plains, so everything after that is new to me. When I logged in I noticed that all my characters had ended up to US servers with weird names, so I decided to start from scratch. I created new Mystic to euro server and used level 100 token I got from Pop pre-order.

    Then comes PoP. Gear I got from consuming level 100 token turned out to be absolutely useless there despite its level. Gear from chest at the beginning of Plane of Magic helped a bit, but my killing times are still far beyond lousy. Blue solo mobs should die much faster than 5+ minutes and I cannot solo those one up arrow minibosses at all. I tested one and found out that it is about 3 mins per 1% of its health. At level 109 I entered Colliseum of Valor and cleaning the place took me about an hour of which those 3 winged humanoids took about 90%. Progressing timeline from there is hopeless.

    As far as I can tell there is something really badly wrong with my gear, but I have no idea how to fix that. All gear I have comes from faction quests from Plane of Magic. I would expect that gear from solo quests would be useful for solo quests, but that does not seem to be case now. I understand that Mystic is not dps machine, but even so this is ridiculous.

    Can someone tell me what is the problem and how I could fix that? Buying gear or spells is out of the question because broker prices for even one Adept spell are far beyond my cash limits.
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  2. Tkoss New Member

    Nerkoon what is your characters name and server ( we an lookup your gear and stuff on eq2wire that way )
    as a new character the most easy way ( with out looking at your character ) to get him buffed up a bit would be
    with proving grounds gear, if you just run the solo ones ( examples of how too on youtube ) you will get tokens to
    purchase augments ( white and current expansion orange ) for massive HP boots and Pot boosts

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  3. Mermut Well-Known Member

    For prestige, go the crit bonus side, not potency. Having your crit bonus near or at cap will do amazing things for your dps. I had a friend who was struggling to killing things (2k cb). He swapped to the cb side of prestige and instantly started blowing things up.
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  4. Dude Well-Known Member

    My guess is that you have no adornments. Adornments are the source of many stats that you need, especially potency. As previously mentioned, if you post your character's name and server, we can look it up on EQ2U and provide more specific advice.
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  5. Febrith Well-Known Member

    If he's on the Euro server then that's Thurgadin. Nerkoon you really need your potency over 30K and you'll breeze the mobs in PoP, honestly.

    I'd recommend you make sure you have the divinity pebble thingy from the PoP armour merchant if you haven't already which will give you 50 points in your potency - and then head to the wiz spire in Sundered Frontier and go through the quest line with the panda - the four white adorns you get from that are really useful (also you get an awesome house - the Isle of Mara plus pink "appearance" (well now it is) armour). I'm on your server so shout me if you need any help.
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  6. Nerkoon Member

    Character is Taala and server Thurgadin
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  7. Flightrisk Member

    Nerkoon, if you haven't played since loping plains, then you may not be familiar with the reforgers ,or what stats work for your class , first thing would be to go to eq2u wire and look at other players mystics and the stats and AA set ups being used , easy and fast way of telling if the toon you are looking at is up to date is potency , if the character has a potency number above 30k and a resolve number of 300+(resolve is a new stat added in the last 3 expansions)its probably being played and updated.
    that being said , go to see yun zi , in the sundered frontier he will give you a number of items for doing his "tour the zone" quests ,which will also serve to give an over view of the currant size of the over land and zones.
    currently important stats for a mystic , wisdom, stamina. then potency , crit bonus, and resolve. there are also "familiars" which will help with overall stats and a useful effect , deity pets were updated long time back to boost all base stats , signature quests from last 3 expansions will give a useful mount with stats that will help over all to boost the stats you are looking for and be sure to look at your AA points as well, there are several pages of these to check over , and character and class choices as well ,which are now resettable for free. to maximize your mystic all this needs to be checked. that being said ...

    welcome back to eq2!!! hoping things improve for you and you start having more fun ..
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  8. Mermut Well-Known Member

    First and foremost.. fill in your prestige pages. on the first page make sure you take the one that gives crit bonus from potency
    On the mystic page, take the ones that boost health and potency
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  9. Tkoss New Member

    Nerkoon after looking at your character on there are somethings you need to correct
    I just grabed the pop chest for my alt Mystic reforged a bit of reuse speed and haste into recovery and
    reset my aa's. it took about 10 seconds to kill one of the wisp mobs at the starting spot i was level 100 and it
    was level 106.

    your reuse speed is 269, you can reforge that down to 100 ( over 100 dosnt help anything)
    your recovery speed is 0, you need to reforge that up to 100 to speed up your casting ability ( over 100 dosnt help anything )
    your casting speed is 210, anything there over 100 will help boost doublecast so dont try to reduce that untill your double cast is over 200 ( 100 is fine but some bosses can mitigate it down so 200 is safe )

    It dosnt look like you have put any aa's into the Dragon tab, Prestige or Prestige Mystic aa sets they can boost you a lot

    If you want to look at my setup for my Mystic go to and look up Kosren on Halls of Fate server. I just set him up
    in a basic way and havent done anything special with him yet

    P.S. you also need to add some green adorns to your neck and rings. check the broker for "Spirit Stone" anything in the level 100 range will work but check the prices and stats on them some of them are much better than others depending on
    what expansion they came out in.

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  10. Nerkoon Member

    Those white adornments helped things a bit. As funny as it sounds this thread is first one where I have been suggested to reforge and even use adornments. When I asked for help ingame they told me to boost potency and resolve and thats it. Well, items do have nice potency, but Daybreak seems to be really stingy with resolve. I do not think that back then deities were really useful either. I remember that you could get some miracles, but I cannot recall permanent stat buffs.

    It does not really help that game helps have very little about deities and I have not seen anything about ascension and several other topics like adornments. I wonder if they have ever updated those help files. It is hard mo maximize your potential when you have no idea about how things really work.

    For example I talked to ascension trainer in Colliseum and selected ascension class. After that I could read panda book and all other books I got from faction quests, but I am still not sure if I am properly ascended or not and if I should still do that long ascension quest in Kunark.

    If someone knows good up to date beginner version of Everquest2 and how game mechanics really work, I would be happy to read it.
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  11. Flightrisk Member

    when you ask in game , you are asking other players on a players channel , they assume a certain level of beginner knowledge, as a result you tend to get partial answers .
    eq2 wiki is your information friend, and it will give you a walk through for the Kunark ascending signature quest line, as well as information on changes made in the past years .
    you can find what ascension spells you have in your knowledge book ,
    you can see where you are on levels and percentages on the experience bar ,
    you don't have to do the Kunark ascending signature quest but I would , you will get a mount that will boost your stats along with a number of items .
    having a deity isn't essential, but the quests are usually easy, the pet gives a small until cancelled stat buff , and every little thing is a help
    ,the adornment slots on all the equipment, are there to be used and while you should strive to put the best you can get in those slots ,something is always better than empty, so do the best you can to fill all the spaces on your equipment .
    how the game really works ... that you will find out best by playing
    cursor EVERYTHING! all the stats on your character page have an information bubble that tells you right up front what that stat does for that character ,every spell you have has a tool tip as well as Examine, that and right click are your friends .
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  12. Carynn Well-Known Member

    I would recommend contacting Febrith on your server, as invited by Febrith who indicated they would help in game. You guys can voice chat with the in game application and it may help tremendously, versus trying to read about everything externally and apply it.

    Do this, too. Or find a few other mystics in game and look up their
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  13. Thatfox New Member

    Loping Plains as new content was so long ago - an astonishing amount has chan ged since then, much of it itself no longer relevant. Starting over from scratch was a good plan.

    All the advice above should have helped a lot but I just wanted to say that I was also having 3+ minute ttk on the entry-level mobs at first, even wearing all the new, free gear, having all my previous tier spells/CAs at Master or better, 350 AAs all assigned, some orange and cyan adornments slotted from Panda, etc etc.

    I was playing a Berserker and it turned out the problem was being in Defensive stance. As soon as I changed to Offensive the ttk dropped to 30 seconds and now, with upgrades from the Sig Line, at 107 I can pull a full room of mobs and AE the lot in seconds.

    The thing is, I've soloed as a Berserker in Defensive with sword and board for the last few expansions - whenever it was that they changed it so you couldn't have the death saves up in Offensive. It's never ben any kind of problem before - it certainly didn't slow me down in KA - so something is different in PoP. I have no idea if there's anything like that affecting Mystics since I've never really played one but there might be. It could also be the Crit Bonus that Memut mentioned near the top of the thread - my offensive stance does add 11.5% CB.
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  14. yuiop Member

    Lot of good advice here.
    I think the Panda quests series will be where you will see the immediate difference in killing time (when finished).
    I would imagine your PoT is only as high as your gear has put you at.
    Most of us had the Tithe PoT around 20-35k at the beginning of PoP, so you add that to the PoT from the free gear and killing of the overland mobs was easy.
    So I would get that first, it will even the playing field some what, and there are some nice adorns on him as well.
    Somewhere along the PoP sig line there is a boost to 50 Tithe PoT, but I don't remember when that actually came in.
    Don't forget the Ascension PoT buff that all the classes have, and all the other little things that give PoT (mounts, illusions, familiars, ect...) it all adds up.

    Have fun and enjoy!
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  15. Nerkoon Member

    I finally tested reforging. No wonder that I had not done it before as I could not find any reforgers when I tried to find one. Turns out that it is store bought feature and I had to unlock it first. Reforgers do not even appear in Plane of Magic until you buy that feature.
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  16. Faelynn Active Member

    Yes, for many of us that have been at it awhile, this is easy to forget. This along with a few other features (notably, Mercenaries), was originally presented to us in the form of a "Features-only expansion" (Age of Discovery), which was billed at the full expansion price but otherwise introduced no new content. Many people whined about not being able to just buy the one or two features they wanted instead of having to pay full price to get the lot. And, those features did not get totally outdated by the introduction of the next expansion - they are still viable as worthwhile things for the company to sell. So when the next expansion after that came out, they separated it out into separately-billed Features, for those that had not bought Age of Discovery (those that did buy it were credited with having all of those Features active on their account). One of those features, the Dungeon Maker, was eventually outright made free to everyone, when the experience being farmed from that got so out of hand they had to completely negate all reward from running them - but apart from that, the other features that AoD had introduced still remain as such, features that have to be paid for to get.
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  17. Shmogre Well-Known Member

    One quick correction: The mercenary feature was added with KA (Kunark Ascending) and is now a part of new expansion purchases.
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  18. Axillian New Member

    I would start with your gear, join a guild and get a friendly armorer to make you a set of mastercrafted. It is better than some previously tiered raid gear. It will bring down your killing time a lot.
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  19. Tillamook Member

    I wish you were on Halls of Fate I would make you a set of gear and give you a weapon.. it helps if you also work on your harvesting skill as you level so you can obtain the rare harvests that armor,weapons and spells require. A lot of crafters will make your stuff from cheap to free if you provide the materials. Being in a decent guild that has active members who will help you achieve far more than on your own. I also have an alt that is a mystic so I feel your pain, hang in there I am lucky in that I have alts and guild-mates that can help me out. Happy adventuring!
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  20. Semperfifofum Well-Known Member

    I'm guessing you're missing a lot of the buffs we now take for granted.

    * guild banner buff
    * clockwork buff
    * deity pet buff
    * familiar buff (though if you got preorder you might have got an Etherea familiar too)
    * Scroll of Prowess buff
    * Food/Drink buff (for cheap-ish food, look for Stormborn (stormthorn?) and Monsoon on the broker)

    And of course, some mercs can give you even more buffs. As a healer, I always pick the strongest ranger or dps merc I can get, since I don't need much healing.
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