Plane of Innovation: Parts not Included [Event Heroic]

Discussion in 'Zone Discussion' started by Chrol, Oct 17, 2017.

  1. Chrol Developer

    Hello tinkers and travelers!

    When you're done trying to fix what isn't broken, or breaking things what doesn't need fixin'...or... just post feedback and bugs here regarding Plane of Innovation: Parts not Included [Event Heroic], please. Batteries aren't included either!


  2. maxximum Member

    Zone was doable up until last name, then he seemed to have the same problems I encountered in duo. My potency dropped to -6k from 51k and a bunch of stats turned red. Not sure which ones because we all died the second the adds spawns at the lock n load phase. Took quite a few pulls and found it hard to figure out how to get around everything.
  3. Chrol Developer

    I'll reduce the detriments from that debuff for the next update. Thanks!
  4. Sentrasia Active Member

    Fixit Omegatock:

    Same issue here. We get the mites to spawn then -3k potency (Down from 55k+) and can't heal or do more than 2 dmg to anything. One person died and was able to damage the mite but not kill it before we wiped due to being unable to heal.

    On another note, Solder Gun, appears to be either dispel or die. There is no leeway and we were only able to dispel it with a druid; something not every group is going to have. If we didn't immediately dispel it then we faced a guaranteed wipe from 200mil+ hits to the entire group. We tried separating/moving away and it made no difference. If it's intended to be a dispel or die mechanic please make it so all the dispels work on it.

    We did find someone was getting a purple screen (seemed to happen after mites had been up for a little), however, as soon as anyone got the purple screen they instantly died so we were unable to tell what the purple screen was for.
  5. Leedsen Member

    I used an old instance to try it again today and we killed it.
  6. Chrol Developer

    I believe you are referring to Exhaust Blast, which currently requires an elemental dispel. I will change it to arcane. Thanks!
  7. Sentrasia Active Member

    Woops sorry. Half asleep is not a good mentality to be typing these things up.
  8. Sentrasia Active Member

    Exhaust Blast can't be dispelled by conjuror or necro dispel magic still/again.

    Makes it hard to get people flagged to test T1 Raid encounters=\

    Debuff from mites is much better though. No longer in the negatives!
  9. Sentrasia Active Member

    Edit: Druid dispel no longer working either. Shaman dispel works though.
  10. Ganador Member

    The 7 waves of adds before you can get into the final room is just a time sink, please cut down the number of waves and make them timed instead of having to kill the precious wave before the next spawns to help speed it up.

    The mite swarms in the final names room have to much health we were consistently unable to kill all the mites before the next wave spawned.
  11. Chrol Developer

    I believe this has to do with Absorb Magic only dispelling 112 and below, and Fixit casts it at his current level of 117. Will throw stuff at Caith regarding the spell.
  12. Chrol Developer

    HP will be reduced by a third on those little guys.
  13. Arieva Well-Known Member

    We are living till the message "You are afflicted by the swarm..." and just die. We've tabbed around the room. Nothing is spawning for us to kill
  14. Bendark New Member

    With other heroic zones I had a bit more to go on for the strat based on text...this one I have no idea. My group got obliterated but only had one very good healer...power drain seemed extreme, How melee is supposed to not move but still dps, how to prevent massive buff from vents? No clues from game.
  15. Senthiele New Member

    fixit is hitting hard on solder gun
    hit for 217m hp in one hit

  16. Chrol Developer

    That should be completely avoidable, but he may not have given enough forewarning so that has been adjusted.
  17. Senthiele New Member

    ok fixit still hiting for over 200m hp when he throw us back and no time to try to joust it and if u do joust it is zone wide. so im lost on this and what to do but 200m hp hit is big time
  18. Chrol Developer

    Is that the 2nd version of Fixit?
  19. Asherman Active Member

    Finding this the hardest of the heroic zones so far. The fixit 3 room with the fire on the floor requiring you to move out of it and die which means you have 100% power drain is frustrating. Fear immune also seems a must to mitigate the trauma dot causing power loss due to movement from the fear. The KB with ele dot causes 100% power drain meaning it needs a pot cure as healers are unable to cure.

    Pulls tonight we had Paladin, Defiler, Templar, Coercer, Conjuror and Beastlord, most of the the pulls we couldn't get enough damage done to kill the swarm adds and so eventually would fail to a 2nd wave of those if we did not die to everyone being out of power before then.
  20. Chrol Developer

    Thanks. I'll be taking another look at this zone over the weekend.

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