Plane of Innovation: Masks of the Marvelous [Solo]

Discussion in 'Zone Discussion' started by Gninja, Oct 16, 2017.

  1. maxximum Member

    Tried again right after todays update. Electro-thingy still not dropping from first named and the bosses seem much tougher.
  2. maxximum Member

    Zone appears to be fixed thanks, although it feels like the bosses hp has been set too high.
  3. Lenolian Active Member

    I could complete the zone without bugs. However as a Dirge/Geomancer, the named fights were extremely long and boring tank and spank for 5 minutes or more.

    With such a design, this zone will never be run again after signature line.
  4. Cheesenabber Active Member

    I think I must be missing something, becaue Clockwork Scrounger XVII takes waaayyyy too long to kill.. as in an hour or more. I"m a channler, so I expect it to take a bit longer than it would for a dps class, but that's just a bit overboard..
  5. Monstuhr Active Member

    Yeah first time I went through here with my channeler and it didn't seem too bad. Now I just did it on my bruiser and it took over 5 minutes to kill it. Seems way overtuned.
  6. Darcmoon New Member

    I seem to be missing something in here. I copied my Conjuror over and hit 107 when I got to this part of the signature line. I'm getting eaten alive by the trash mobs at the beginning. I'm using the buff that we get but it doesn't seem to be helping.
  7. Lenolian Active Member

    At first i was also getting destroyed in that zone even with the buff.

    That's until i realized that you really need to upgrade all white adorns from beta scaling gear buffer (max hp, potency...). The dropped/quested/crafted gear is not sufficient by itself to do those zones.
  8. Darcmoon New Member

    Then how are we going to be able to do the zone when it goes live and the beta buffer isn't available?
  9. Darcmoon New Member

    I've been trying to get through the zone. If I am able to get a trash mob by itself, I can generally kill it but I have to recast my tank pet at least once if not more during the fight. If I get an add then the chance of surviving goes down to about nil. My merc generally gets the agro and dies quick. The groups of mobs that are on the scrap piles chew through my pet and my merc quickly. The zone definitely seems overtuned.
  10. Succulent Member

    Just tried running my monk through the zone for the sig line, i killed all the trash and first 3 named just fine, my quest updated ok after each named, but the item needed to open the door to the 4th named did not upgrade and cant use it to open the next door to progress further. The ancient clockwork hand did not get changed into the weapon to open the door.
  11. Mermut Well-Known Member

    The boss fights definitely seem to be taking too long
    Class: Coercer (running with Evania Val'Sara for merc.. merc did an irrelevant 124k encdps)
    Stats: 235 fervor, 4010 cb, 147,4083.9 pot, 1,096,386.3 ab mod.. epic 2.0 and tome of the ascended
    enc dps: 153,201,338.38
    Ancient Clockwork Prototype took 5:10 minutes to kill
    Clockwork Scrounger took 2:01 minutes
    Glitched Guardian took 2:21 min

    Wearing gear from faction lines, over land mobs and solo instances (toon has finished sig line)

    Side note: Please please PLEASE attach a det to the extremely annoying 'pin' the furnaces apply when you get to close. This at least tells players WHY their movement keys have stopped responding and for how long they have to stand around.
  12. Cuora New Member

    Plane of Innovation: Masks of the Marvelous solo, doing Legacy of Power: An Innovative Approach- mobs were easier for me to kill this morning, 11/13/17 and merc did not die as much. Font of Power came up as soon as I logged in ( kept my warden in zone to finish kills). I killed the Glitched Guardian and I got the message that the Ancient Clockwork Hand had been electromagnetically charged, but when I went to check, it still is unchanged and not able to be equipped, so I cannot open the door to advance the quest.
  13. Gninja Developer

    Old zone or newly created today?
  14. Cuora New Member

    I logged out last night in zone and logged back in this morning. Last night I was having a heck of a time killing the Glitched Guardian ( took a long time, like almost 30 minutes to get it down to 98%, so I evaced to zone entrance, logged out and logged back in this morning. I was able to kill the Glitched Guardian this morning with no trouble so I am hoping it was a new zone but I did not exit zone completely and go back in. I was not sure if I would have to redo everything or not to advance. I can try exiting completely and going back in and seeing if that works later tonight after I get the family taken care of.
  15. Shmogre Well-Known Member

    Cuora, you'll likely need to manually reset your zone (which does mean starting over, but you'll also have a freshly patched instance).

    To reset, hit <alt-z> to bring up your zone timers and either click "Reset All" to clear everything that is eligible, or click on the zone to highlight it and then click "Reset Timer". (You can hover over the zone in the list to see how much time is left before you can reset.)

    If it won't reset (because you are still within the minimum timer), you can get a Beta Lockout Reset bauble from the Beta Buffer at the Spire in the Plane of Magic:

    That will ensure you start with a freshly-minted zone with the latest code updates.
  16. Gninja Developer

    For beta the zones should all be auto reset if we patch. But this is a new system so it needs to get the kinks worked out.
  17. Shmogre Well-Known Member

    Good to know, thanks much.
  18. Cuora New Member

    Thank you both Gninja and Shmogre. I'll try to reset tonight. I may have the Beta Lockout Reset Tool on Cuora. But if not, I'll pop on over to the Spires and pick one up just in case. I'll report how or if it worked. I know this server is always patching so I'm not sure if I am getting a patched zone or not, but I do know I noticed a big change in how the named mobs were this morning and it was much better.
  19. Cuora New Member

    I went in this morning and it promptly booted me out due to a patch:). I re-ran the zone, killed the Ancient Clockwork and his 2 buddies, killed the other mobs and named, got to the Glitched Guardian and got the Ancient Clockwork Hand to update and it is now equipped and I was able to enter the next phase. I will deal with that later this afternoon hopefully.
  20. Gninja Developer


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