Plane of Disease: Outbreak [Solo]

Discussion in 'Zone Discussion' started by Chrol, Oct 17, 2017.

  1. CyphKye New Member

    This may not be related to the zone, but I am struggling with the Flesh Eater (doing the sig quest line). Yesterday I was able to take him down fine but struggled on Rallius (insta killed probably due to me not having figured out the strategy yet).

    Today the zone has been reset and all the bosses are back. I noticed that during some fights Zhugrus (my merc) will suddenly just stop healing me - healing great up until that point.

    This also happens on the Flesh Eater. I have tried several times today and when the Eater reaches between 10-35% health (varies) Zhugrus stops healing me. It is not that I am getting overwhelmed by the putrid piles that starts spawning and Zhugrus can't keep up with healing - he just goes from healing fine to no heals at all.
  2. CyphKye New Member

    Finally got Zhugrus to behave and got through the next boss and now I am back at Rallius Rattican. Any tips for him? I can't pull him without getting a few bats along for the ride and they hit for 8-10+ mill (the bats).
  3. Spartanec New Member

    Rallius Rattican new impossible boss???
    3+ cursed "Bubonic Plague"=die
    scout cannt cure cursed
  4. Trabu Member

    Ran into the same issue with Rallius Rattican. I've done this fight a few times when I first ran through the sig line on my Pally and Beastlord no issues. Came back to run the zone this weekend and was getting smoked by the ticking damage. Brought out my merc healer and still could not keep up with the damage. Tried kiting him for a bit made the fight last longer but the dots would just start building up again when I stopped to engage him or the bats. Once it hit 10m dps I was toast soon their after.
  5. Chrol Developer

    The bats aren’t supposed to be pulled.
  6. Cuora New Member

    I tried Ratllcus this evening and all I need to do is get near and the bats aggro and I am dead. I was even able to target Rallicus and tried just him and they came along for the ride and I was killed instantly. This is the first time I have tried this fight so I have no real clue. All bats were yellow and aggro. I could not get close to Rallicus without aggroing the bats. I never even targeted them. I tried to get the yellow things on the island but the bats were just too quick. Insta-death on all counts. The bats protect him well.
  7. CyphKye New Member

    Yea, I never figured out how to get to Ratticus without pulling the bats. Would love to know if there are any tricks I couldn't find. One thing I noticed was that the first time I enterede the bubble there were yellow floating stuff in the air around the island. I could pick them up. They were gone the next day I tried and I have never seen them again.
  8. Beee Well-Known Member

    Having a 2h logout-break just before killing Rallius Rattican (after pulling him once) caused the yellow bubbles beeing missed.

    At reloading the zone the yellow bubbles have to be there too, otherwise the zone is not doable because you cant get Bileburn Spores !
  9. Chrol Developer

    Thanks. Will get that fixed!
  10. Cuora New Member

    I did not see any yellow "bubbles" upon entering the big green bubble. I checked the write up on wiki and I remember about not pulling the bats and it mentioned the yellow circles, bubbles, whatever. I saw some yellow tipped rods or something on the island but no way to get to them without insta death. Will try again hopefully this weekend. That's probably it.

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