Plane of Disease PQ Guide [with video]

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    I’m sure guides for PoD have been posted before, but I have seen quite a few people confused with how Plane of Disease works. Therefore I thought I’d make a video of it! The video may be sped up a bit too fast, I didn’t want the video to be too long and the footage was 30 minutes long.

    If people are interested I might also do one for the Innovation and Ro PQs.

    If this video is/was helpful to you then please give it a like and share it with others!

    Very important note:
    DO NOT GO NEAR BERTY, he is a mean rotten Ratonga who will curse you for a 1000 generations! Seriously though, he will kill you and anyone in your group who is near you. You are safe if you stay over 100m away from him at all times.

    First step is to find a group/raid if possible. This zone has a lot of damage dets that can easily kill you if you don’t have heals.

    Next, on AB at least we kill Hexxlepox first. The raid should form up near the pool here. Have tanks or pet classes pull in the mobs. Make sure you do not kill the mobs until they are under a seed. The seeds fall when a mob is killed underneath them and you will need 6 seeds per round in order to make the named attackable.

    If you pick up a seed, run over to and take the bat. This will drop the seed in an eye; you can then jump off into the main pool to rejoin the raid. Do not jump in any of the pools that had eyes in them, they cause instant death.

    Repeat the mob killing/seeding until the named becomes attackable. You will then be able to burn it down to 51%. Once it is at 51% get out of the area quickly or you will be thrown across the zone and likely die.

    Repeat killing/seeding. Once the first named is dead, you can take the bat to the second area.

    The second area is the same strat, pull mobs to seeds, pick up seeds, take bat and throw seeds. This area however has water that will kill you easily if you don’t have heals, so be careful and stick with your healer.

    The Pathogenera is identical to Hexxlepox, no special strat just burn it to 51% then do seed again and finish it off.

    Words of Warning:
    *Do not die with the reward window up, or you will not get a reward from the PQ.
    *Do not crash with the reward window up, or you will not get a reward from the PQ.
    *Do not try to accept the reward while flying, or you will not get a reward from the PQ.


    Do not get stuck in a table in the coliseum, or else you will feel like a rat trapped in a cage... >.>
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    So Berty doesn't like it if you make the bunnies angry? :D
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