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    Planar Energy are harvested:

    Fragments of Planar Energy (Lesser, Superior, Greater) drop from KA PQs, but also from the missions from The Anchorage. Once you have completed the Chaos Descending tradeskill sig line, you can do the Mischief & Mayhem quests in Cobalt Scar, then you can do four hourly missions.
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    I always mess that up ......Dooh !!!
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    I think you are confusing Planar Energies the harvestable with "Fragments of Planar Energy" which are quest rewards.
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    ive done a lunar ton of those anchorage quests and to date have recieved ZERO planar frags.....sigh
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    I've received one of each type thus far, so they're a rare reward (most common are Advanced Studies recipe books, student tack, and limited progress potions). I've been keeping the Possible Rewards list up-to-date based on what I have personally received.
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    seriously though....why are they still so insanely rare to get without having to run groups in old heroics/raids? hasnt it been long enough?
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    I'm truly torn here. I understand that some people still need these, but I REALLY don't want more rewards I can't use. I have piles of all of these fragments and don't need more. I also don't need more Divine Potency, CB, or Stamina, or Awakened abilities books, or more copies of the Grandmaster recipe books. If these were sellable for status or on the broker, I'd be much happier to see them.
  9. Mermut Well-Known Member

    It is also extremely.... frustrating.. when rewards from several expacs back (awaked abilities book as an example) are 10x (or more) more rare than some of the current tier books.. like the white adornment book with the crit bonus adornment recipe in it..
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    to clearify the Planar Fragments and Planar Engery thing, the Planar Energy is a Rar Drop From all Harvestable Nodesin PoP Expa and beyond evan its flagged level 96 ist a Rar needed for Level 101-110 ASC Spells
    The Fragments of Planar Energy which is needed to upgrade the Epic 2.0 Weapon Spells is a Quest Reward from KA/ PoP/ CD Solo/ Heroic / Raid Quests and TS Dailys and Weeklys.

    The line up is Lesser / Superior / Greater but sadly the chance to recieve a Greater one is nearly factor 0.
    Lesser once are Rewarded from Solo and Tradeskill Quests , Superior and Greater are from Heroic and Raid Quests mostly from KA and PoP. In CD they are realy rar.

    Now the hardest fact of all the Fragments of Planar Engery all Tiers are only rewarded to the PLayer who had done the Epic 2 Weapontimeline and finished it to get the Weapon it self as Final Reward.

    The CD Timeline / Signa dosent count for this, you only recieve the 2 Spells but you wont get the abillity to get the Fragments as Reward, sadly but Fact.
    An other disapointing thing about is, that these Fragments are only personaly Reward from Quests in KA and PoP in CD those Fragments are in the Final Boss Chests and everyone could or would use the need button especialy if a Greater is inside.

    The lucky once at the sunny side have played KA and PoP and earned a mass of Lesser and Superior Fragments so they wont need, but the Greater once are realy rar.
    For Example i am raiding with tow toons since KA Addon and usaly 4 other toons in Heroic content and i have to say in summery i got max 12 maybe 15 Greater but 100drets of Lesser and Superior.

    The Planar Energy which is a harvestable from nodes is realy Rar too, with full equiped Harvest Gear on Toon and Mount you may get 1 up to 3 max if doing Harvesting Quests in PoP and CD maybe more if harvesting some hours a day.
    But you need a mass or them to upgrade ASC Spells becuase every Spell beyond level 10 ASC needs them as Fuel Component.
    Take a Calculator and take 10 Spells beyond level 10 and you have 6 tiers per spell excluding the New Celestial wich is not Craftable only reward.
    So 10x6 = 60 Planar Engergy per 1 Toon.

  11. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    The Greater Fragments of Planar Energy are rare, but the chance is not zero. This is wrong.

    This is flat wrong. You do NOT have to have done or even started the Epic 2.0 to get Fragments of Planar Energy. This has been tested. I don't know how this superstition developed, but it is WRONG.

    You can get Lesser, Superior, and Greater Fragments of Planar Energy as mission rewards from the hourly Anchorage missions (must have completed the CD Crafting Sig Line and the Mischief and Mayhem quests). They are not common drops from the missions (see all Anchorage mission rewards), but since you can do four missions every hour, your chance of getting one is much better, and hey, 15 minutes of harvesting, 2 minutes of crafting, plus travel time is not a big deal.

    If you are doing the Anchorage missions, you end up getting about 5 Planar Energy a day. They're also available on the broker. I get mine from Chaos Descending harvesting while doing the daily crafting and harvesting quests, and add more if I run the Anchorage missions once or twice.
  12. Hellfiren Active Member

    Maybe the Energy can be rewarded from the Mishief stuff since its out i never got any.
    And yes you can get the Fragments from those quests too but the droprate is tow low if having in mind how many are needed to upgrade only one toons spells on Ancient at least

    And the possibilitys to get them are not ok this is Everquest not Evergrind so who is so crazy and do the whole day the New TS Stuff to get if lucky 2 or 3 Fragments mostly the lesser or supperior and not the Greater which all are hunting for.

    The best way to get them Was KA and PoP Heroic and Raid Content they are personlay reward so no troubble with guys who press need on everything and you got one by one if doing the Quests.
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    People forget that the devs do not want us all to have Ancient or Celestial spells. You don't need them for heroic or solo content. They are supposed to be hard to get.
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    Except the fragments of planar energy were much, much easier to get in KA and PoP than they are now.
    "Can't get enough for 1 character even with an army of alts trying." is beyond 'hard to get'.
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    I have been gathering a lot, since I need 102 planar energies to GM all my spells which most T3/T4 raiding guilds require and I simple refuse to support any pay 2 win buisness in games (i'm fine with paying for aestethics and a subscription).

    So far, according to ACT plugin, I have harvested 9000 times. I got ONE planar energies.

    My harvesting skills for 6630 of those gathers were 1130, 104% BT, 23.5% rare chance - ZERO PLANAR
    My harvesting skills for 790 of those gathers were 1040, 104% BT, 17.1 rare chance - ONE PLANAR
    My harvesting skills for 790 of those gathers were 1040, 104% BT, 0 rare chance - ZERO PLANAR
    My harvesting skills for 790 of those gathers were 715, 104% BT, 0 rare chance - ZERO PLANAR

    Please tell me what I am doing wrong. I have mostly been farming in Doomfire over the last 4 days. I would like to know if its bugged of if anyone can give me some tips. As far as I can see, its either bugged or my RNG is the worst I have ever experienced.

    Unfortunately my ACT crashed before I could get my last screenshot, but this is what I got.

    Picture one
    Picture two (0 rare harvest chance)

    I honestly, if its not bugged, find it offensive that players claim that the drop rate for planar energies are "fine". I /bug it today because I was so upset having wasted so many hours with nothing to show for it other than platium, which is fine, cuz then I can buy the scrolls, but that wasn't my goal.
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    You mean the Planar Energy that has this icon, right?

    You might try harvesting in Plane of Magic also, I seem to get more of them there. The Planar Energy is an ultra rare, which means it drops way less than a normal rare. You seem to have the necessary stats to harvest the things. Harvest some every day too, rather than necessarily doing harvesting marathons (unless you like to harvest, then carry on).
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    Doesn't work but I suspect its a post from a dev on discord. Can you repost it?
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    You have to put the image on an image hosting service or your own website etc., then you insert the link to the image.
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