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Discussion in 'Zone Discussion' started by Kaitheel, Oct 16, 2017.

  1. Kaitheel Developer

    Welcome to Planes of Prophecy Beta!

    Level 100+ characters can join us in the Plane of Magic simply by using any wizard spire to teleport to the new zone.

    Please post any bugs and feedback specific to the Plane of Magic zone within this thread, such as:
    exploration volumes, mob difficulty, zone achievements, named mobs, character stuck spots, falling through the geo., respawn points, etc.

    Be aware that quest issues should be posted within the Beta Quest section.

    Thank you!

    ~ Kaitheel
  2. Nucleaar New Member

    At 57.25, 579.59, -684.01

    The hard geometry ends before the purplish rock ends - it's the Yrzu floating island. Upon falling through it I can travel "underground" within the island.
  3. Sentrasia Active Member

    1) Mob density seems lacking. While it may be fine in beta (though with 2-3 people in one area I was having trouble finding some mobs) I suspect once it hits live with 100+ players it will not be sufficient and people will be fighting to get mobs for quest updates.

    2) Shinies in Pakait Bluffs do not provide any collection piece when harvested. So far only had this issue in Pakait area.
  4. Earar Well-Known Member

    yo everyone

    SO I just watched the stream ... AAAaaaaaand made a toon yesterday evening ... but since it was late already didn't play much but want to talk a bit how I felt.

    First I like the zone, it feels magical. It feels like a place of wonders and not something you would see in norrath.
    But right now it feels empty. The zone is big, really big .. and I feel it lacks mobs .. not enough for the size of it, and not enough details on the map. feels it lacks trees or rocks going out of the ground .. or something else ...

    same, I love seeing the plane when I go out of the portal area ... but feels like the plane is so far away .. flying there takes ages ... and u don't know where to get your first quest. ... and not enough slugs .; and strange there are only slugs there.

    but yeah didn't see the whole zone and some places seems fuller than other ... but the first ones I looked at seems a bit empty.

    and mobs are easy to kill for lvl 105 and orange, no ?
  5. Andric Member

    Far too easy to kill mobs, people on new toons mult-pulling quest mobs and one/two shoting them all.
    Agree with others - too few mobs/slow respawn. Should be dynamic to player population?
    Should be some back story/guidance about which factions and why choose one over another
  6. Bowza New Member

    Should nodes such as decaying timber and lairs spawn in water? Esottera Gardens area?
  7. Kander Developer

    What mobs are you having trouble finding? On what quests? Please be a lot more specific so we can look into these issues.

    Quest name, Quest Giver, /locs, mob names. Where are you experiencing a lack of mobs?

    The "shiny" issue should be resolved with today's build.
  8. Mermut Well-Known Member

    fishing stonestalker spawn rate is low. As the only person on the repeatable for them (Can't Step in the Same River Twice, Twice), I'm having to wait for them to respawn
  9. Earar Well-Known Member

    slugs for quest "caught slime-handed" - since it's one of the first quests we do .. we need more slugs or we'll run into each other

    the pakiat siamang in the quest steal it back. Without tracking .; really hard to find them (we have no indication on the quest to where they are). Plus you move around red epics which may be red (and the respawn point is still in the spire island :p) and it's not a 100% drop rate .. so with low population of monkeys, it makes it longer than it should be

    not for breakfast - brackish something ... as soon as we are 4 on them ... it's run to get one. people stay on one spot they know they respawn and farm their quest .. and the cnidcara eggs are almost .. insisible under water ... unless you run your mouse around, should make them a bit bigger ?
    and the drukyna marsh seems lifeless .. need more mob in the water, some aggro mobs ?

    we need life, mouvement
  10. bondii New Member

    I had an encounter with a named scorpion Tombstrike in Plain of Magic. 112 single up, the weird thing is that my pet nor me could do much damage but when I cast blighted horde the mob would loose like 30 % of its health. Just seems too weird to be intended,
  11. Monstuhr Active Member

    A lot of the nameds have a stoneskin buff that absorbs a certain number of hits. Once that drops they tend to go fairly quickly. I expect that is what you saw Bondii.
  12. Wreakinn Member

    In no particular order:

    1. I asked Kander about the poor texture quality of the sphinx item vendor; they aren't done yet. Fair enough.
    2. I see what people mean about the zone feeling 'empty'. My guess is that there is a lot more shubbery and just...well...stuff to be added. Huge zone, too.
    3. I didn't find mob density to be too low. Lots of salmon, seemed to be a decent amount of leeches for "Caught Slime-Handed".
    4. I was impressed by the enormity of the area. Pretty impressive considering there are what, 5 other zones like it?
    5. Purple rocks by Aethershard also had the aforementioned poor textures, see earlier points.
    6. Slick setup for buffing, well-done.
    7. So here is where it gets interesting for me: I think these mobs are still too easy. With all provided spells and gear i was at about 30k, with something pathetic like 12% doublecast and 90k ab mod. 4.5 mil potency. Killed 3 lvl 112 single up names. The Wanderer, the Slug, and....Magmor or something.
      1. Slug is balanced well, actually. Killed my pet and then me for round one and took some good chunks out of me the 2nd time.
      2. There needs to be more of a sense of danger. I loved the x2 112 sentinels, but outside of that and a nasty slug...meh. What happens when you throw in the fervor and doublecast?
      3. Other two were mowed down. The interesting thing is this: what should the balance be? I see many people with 30k+. I guess the devs are going to have to run some spreadsheets to see where the happy medium is, because if 5mil/30k is this easy, there are going to be more than a few people who walk thru everything.
    I'm excited to play more.
  13. Andric Member

    possible bug/design oversight? (reposted from another thread regarding spending tithe points)

    ok for finishing a quest I received 71864440 tithe experience (non repeatable Not for Breakfast)
    each tithe point is 225000 so 1 quest gives enough experience for 319 tithe points? but we can spend 1 at a time and the pool hold a max of 10 - something is wrong here maybe?
  14. Sahirra New Member

    Encountered this today - was grouped with some friends. We were all off in separate areas doing our own thing and not even remotely close to each other. I engaged a named mob on the west side of the zone. One of the group mates broke the encounter from the east side of the zone. I have honestly never had that happen before.
  15. Luciar Active Member

    Koyame's Elemental Study
    Offered by Koyame
    Objective kill earth, wind, fire, water elementals for body drop update.

    Wind and water elementals spawn in great numbers in their own small locations.

    Fire and earth spawn only on small islands, (e.g. -580.75 168.28 67.77)

    The respawn time, distance between floating islands, and approximate 20% body drop rate, and random chance of any of the four elementals spawning on the islands makes getting the earth and fire elemental updates pretty painful.

    Suggest limiting the spawns to only Fire and Earth on the floating platforms, or adding a discrete location where only those elementals spawn like water and wind have. Also consider increasing body drop rate of update.
  16. Wreakinn Member

    Quest: Still Not for breakfast

    Drukna Marsh: There are plenty of wakingdews, even with 3-4 ppl. There is a lack of egg nodes with anything over two people, three and you have ppl arguing about camps in zone.
  17. Kaitheel Developer

    They have a short respawn time, and immediately respawn if there are less than a certain number up in the zone. I suspect the issue is that there are so many possible spawn points for them, and many are more challenging to find. But I'll also make sure none slipped under rocks, and the like.

    ~ Kaitheel
  18. Earar Well-Known Member

    quest name : Koyame's elemental study
    quest giver : koyame
    quest text : planar earth elemental samples

    On this quest. I found 3 floating isles with planar elementals. 2 spawn each time with random type.

    Other than that there are shadowy air elementals that work on quest and some water elementals.

    right now I'm stuck with earth elementals because their drop rate seems really low compared to others.

    So to me .; whether u put a place where you can find earth/fire elementals poping like the air and water ones. Make their spawn rate faster. Put in more than 3 floating isles, increase drop rate ? more than 2 per isle ?

    it's not fun. I have done all the quests I could for the vhala, no more are available (maybe faction ?) .. I cannot do repeatables, one 1 quest from this faction and cannot do other faction quests or I'll lose faction on this one. And I have to fly between 3 isles which are far away, wondering if it'll update. It's time wasted and not fun coz nothing to do in between.
  19. Kaitheel Developer

    Good news! As posted within the Vhala quest feedback thread:
    Problems with quests would best be posted in the Quests section, for future reference, but I understand that confusion, since this dealt with population, not the functionality of the quest itself.
  20. Keelinn Member

    The plumewit ridgestalkers in Metetherial Plains are behaving strangely.
    The are not falling down dead when they die!!

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