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Discussion in 'Zone Discussion' started by Kaitheel, Oct 16, 2017.

  1. Pidz Member

    The player appears on his flying mount when teleporting to the Pakiat Bluffs and Valor's Roost teleportation platforms even if he is on the ground when the platforms are used, what does not match the behavior of the other platforms.
  2. maxximum Member

    Haha, that reminds me of the terrible cakes where the baker takes the instructions literally


  3. Chrol Developer

    Should be better as of the latest update. If not, please let me know.
  4. Elinea Well-Known Member

    The lag on Sunday morning (10/29 after a server reboot yesterday) is horrendous. It's only happening in the overland zone, had no issues in the Coliseum, guild hall, or any of the instances. When I zoned to Plane of Magic, there was at least a 10 second delay before any of the other players appeared. Then I could see the text of them hailing Finch (couldn't see any of the npc's either) before everyone just popped into existence.

    Ran around the zone harvesting, and the delay on everything from harvesting, to spellcasting, to chat, is about 5-8 seconds.
  5. Trabu Member

    Ran a Beta Buffed toon through the House of Yrzu quest lines through the quest Terra Forma - was only level 103.75 when I completed this line. I know there a few repeatable quests I can do and one more quest to finish the house line, but it seemed a little short of the goal of level 105. Since that is what I need to advance my Signature quest in the solo zones, now that I can craft the stone and decipher the writing on the stones.
  6. Vian New Member

    Make the water not so reflective please.
  7. Pidz Member

    The issue still occurs Chrol, we are still in flight after being teleported to these locations.
  8. Vanyel Member

    PoM could use a bit more ground vegetation. The whole "ground" of the zone looks like the game is on extreme performance (I run extreme quality). More vegetation shouldn't overload lesser machines as it can always be turned off by the player.
  9. olleran Active Member

    There are three chests by the teleporter to Khali'Yrzu Artisan Mesa, if you use the teleport to leave the Artiisan Mesa you get stuck in these chests .
  10. Yenn New Member

    The named mobs are WAY to week.
  11. Chrol Developer

    I haven't forgotten this. Will take another look at it as soon as I can!
  12. Haohmaru Developer

    Will be fixed next art push. Totally stomped on a portal I shouldn't have.

    There is much more in the next art push, but we balance ground flora against expected zone performance. Plane of Magic is huge, so we started off conservative. More areas are covered and more density in older areas next push! We'll still be watching performance and updating where appropriate!
  13. Vanyel Member

    As far as perf goes, can't people just turn "flora" down in the options?

    Me, though, I play, group and raid on max quality.. but then again, I'm OCed to 5.1Ghz so Eq2 flies

    usually speed/fps perf not an issue to me.. but often if I set Textures to Max, the game will crash, after a few hrs, once it uses about 2.5GB user mode memory with a direct X error (but it's done this for the past year)
  14. Vanyel Member


    NPC is way below her platform on the cliffs quite a bit... and if she's not only her head sticks up from the ground. Camping in out doesn't fix it.. however when the beta server is rebooted, she is fine

    She is fine as of this writing, but she was way below on the cliff for 5 hrs last night
  15. Pidz Member

    There is an harvest on track (Track Harvestables ability) named "essence of magic" at the location 668.37, 7.68, -918.17, but there is nothing to harvest at this spot.
  16. Pidz Member

    The thalumbral schools located around -846.37, -0.14, -850.44 are hard to harvest, they can't be seen ("Can't see target") and the school located at -911.32, -2.19, -803.22 can't be harvested.
  17. Pidz Member

    The thalumbral schools have a collision box around them, what don't match with the behavior of the other tiers' fish schools and they can't be harvested when the player is under them, they can't be seen (Can't see target).
  18. Pidz Member

    There is another one at 787.40, 30.79, 520.93
  19. Pidz Member

    There is a hole/missing texture at 865.24, 7.76, -565.80
  20. Kaitheel Developer

    Coming soon to a Beta build near you:
    • Pakiat Bluffs now has some merchant services!
    • The cities of Khali'Yrzu and Khali'Vahla have some merchant services!
    ~ Kaitheel

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