Plane of Disease: Infested Mesa [Duo]

Discussion in 'Zone Discussion' started by Chrol, Oct 17, 2017.

  1. Chrol Developer

    Howdy folks!

    Please post any feedback and/or bugs regarding your time in Plane of Disease: Infested Mesa [Duo]. Thanks, and leave your vaccinations behind...

  2. Elowith Active Member

    Well, besides the gnomish falling through holes on the bridge, fights were fine but painfully slow needing to follow the endless rounds of adds. Did I mention falling through holes numerous times?
  3. Chrol Developer

    Slow as in the adds took too long to kill, didn't spawn fast enough, both? And regarding the holes on the bridge - will bring that up with art. Thanks!
  4. Elowith Active Member

    Slow because so many rounds of adds were required. Perhaps vary the fights a bit more?
  5. maxximum Member

    Not a fan of this zone. Bosses are obviously gated to prevent them getting burned later on in the expac. That's going to be boring as hell when we're in a position to do so.

    Also not clear on the organ detrimental on second boss . Occasionally I'll cancel them in the right order just through sheer chance, but I can't see an indication of what the order is. The colouring of the warning message looks like it should give a clue, but it's the exact same message with the exact same colouring every time, but the order of the detriments keeps changing. What am I missing here?
  6. Korucuu Well-Known Member

    When you get the organ detriment, coloured orbs will spawn one at a time, these indicate the order in which the organ detriments should be canceled.
  7. Chrol Developer

    Kill the adds. Unless you mean the 3rd boss, in which case it's: fight off the adds for the first couple minutes to prevent further increments during the rest of the encounter. Still testing though. Two minutes may be too long for the duo.

    Clear messaging will be added regarding canceling the effects.
  8. Leedsen Member

    I enjoy this zone with the gear we have now, but it can be slow waiting for the next set of deadly contagion to spawn.

    If the last deadly contagion dies, then three more join the fight quicker it would really polish off a rather well made zone.
  9. Chrol Developer

    It's only 3 seconds!! But fine, I reduced it to 1 second.

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