Plane of Innovation: Gears in the Machine [Heroic]

Discussion in 'Zone Discussion' started by Gninja, Oct 16, 2017.

  1. Gninja Developer

    Welcome to the Plane of Innovation! Leave any feedback you have on this zone here.
  2. gilliax New Member

    The trash does not hit to hard but has insane crit mit and takes forever to kill. When we finally got to repair bot 5000 he emoted defense protocol activated, then one shots everyone for about 113mil. It happens as pretty much as soon as you attack no cast bar no time to move....dead. We ran in, we ranged but always we died.
  3. Kaizza New Member

    Tonight went into the zone and was having issue with the first named as mention above. Had to contact Gninja in-game to come and check out the mobs damage issue. Protection Protocol is an in-curable dot that last for the whole fight. Biggest issue is the damage was set to high. Before the devs made any modification,dot would tick for 80-104Million every 4-5 sec,Most of the group would be dead by the first tick. After the few tweaks by Gninja it was easily manageable to kill named but might be to easy depending on what gear you are wearing. Damage at this time was doing about 10-14Million about every 4-5sec. Most people coming into PoP with their raid gear might have an issue with the group zone if their HP is lower than 25-30million.

    Our group attempt the Second named, Script was easy to learn damage a bit harder than the first named but was manageable for our team to kill it with 1 healer. Biggest issue with this named is all the trash you can pull through walls. Might be best to move the trash away from each end of the room because if anyone pulls them during the fight they will just one shot the group if tank does not pull agro fast enough. We had to pull trash through the wall and kill it during the fight to survive. On top of healing through the in-cureable dot, the fight provides.

    Third named our group saw no issue fighting. Another Fight with an in-curable that was manageable to heal through. But at this time we had a group modification, using Mytic/Warden due to people had to leave after second named.

    Did not pull any other nameds after the 3rd named was killed. Mostly just need to balance the first nameds in-curable dot but other named in-curable dot was manageable with the gear we had on. 2nd named issue is the trash mobs on the other side of the doors. To easily can be pull to kill the group.
  4. Asherman Active Member

    Ran the zone today with group set up Monk, Templar, Defiler, Coercer, Beastlord & Wizard.

    All trash mobs taking a very long time to die, health or mitigation causing them to take multiple times the length of the names in the zone.

    Repair Bot 5000 - No issues with script.

    Powered Mechanization - No Issues with script, only seemed to do frontal beam once though.

    Toa the Shiney - Targeting one of the adds proved difficult as kept ended up standing within the main mob. High occassional spike damage but manageable.

    JunkBeast - Mob did not run a script, had very low health and died very quickly.

    Manaetic Behemoth - Large health pool on the x2 mob, heal on death feels a little large at 10% given the amount of time it takes to slowly bring the mob down due to the anti spike damage buff he has. Missile script is consistent and no worked fine. Slag Rain occasionally spiked higher on the tank than expected though as physical damage it may have been a tank mitigation gear issue. Mob healed back to full at around 70% and then 30% with a script hint however using various methods to identify where the heal may have been coming from we couldn't find the source. Unclear if this is something you should be able to find and stop or just part of the script as the heal came straight after the orange warnming text.
  5. Kaizza New Member

    Toa the Shiney - Third Named in the zone with a skill called "Short Circuit". Any of the three mobs will cast this ability and it is a Massive Power drain. Also possibility might one shot anyone that hits the mob that has this ability up. Went into the zone a second time with a new group and had no issue with heals or power for this fight. We all just used "Singular Focus" and just changed named as they are casting "Short Circuit".
  6. Elowith Active Member

    Junk beast - goes down to 1 percent and keeps healing. No buffs, no obvious thing to do to finish him off.
  7. maxximum Member

    I was in this group. We tried slow dps, burning, dragging it round and looking for clickies but it just kept healing from 1% to 5%.
  8. Ganador Member

    Just ran the zone and had the same issue with Junk Beast got it down to 1% and continually healed back up to 5%
  9. maxximum Member

    Went back in with same group and killed Junk Beast no problems.

    Magnetic Behemoth - huge problems with this mob. Vent Flash, the nox tick, was hitting ppl for 50m hp early on, and it was hitting a lot. Couldn't stay alive long enough to make any progress, all we learned was to avoid red circles then ppl would start dying before mob was at 90%.
  10. Leedsen Member

    O heya Frannk, yeah, i went back in afterwards to see if i missed anything with the Manaetic Behemoth,

    The Manaetic Behemoth in Plane of Innovation@ Gears in the Machine seemed much much much harder than all the other bosses in the zone. Hits for 48m vent flash every 2 seconds (we died by the third), Slag rain triple hitting for 28m - but dunno if thats avoidable because its so chaotic. Theres no emotes to his script, he just puts red patterns on the floor which in theory you can avoid, but he seemed to hit us even when we are not on the red circles, he fires out missiles, if they hit us I didnt see them coming, maybe that was it. Maybe the group needs 2 healers to heal through it, hard to know whether the group was under powered or not, but the same group did beat the "PoD T2 Infest" zone if thats any indication of group strength.
  11. Uncle Active Member

    way too much trash with way too much HP please cut it down by 2/3 thanxz
  12. Uncle Active Member

    Toa the shiny

    we pull it started killing and add a beam of light comes out not emote/clue on how to counter it. no emote like in the solo which was unkillable today for the first time in since i've been able to do that zone on who getting the electrify also it is a combined encounter which is fine except the KA off hand. and other proc you gave players in KA can not be disabled by singular focus so if you happen to proc on the mob that dosent have teh det you go down in 3 triggers since the damage on it 11~15 mill per tick damage. Our tank was a monk with roughly 90 million HP. i was at 30 million my self.

  13. Vian New Member

    Is there a purpose to the fires stunning you if you get near them? Can we reduce the radius of those if there is? If its some cruel joke can we say we had our laugh and remove them?
  14. Gninja Developer

    Yeah, you can avoid them, by not... standing in front of them. I will reduce the area to trigger them a little and reduce the stun a little but but they are pretty easy to avoid as is.
  15. Gninja Developer

    The health on the base population mobs is exactly the same as the other heroic dungeons.
  16. Vian New Member

    Thanks. Yea they were hitting me pretty far out.
  17. Jinkies New Member

    Group/AoE, sometimes single target reses are not always working ( gears in the machine, and parts not included),
  18. Leedsen Member

    final mob looks fixed thanks, we killed it. The Toa triplets seem to kill you even when not attacking the one with the electric effect on. We used singular focus, but i think AE weapon procs might be hitting those adds so it was a bit of a zergfest from all the dying and rezzing
  19. knine Well-Known Member

    Rending procs are not being rendered non aoe when singular focus is applied, making the trio mob a Pain to kill.
  20. Marranda Member

    Well we ran these heroic zones and they have way to much trash that takes way to long to kill. I don't mind names taking awhile but honestly if your trying to do one or two zones before going off to work or before raid on week nights there wont be enough time due to the high amount of trash that takes forever to kill. Please can we have these mobs with reduced hit points? Or less of them? Most of the zones seem to be this way! Thanks

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