Plane of Disease: The Source [Heroic]

Discussion in 'Zone Discussion' started by Chrol, Oct 17, 2017.

  1. Chrol Developer

    Hello all!

    Please post any feedback and/or bugs regarding your romp through Plane of Disease: The Source [Heroic]. Thanks, and make sure you wash your hands when you leave!

  2. maxximum Member

    First two bosses were doable.

    3rd boss unclear what to do. He has a buff that goes up by 1 a second and becomes unkillable at 100, so we couldn't figure out if we were supposed to burn him, which becomes harder and harder to the point of impossible with more buffs, or there was a script that we had no clue what to do. No messages in chat or whatever, and nothing to click on or any obvious place to fight him.
  3. Leedsen Member

    Looks on paper like you have 100 seconds to kill Gryme before he is totally immune, but he is very immune to damage from the start. Maybe theres something I'm missing. Tried pulling him outside the barriers, that didnt work, go too far and he will reset. Dispell doesnt work. We werent sure if it was bugged so gave up.
  4. Chrol Developer

    Description should be on his Putrid Flesh buff, which incidentally was a little too overpowered. Also, there's a way to counter it.
  5. maxximum Member

    The description is there, which is how we figured that he had to be killed within 100 seconds or he goes immune, but nothing to suggest how it might be countered

  6. Leedsen Member

    i went back into the solo, the solo has an emote to say to kick him, then he falls down, then the barrier falls briefly. I couldnt select him to kick in heroic, maybe the zone is old though. If anyone has any luck let us know.
  7. Chrol Developer

    What does detect weakness show?
  8. maxximum Member

    No idea what that is. A quick search tells me it's an assassin skill but I haven't even seen a sin run heroics yet.
  9. Leedsen Member

    stun it and it will be damaged - killed today, thx for the tip
  10. Leedsen Member

    We decided to kill the spider boss next and that wasnt very different to the solo.

    But when we attempted to kill boss Darwol Adan afterwards he was hitting too hard.

    We would fight him on the side outside the water, and throw a barrel at him to take immunity off, then youd do 5% or so DPS and then get the emote to go into the water. Soon after he goes immune again so we gave him another barrel but when he came out of that immunity his DPS was super super high. He kills everyone with 130M hits. Intended?
  11. Arieva Well-Known Member

    Final Encounter: The primordial Malice mobs. They have a buff that says it can be dispelled below 25% but despite dispelling someone would die whenever one was killed. Dispel would remove one stack of the buff (there are 2 when it gets down below 25%) but we were unable to remove the second one. Had both mage dispel absorb magic, and a SK dispel available.
  12. Chrol Developer

    Oops, that's because they still kept the non-dispel version of King's Ransom. I'll get that fixed. Thanks!
  13. Marranda Member

    So I rarely curse, but I have to say this zone had me cursing. Its way to long, the trash mobs to much HP, and the name where u have to click flowers and script says click flowers near her, should say click flowers on the other side of zone. Rarely did we have flowers near the named to click, and seriously had to run across the zone to click them. And every 10% makes this name take forever to kill... These aren't raid mobs. Yet I feel like will this zone ever end? Well geared, skilled players with high dps and it took us over and hour to run this zone. Sorry but this one has me raging...
  14. Chrol Developer

    What gear were you wearing in the zone? Regarding Rancine, she only pulls from the pods closest to her that she hadn’t already pulled from, but I’ll reduce the number of times she does that event.
  15. Taiyla Active Member

    If Marranda is who I think it is they were wearing end game raid gear. We had a similar experience a few days ago with the same gear setup. Thanks Chrol, having to wander around the swamp looking for flowers and avoiding the water less will be very helpful.
  16. Marranda Member

    thank u so much Chrol. Yes Taiyla its Zeb. And yes we were all in end game raid gear including mythicals etc. This zone was really a pain and not to much fun :) so thanks for adjusting her flower greed :) hehe
  17. Chrol Developer

    You should get a pretty hefty speed buff and super jump to compensate for having to search around for the right flower pod to activate. But with the reduction of this event taking place that will obviously reduce the amount of running around the swamp.
  18. maxximum Member

    It's doable, or at least it was a week ago. I did the flowers myself but it would be much quicker with 2 players. It's only the flowers that have a red beam emitting from them, and once you've clicked a flower, it becomes dormant so the 'closest' flower is soon way across the zone so you have to pretty much clear all the trash beforehand. I can see this encounter becoming easier later into the expac when you can just let the orbs reach the mob and burn everything, but it still takes an age for the orbs to reach the mob. I'm really concerned that there will be no 'hey, let's run a few quick zones' in this expac at all, because they all take so long with scripts, regardless of gear or dps.
  19. Raenius Well-Known Member

    The area where you have to click those flowers is way too big, the risk of having dead people all over is quite high.

    Suggestion: make the named port to fixed locations while only activating the flowers around it - would provide a way more structured fight.

    Rest of the zone worked fine for us yesterday.

    Small hint: the message on the first boss telling you that you have avoided its deadly hoofs is in red - since you managed to survive it is supposed to be green.
  20. Asherman Active Member

    Success message to jousting away from Blighthorn comes up in red "You successfully cure the effects of Hoof Rot!"

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