Plane of Disease: Outbreak [Solo]

Discussion in 'Zone Discussion' started by Chrol, Oct 17, 2017.

  1. maxximum Member

    Trash mobs still dropping small chests of plat.
  2. Daalilama Well-Known Member

    I did them in correct order and had the clicky as I said previously the clicky was pointless and the adds we swarming in and healing both the name and themselves. And now since I logged out and logged in the clicky is gone cause it was temporary. So now I have to zone out and reset not terribly happy atm.
  3. maxximum Member

    It's a matter of gear then. I don't think many people understand that these zones may be tagged as solo, but we're not supposed to go in and blow stuff up. I remember doing the sig line in the previous expac, wearing full raid gear from the year before, and dying to trash goblin mobs in Barons solo, and that was just trash. Read the mobs buffs and reforge accordingly, and it should be much easier now all the adorns have been made available.
  4. Earar Well-Known Member

    really liked the zone.

    The feeling is really nice and first time you do it ... you need to think about it. How to move in the place and stay alive. It's not apparent in a blink of an eye.

    in Solo zone, the fights are easy .. maybe there is a strat but .. didn't see it. The only ones that I struggled with were the were rats, when they all jump on me. Other than that .. u just kill everything (as fighter) and survive :)

    But the place is great and feels big
  5. Shmogre Well-Known Member

    Add me to the list of folks who somehow messed up the zone.

    Did the zone grouped with a friend. We killed Rallius Rattican, grabbed the foul-smelling rune from the island, and thought that was our "Find another Rune" update so we zoned out to talk to Druzzil Ro (yeah, we goofed).

    Found out pretty quickly that wasn't correct, so we went back into the zone. Still had the Springview Healer Mask (yay), but not the Hirudin Extract or the Damaged Rune of Symbiosis. Could no longer get through the dome around Rattican's island the right way, so we were stuck.

    Big thanks to Leed for the tip about finding the hole under the dome (where the valley is to the left); using that, we were able to get back to the island, grab the foul-smelling rune and use it there on the island to advance the quest.
  6. Mezaka Active Member

    While I don't disagree with you, Maxximum, some classes have a dps advantage over others, no matter what gear or how you reforge. A templar can reforge pure dps, but they will never fully match the dps of a T1 dps.

    I've been testing content as a both a full raid-geared templar, with epic 2.0, adornments, switching out new gear, reforging, etc., and then as one from the 'casual' side, if you will, one who doesn't have their epic 2.0, and only the gear earned from this expansion. Right now, the Flesh Eater is extremely difficult. My ungeared templar can't do it at all, even with the required item. My main is also struggling with this mob, with the required item, so it is frustrating.

    I'm not asking for easy mode - but there should be a way to tune the encounter so that if you are naturally a lower dps class, either less adds spawn or the timer between spawns is a little longer, otherwise this fight is going to frustrate a lot of people live.
  7. Chrol Developer

    Flesh Eater is mainly about positioning when the putrid flesh spawn. I'll see about putting in clearer messaging regarding that mechanic.
  8. Mezaka Active Member

    Thanks Chrol!
  9. Anaogi Well-Known Member

    Flesh eater is doable if you keep moving (remember, Fount lets you cast and run among other things!)

    Rat Rat is another rock of crack. Seriously, should this fight take a half hour?

    EDIT: OK, figured out Rat Rat's thing. Not quite as clear as it could be...
  10. hoxboa New Member

    OK you said positioning i put myself between the Flash Eater and the piles. the thing is the piles go under the water /ground and can't see them coming. i'm a defiler. I've tried different area around that pond to kill him and every time the piles get to him. because they go under the ground.. then for some reason all the mobs pile together under Flash Eater. i would like to show you how my fight goes to show you how Difficult this mob is. Please help
  11. Elowith Active Member

    Went and did this zone solo after the sig line was done. After killing Ratticus, went behind the fire wall to see if it was a functioning exit, and couldn't get out, lost all power and quickly died.
  12. Chrol Developer

    Do you mean the barriers by the Crypt of Decay? You’re not supposed to go there which is why you died.
  13. Elowith Active Member

    Well they were there and there was no portal by Ratticus, so was looking for a way out.
  14. Chrol Developer

    The portal spawns on the other island next to where Rallius is.
  15. Donilla New Member

    For the Flesh Eater. I pulled to the leash point. had no opportunity to kill the first three putrids, they came so fast, went under the Flesh Eater and were gone. However I made some headway on damaging it. Then I decided to try and keep them from getting to him by standing between as recommended. it provide a barrier and I started to kill the first one that came. But obviously not fast enough because not a minute after that, the putrids started coming from everywhere. In less than a minute there were 100 of the things all sitting in a pile, not being absorbed, but healing him anyway, No way they were killable at that point, just kept pouring in. This simply cannot be a doable solo mechanic. I'm dps, but outside of the ascensions, i don't have massive AOEs and this is not going to get done. I hope to god this changes before release, assuming this is not a broken mechanic to begin with. And yes I have fount on, used the potion.
  16. Donilla New Member

    What ended up working? Doing nothing about the putrids at all. The first one, for whatever reason, didn't absorb. I left it alone. Was able to knock down the Flesh Eater to 50% with just the one putrid sitting there untouched. Eventually another came and got absorbed, then another that didn't. Didn't touch any. They healed a tiny bit, but I was able to steadily damage the Flesh Eater. In the, only 5 came, 3 absorbed, two just sitting there. And it was dead.
  17. BuddyT New Member

    There are mobs in this zone called "bubonian retch". "Retch' is the sound one makes when vomiting, a "wretch" is one who is despicable or contemptable. In the Plane of Disease, hard to say which you mean but if its the latter, consider changing that.
  18. Cheesenabber Active Member

    I am having trouble as a channler with the Flesh Eater. I've tried kiting him, I've tried pulling him behind the pond out of the way and standing between him and the spawning flesh blobs. I got him down about half way once, making sure sigular focus was off and spamming barrage, but when I got him about halfway down a bunch of flesh blobs seemed to spawn by his "feet" and I couldn't keep up.
  19. Nunja Member

    I have spent more than a hour in this zone yesterday and several today and still cannot get the flesh eater dead. Tried every freaking trick and nothing works. I just wind up with a crap ton of the blobs that heal him. I finally gave up logged out and went to work on my raid alt since that is less frustrating.
  20. Chrol Developer

    There's a healing element as part of Skin Graft, which all the goos cast on The Flesh Eater if they get too close to it. That will be removed after the next update.

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